How To Make Quality Decisions

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How do you feel about making decisions?

Do you love making decisions or do you try to avoid making decisions?

Are you good at making decisions or are you scared of making the wrong decisions?

Do you regret any of the decisions you have made in the past?

Whether You Like It or Not, Life Is Full of Decisions.

From the moment you open your eyes for the first time in the morning, you start making decisions.

  • You have to decide whether you are going to search for that "snooze" button or are you going to get up.
  • You have to decide what clothes you are going to wear for the day.
  • what will you have for breakfast, etc, etc...

The fact is; life is one whole process of decision-making.

What I've mentioned above might not seem like real choices or decisions at first glance, but believe me...they are.

You might think it's merely part of your daily routine. Well...there is another decision to make. Are you following (or are you going to follow) a specific daily routine? Or are you just going to roll out of bed each morning and see what the day holds, just handling and planning things as you go through the day?

See? Again, there is a decision to make.

The Most Important Fact About Decision-Making: Take Responsibility.

The most important fact about decision-making though is that you have to take responsibility for your own decisions. And yes, whether you know it or not...whether you like it or not, that is often also the scariest part of the decision-making process.

If things didn't work out the way you wanted, it is much easier to say that you acted on the advice of Johnny or Mary and start blaming them.

And this is where we need to face reality. We need to be honest with ourselves and do some real introspection.

You set out with the best of intentions and start working towards your new goals. But if it's not based on your own personal decisions, then either one of two things happens:

  • within the first six months (if it takes that long) you give up on your goals and blame the program you were using or the business you started to be a total failure. It was either a 'no-good' program or the economy was down...
  • or, you start achieving your goals and you become 'successful'. But you are anxious. You become short-tempered and impatient with everyone around you. Whatever you are doing (in achieving those goals and maintaining 'success') becomes a burden and a shlep.

What went wrong?

Easy! Those goals weren't yours. The decisions you have made weren't yours.

Maybe you read a post here on the blockchain of someone who shared some sample goals to become successful in their line of business. Maybe that person shared some real goals of his own...and you thought; "Great! That person is already successful and it seems like he/she is really having a good time and enjoys life". So, you decide that you are going to do the same.

That is the biggest mistake you can make.

How will achieving those goals benefit you? The actions you need to take to achieve those goals...are they in line with your own personal values? Do they fit in with your personality? Is it really what you want?

Some people are good at marketing, others are good at investing, trading, creating content, making music, or doing a professional sport, etc.

Having a role model is a good thing. But, once you have a role model, see how that person does things. Follow his/her habits and activities that lead to success, but don't become a copy of the person. Be yourself and become the best you that you can be.

For example, follow his habit of setting goals but don't copy his goals.

The minute you start a business or start pursuing goals based on what someone else says or thinks, there is a danger that it will become a burden to you. You will either become unhappy and frustrated or just give up and think that you are a failure.

How Do You Avoid Making Wrong Decisions?


Okay, so we have to make those decisions ourselves. But how do we avoid making wrong decisions?

Once again, the answer is simple. You can't!

You can make 'best' decisions, but nobody always make the right decisions.

We are all human. We all make mistakes. But here is the good news. It is through our mistakes that we learn!

The most successful people in the world, are the people who make the most mistakes.

The difference between success and failure is:

  • you either learn from your mistakes and don't repeat them
  • or you keep on making the same mistakes.

There is a saying that I like -

  • I never lose. I either win or I learn.

So, whenever you made a wrong decision, make peace with it and move on.

When you have to make a decision, you make the best decision that you can at that particular time with the information available to you.

If it later turns out that things didn't work out the way you wanted, make peace with the fact that you did your best with the information at hand and let it go. See if you can learn anything from it that can benefit you in the future.

It is senseless to torment yourself over decisions in the past that didn't work out well. It is in the past. Leave it there and focus on the future.

With that said, let's all take responsibility for our own decisions and make the best of 2021!


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