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We have reached the first target with this project which was to have 1000 HP on the @ctpsb account. This unlocked 100 CTPM that were staked to the @ctpsb account and that are now generating CTP tokens.

CTP stake is growing organically

The number of CTP tokens is growing from now on organically on this account thanks to the miners, the curation rewards and also the author rewards. There are already 136 CTP staked and I believe that this stake will progress quite quickly.

The next target of this project

To reach the next target of this project, we will need to reach 2'500 HP (delegations excluded). This will unlock another present! It still won't be the last lego battleship... but something that will help the swarm to progress even more.

You can still support this project

Don't forget that you can still support this project in several different ways that will allow you to earn tokens:

  • send Hive to @ctpsb (you can also sent Hive over Hive-Engine)
  • set the @ctpsb account as beneficiary of your posts (even if it's only 1 or 2%)
  • delegate to the @ctpsb account

Tabs (11.09.2020 10h00 CET)


If you have delegated to the project and there is a 0 next to your name, it is because your delegation was made less than 8 days ago and therefore it couldn't generate any curation rewards that would be added to your tab. You will probably see the numbers increase in the next updates.

Learn more about the CTP Swarm Booster:

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Latest CTP Swarm Booster News (12.9.2020 15h00 CET)

HP: 1,487
Upvote Power: 14,134

Next target: 2500 HP

Rock on, you guys! Thanks for your contributions!! :) 💚

Thanks both

Thank you :) That is awesome @elizabetamt

I have no idea how you thought of this.
It is great watching it grow and evolve.

The community will be stronger with CTP Swarm Booster
2500 is a big number.
I believe it will happen with community support.

I have no idea how you thought of this.

I couldn't tell you how the pieces of the puzzle all fell in place...lol

I hope we can get there. Thanks a lot for your support!

It's awesome how fast this is growing into a powerful asset for the community.

The whole community pulls at the same string on this one and it's indeed amazing how it grows every day. Thanks a lot for your support!

sounds exciting! 😉👍🏼 i love it 'coz I could slowly build by supporting @ctpsb

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What you are doing is perfect. By setting the account as beneficiary, even with a small percentage, you are building up your support and also then tokens that you will get! Thanks a lot for doing it!

slow and steady is a good move for those who do not have a huge amount to invest outright. There really is no excuse IMO. 😊😊

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Brilliant stuff man, keep crushing it.

Sent some more Hive for the project, I'll end up sending some every week for the life of the project!

Thanks a lot for the support man ;-).

Great update and numbers are going up every day! You are right... the CTP stake will grow fast...

Thanks for doing the CTPSB project!

Thanks a lot for your support. It's great to see how everybody helps to build this thing :-)


Thanks a lot for setting the account as beneficiary!


Good luck, you're on it! delegated today!

Thanks a lot for the delegation! That's just great!

My pleasure, Best of best for the amazing project!

2500 HP...pfttt! We got this! ;)

I donated a little more to the project to help a little. Hope it will help! This project is getting better & better!

Wishing you the best, my friend! 💚

You are amazing my friend! Thanks a lot for your support! With this mindset we will reach 2'5K in no time :-)

You are most welcome! Glad to help & you're amazing too! ;)

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