Know what you want to be!

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For thousands of years, before and after Socrates,
all human cultures have repeated themselves: knowing themselves.

Self-awareness and self-declaration: a starting point
Your self-growth campaign.

Now here's my look: The part of
I know I'm interested in what
(or who) they want to be, or what you want to achieve.

In my opinion, it is more important than knowing what
(or who) you Are.

It is important to set and achieve goals, etc.
After all, you're the one who
and you get what you decide to achieve.

Know what you want to be or what you wish to be.

Think of it as a challenge you need to clearly define
And save!

Decide what you want to be, what you want to change
in your life where you want to change to take place, etc.

Interestingly, many people don't know what they are
EXACTLY, or what is the same, they find it very
difficult to define clearly.

If you realize that a problem is well placed
Medium problem solved?

No one should know you, your desires, your intentions
etc. better than you.

Continuously recall that on all that worries your
own life and what works for you,
You and you alone are the experts!

You are fully capable of achieving your goals.
Once they are known, better goals can be set,
Your visions and desires, act more
implement your goals, make better decisions and
Its natural strengths are more complete.

Focus on knowing your future, your intention, your desired self, that is,
You have to be very clear and precise about what you need
and/or whatever you want and also because you love it so much.

Also, try to figure out exactly what's going to happen to you as soon as
You get what you want, which are your emotions, it changes
impact on your life, etc.


Nice and clear message.

Thank you for following me, dear @globetrottergcc, because that made me to go to your page. In the result I discovered an interesting person! I like the way you think as well as the way you present your thoughts. It is really very important for people to realize how they see themselves not only now but also in the future.

Thank you for stopping by & following
Much appreciated, your kindness
Grateful for the valuable input
Have an amazing weekend!

Wow I really enjoy your posts! And you are right - knowing who you are & clearly defining what you want to achieve or who to be really helps in the life journey, both business & personally.

I truly believe that when you envision yourself and act in the alignment of who you want to be, then you attract that reality. :) It is something we all can do but not many have tapped into that power. :)

Thanks for your awesome posts. It is nice to read about these topics & you know that is definitely in my niche! ;)💖

Thank you for such a valuable addition 💖
Your posts are awesome and I never miss it either a video or an article it gives me something new to learn.
Much appreciated your Gemini intellect.
Enjoy your weekend!

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 23 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Very often when I do a CTP curation, I leave your posts for the end... I need more time to go through every line that you have written, and I want to read and absorb it all...

And at the end, I forget to leave a comment... :) This time I didn't :)

Knowing what we WANT to be is important, but knowing who we ARE at the moment is a perfect starting point for a journey!

Thanks for an awesome blog post!

Thank you for being kind and supportive like always.
Indeed need to hit that perfect starting point for an awesome journey!
Have an amazing weekend

You are welcome! This is a great post...

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