My 2021 Goals Progress report for @invest4free

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With this account I want to show that it is possible to build an online business/investment portfolio without any fiat money invested at the start.

This year I want to keep growing, using what I’ve learned in the past year. By setting goals I also want to prevent myself from spreading myself too thin or focusing on inferior goals.

These are my goals:

  • 10,000 CTP staked
    This was a goal for last year and I still like to achieve it. After I reach it, I will let my stake grow organically through blogging and curation. This should not take too long.

  • 2500 base sim income for my dcity
    I believe dcity is currently the best passive income generator on the entire hive blockchain. I believe if I keep reinvesting my sim income of 725 sim it will be possible to reach this goal.

Passive investment tokens:

  • 500 Mpath tokens

  • 500 Dhedge tokens

  • 20 BRO
    This might be a bit much, but we’ll see.

  • 1500 hive power
    I’ll set the rewards for my blogging to 100% hive power. So if I manage to get back into regularly posting blogs, then it should be a good goal.

Currently my holdings are:

  • Hive Power: 608,040
  • CTP: 9726
  • Leo: 119
  • Mpath: 180
  • Dhedge: 147
  • Bro: 6
  • Dcity base income: 1037

Hive Power goal: 40,54%
CTP stake goal: 97,26%
Leo stake goal: 23,80%
Mpath goal: 36,00%
Dhedge goal: 29,40%
Bro goal: 30,00%
Dcity base income goal: 41,48%

My Big Hairy Audacious Goal:

  • Road to dolphin (5000 Hive Power): 12.16%

Growth needed to reach goal by the end of the year:

  • Hive Power: 20,74 per week
  • Ctp stake: 6,37 per week
  • Leo stake: 8,86 per week
  • Mpath: 7,44 per week
  • Dhedge: 8,21 per week
  • Bro: 0,33 per week
  • Dcity base income: 34,02 per week

As you can see I’m nearly done with the ctp goal. Also the hive, Mpath and dcity goal are moving along nicely.

In about a week I should be able to start funneling some of my ctp gains into my other goals.

Also I’m getting closer to 100.000 starbits in rising star at which point I will buy 12 cards packs and will likely sell some of those cards to take a bit of profit from the game.

So, it’s all about showing up, engaging and building.

Well, that’s it for this week.

Thank you for the support guys, you make all the difference. Let’s grow together!

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CTP stake goal: 97,26%

Almost there! :) I like the idea of funneling things into other goals... I'm doing similar with my goals, but usually, I invent some new

Also I’m getting closer to 100.000 starbits in rising star at which point I will buy 12 cards packs

I have somehow accumulated 1M STARBITS, which gives me enough weekly earnings that I can buy those 12 packs every week... ;)

Enjoy your Sunday!

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Wow, that is awesome. Eventually I will be able to get that 1 million too. I’m level 45 now, so it still takes quite a while for me to accumulate these starbits.

I also constantly have too many projects I want to invest into.

I’m level 45 now, so it still takes quite a while for me to accumulate these starbits.

Tbh, I will never accumulate them by only playing the game... lol... I have tried, but every time I reach some amount, I would buy packs and drop back to ZERO... So, I have finally bought 1M in 7-10 days without pushing the price too much up... :D


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Oh well done

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