Back To School Jitters!

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Where I live, it is the first day of school for students.

My oldest is off to grade 4!

It’s such a wonderful time seeing all the kids getting back out into the world and seeing them get back to some semblance of “normal”.

We’ve not seen that in so long...

However, it comes with some challenges. My oldest, unfortunately, has started to form some anxiety and when that happens she typically has trouble sleeping and gets an upset tummy. Needless to say, it was a long night with very little sleep for her as the back to school jitters kicked in and her imagination took off.

I try to explain to her that those feelings are normal and that everyone is going through them too and that whatever she’s feeling is perfectly okay! Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

The biggest trick is distraction and to remember NOT to place my anxiety and fears on her. The way that adults see things are not the same as the way kids see things so I try to choose my words carefully when I’m around her so I don’t make things worse for her.

Right now, all she needs to know is that yes there is a global pandemic and it’s quite serious but she’s surrounded by people who are going to do everything they can to protect her. The teachers and staff have worked incredibly hard to make changes to help keep the kids safe. She can do her part by washing her hands and not touching her face. The rest, is on the adults to take care of so go and be a kid and have fun and learn!

This morning, she left with my husband to be dropped off at school (we have decided to skip the bus this year) and as I watched the car drive away with her in it, I couldn’t help but get emotional. I’ve had her by my side for almost 7 months now, caring for her and doing the mom thing – protecting her! I can’t protect her when she’s out in the world. It’s not an easy thing to do – letting go.

However, it’s necessary. She’s a child that thrives at school both academically and socially. These past 7 months have been a real challenge for her. She really struggled to adjust without school.


I won’t even get into what a hot mess home schooling was...

As they drove off, I prayed to God that He would give the teachers and those in charge the wisdom and clarity to make the right decisions and to protect them and to help heal all who are sick. With that, I leave it in His capable hands, for I walk by faith and not by sight.

What are some ways you handle anxiety? If your kids are off to school, how do you manage their fears/anxieties if they experience them? I’d love to get your thoughts because...well, it takes a village!

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Good luck and let her be safe Ameen!

Thank you :) She had a great first day

When we were kids, we did not face something like this that kids are facing now. Teachers and those in charge of school have more responsibilities than ever to take care of their students.

God bless you and your entire family.

It's pretty crazy to think of everything kids have to face today and Covid on top of it all. Teachers and all staff in the education system are pretty amazing people.

Sophie is in 4th grade? Did she skip like 3? Oh, man. I'm getting old fast!

I got no answers. All I have to do with Sam is act like everything is normal and he is good to go.

Is that a stock photo or did she go to first day in Red CTAs? Those are beautiful.

Thanks for a wonderful post, and you know I send my best to you.

Tell me about it! Seems like yesterday she was an itty bitty bug!

I think it is safe to say that this year has been massively challenging to both parents and kids alike lol... Jude is now doing online learning... but being a little tech junkie, he has adapted well - although, the REAL truth will come out when he does his final assessments for the term hahaha!!! !tip

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It's an unbelievable challenge for sure. But first of all - how awesome is the name Jude! Love it! Hope you're little one adjusts with the online learning. It's great to have that option!

Prayer ;)

Always, always , always prayers.

She'll be fine and you and your husband can enjoy a 'little' bit of quiet time LOL're so funny...tell that to the 1 1/2 year old who doesn't believe in quiet :D haha

Thanks Jon for the comment (and laugh) haha

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