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RE: Liotes is Exploring NFTs!

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For me personally i find that "gamify-ing" the whole stake / mine / defi "thing" for "the average joe". And as ph1102 has pointed out, the use case for the coin is verry important. However many avoid the blockchain out of fear of complexity.

usually people stop listening about 13-20 seconds in to your dialogue, or teaching attemt. They are sure theyy womt neather manage to learn it. the ones who listen to the end, do so out of a need to be polite. however. i will rise on the blockchain without them if need be.

they know where to find me! :)


It's true that the crypto world has a certain entry threshold. People need a minimum of effort and learning to know how things work. On the other hand, this knowledge is readily available if we look a little bit around. I personally like to learn new things on a regular basis. Like that I force myself to go out of my comfort zone and to increase my horizon. However I realised that not everybody shares this :-)

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Unfortunately, you are right about people listening/reading/learning... The vast majority is too lazy to dedicate time to do research and dive deeper... On the other side, that's good for others who do that as they can position themselves better and earn more...

Sooner or later, the first group (that didn't want to learn) will come back into space and join others as there will be no other option... So, why not skip all that and make an effort in the first place? :) :)

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