Why Small Steps Are The Way To Success

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Success. The idea of success by itself is a relative concept. It means something different to every individual. Yet, in some way, we all strive to achieve success!

For one person it might be to live somewhere on an island and just enjoy the tranquility. For the next person, it might be the fast-paced and exciting life of being the CEO of his/her own company.

Whatever your idea of success might be, the best way to achieve that success is "one step at a time". And may I add...one small step at a time is even better.

It may come more naturally to some people than others, but the principle remains the same.

I recently thought about this (and how true it is in all aspects of life) when I was watching Jon Olson's tutorial Let's Turn Fiat Into Crypto!!

He explained how you should just start by moving small amounts at first, just to get the feel of it and to get used to the process.

How true that is in all areas of life?! Start small! Get the feel of whatever you are doing and build confidence instead of storming in and getting hurt in the process.

I suppose I am the only Afrikaans speaking person around here...lol, but we have a saying in Afrikaans that says "haastige hond verbrand sy mond". Directly translated into English it means that "a dog that rushes in will burn his mouth".

We Only Have Ourselves To Blame

If we think back just over 100 years ago...people were more relaxed and they were not rushing through their days. There was no technology and people still traveled on horseback.

If you had to go on a journey of about one hundred miles it was considered to be a long journey and there was some planning to do.

You would set out at least one day for travelling. On the next day, you would attend to the business you were there for and then spend one more night at the destination. On day three the journey would start to return home.

That's just how it was. Nobody got stressed about time or started rushing around to see if you could save five minutes here or there...

Then came the car... Now you could complete the one hundred mile journey and attend to your business meeting on the same day. Spend the night after the meeting, and on day two, travel back home. That is a saving of a full day! Yet, I suppose people were still quite relaxed.

But, then cars started getting faster. Now you could do your one hundred mile journey, attend to your business meeting and return...all on the same day!

Soon, that wasn't good enough anymore. Time started to become an issue. You see, maybe you can now travel one hundred miles, do two meetings...and who knows, maybe we can see another potential customer on the way back as well...

Then came the airplane, and the one hundred mile journey became a one thousand mile journey...with multiple meetings and still be back home on the same day.

Then technology started entering the workspace and tasks could be done in a fraction of the time than what it has been done before.

Instead of being calm and relaxed by using technology to get more done in less time with less effort, we allow it to run away with us. Enough is never enough anymore. When we get a certain volume of work done, we just have to see if we can't get more done in the same amount of time.

It always has to be faster and/or more. In the process, we not only often sacrifice quality, but also our own health, not to speak of the relationships with those close to us.

Untitled design.png

Stop! Smell The Roses and Start Planning.

We get so caught up in this "rat-race", chasing success, chasing the "dream", that we often miss out on what is busy happening around us. We don't even realize that we are heading for disaster...because we are to "busy".

If we look at some of the most successful business people, they are often very relaxed and "in control".

They might have a full and busy schedule, but they follow the age-old principle of "plan your work and then work your plan".

This morning I was watching a Youtube video interview on the topic of cryptocurrencies. Reference was made to an article that stated that it is still "early days" for bitcoin. In this article, it is stated that currently, only 7% of the American population have bought bitcoin. It was mentioned how many people still don't even know what bitcoin is about.

Seven percent of the American population is a lot of people...but compared to 93%? Wow!

The other fact is that it frequently makes the news lately that large companies and well-known individuals with billionaire status are buying large amounts of bitcoin to the value of millions of dollars at a time.

These people are professionals and they know what they're doing. They would not invest that kind of money if they didn't have confidence in the future of crypto.

They are well aware of the effect of inflation in fiat currencies which is getting even worse at the rate that governments are printing money currently.

In the meantime, the masses are caught up in the "rat-race", complaining about how expensive things are and how "our money" is losing value! It's as if everybody is just getting into panic-mode and just run faster. The pressure is getting more and more. We just work harder and harder and try to do things even faster. But nobody stops to find out what is going on and what can be done to take back control.

It is time to stop, relax, step back, and try to view things from a different perspective.

Try to remove yourself from whatever is going on and look at things as if you're an outsider. Get a "helicopter view" of what is going on, as if you are looking down on all the activity as if from a helicopter.

Then, as if an "outsider", decide what should be done. Then go do it.

Crypto Is The Way Forward.

One of the things that add to the value of cryptocurrencies is the principle of scarcity.

We need to stop! We need to stop chasing our own tails in circles and see what is happening around us!

If in America alone, only seven percent of the population has bought bitcoin, I would love to see some statistics for the rest of the world.

By the time people realize the reality of what is happening and they want to start looking at bitcoin, it might be that bitcoin can be seen as so expensive that it is unaffordable.

But, maybe that will be the time when people will see the value of cryptocurrencies and start looking at altcoins as well.

The CTP token and HIVE might be pennies to the dollar at the moment, but so was bitcoin in the beginning. Growth is never following a straight upward line. There will always be "dips". When we experience those "dips", it is not time to panic or become negative. It might actually be the time to buy. Instead of panicking, rather take responsibility and make informed decisions.

By starting with the Start Earning Today program to learn more about cryptocurrencies, I recently also got introduced to a great investment opportunity in crypto to earn passive income.

Bitcoin is a store of value, but we will need cryptocurrencies with use-value for day-to-day transactions.

I certainly am excited about the future here on the HIVE blockchain!


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You made an excellent point when you said, "Get the feel of whatever you are doing and build confidence...". I think this is probably the best reason to take small steps in achieving success. When we take a small step and see that we have made progress, it gives us the confidence to take the next step. Then we take another step that leads to another. After each step, our confidence continues to grow. Then, when we look back and see how far we have come, our confidence surges. At that point, we are well on our way to reaching the success we desire.

Don't get me wrong...not every small step will be a success. But if it is a small step, we can regroup without much heartache and take a step in a different direction. We just have to remain persistent. The main reason people do not reach the success they are after is because they give up. I have a sign in my home that says, "Success comes in CANs, not in CAN'Ts". By building our confidence with our previous small steps, we are encouraged to keep going.

So the moral of this story is...Take small steps, regroup when we misstep, take another step no matter what. In doing that, you can build your confidence and achieve the success you are after.

You have a very valid point by pointing out how giving those small steps will build confidence. And yes, as you say, not every small step will be a success. But, if not, it is easier to regroup. I totally agree. And if I may add to that, after giving a few of those small steps that were successful...then by the time you look back and see the progress that you have made, you won't regret it!

I can speak of personal experience. When I started here a few months ago, I started from zero with the Start Earning Today program. I used it to start learning more about cryptocurrencies.

I promise, a few times when looking at the amounts, I started doubting and wondered if it was worth the effort for such small amounts. But then I decided to stop looking at the amounts, and start looking at percentages to measure growth. That made a massive difference and kept me motivated. Now, when I look back and see how much progress I have made, I am grateful and get excited about the road ahead!

Thank you for your valuable input, I do appreciate it!

Thank you for sharing your story. I hope others can be inspired from it.

We all need to just keep putting one foot in front of the other and success will follow.


I agree with you 100%! Thank you for your comment (and the follow), I do appreciate it!