Searching for Luke the list builder #16

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The Scavenger hunt is a fun game that not only generates traffic to your own links, but also rewards your efforts when you post your journey here on and earns you drawing tickets to win some nice prizes.

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First up for today I headed over to Listopia to checkout the Scavenger hunt map. I was sent to Springfalcon which was occupied by Pistol Packing Mama. Here I surfed 43 pages to find #Luke

Our 2nd challenge for today #Luke had gone to Edgecastle
which was occupied by Cruisin Xchange. Here I surfed 80 pages to catch up with #Luke

3rd up for today the map of Listopia updated and we was off to Bluebarrow, which was occupied by Millionaire Surf. Here I surfed 81 pages to find #Luke

And we was off on our 4th challenge for today. The short trip to Westacre, which was occupied by the Click Track Profit Gauntlet. Here I rated 20 pages to find #Luke

For our 5th run around today we was sent back to Springfalcon which was occupied by Pistol Packing Mama. We surfed another 43 pages to find #Luke


And that was the end of the search for today :)

You Have Earned:
10 XP
You now have 4 Entries
for the weekly drawing!


Well done completing the Scavanger Hunt Daniel, you have earned 6 tickets for the daily and weekly drawing.

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