Crazy Numbers for the CTPSB Project

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It has been an amazing week for the CTPSB project. The @ctpsb account owns now more than 11'000 Hive Power and thanks to delegations, it upvotes with almost 50'000 Hive Power.

Record dividends

This week 1651 CTP tokens have been distributed among the people who have delegated Hive Power to the @ctpsb account. This represents about 19.5% APR. This number has to be looked at with caution because there is a big spread on the CTP market and the price of the token has a big influence on the return. Let's say the APR is somewhere between 12 and 19%.

CTPSB Token value increases faster and faster

Thanks to the increased delegation to the project, the @ctpsb account seems to be growing faster and faster. Since the @ctpsb account is the underlying asset of the CTPSB token, the value of the token is developing in the same fashion. The CTPSB token value is 1.155 Hive today. Let's remember that this value was 1.017 on 1st of October when the token was emitted. Calculated over a whole year, this represents an increase of 61.1%!

Two more days in the CTP Power Up Challenge

There are only two days left in the CTP Power Up Challenge. This challenge will end on 22nd of December at 12.00 am CET. Among all the people who are taking part in this challenge and powering up CTP tokens, a price money of 160 CTPSB tokens will be distributed.

Check out the ranking of the Challenge in the video

Learn more about the CTP Swarm Booster:

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This sounds better & better, an APR of over 60% that is incredible.
And the dividends are increasing that's just fantastic.
When it comes to the competition, well I have so much CTPSB tokens that I'll let the others share the prize. ;)
But it is great for the CTP token, and is good publicity for the CTPSB project.

When it comes to the competition, well I have so much CTPSB tokens that I'll let the others share the prize. ;)

You definitely have a big chunk of CTPSB tokens ;-). Thanks a lot for your support!

Crunch time!

Keep going folks, we wanna send these delegations out to everyone we can :)

Since the post was written, staking rate increased to 90.19% for CTP token. Is looking good ;-)

Nice Achim.
Delegated little HP for CTP.

Thanks for the delegation!

Awesome project awesome community
Nice work...
A quick clarification
0.043 CTP/HP per week or per day?

0.043 CTP/HP per week or per day?

This is the rate per week. If you delegate 100 Hive, you would have gotten 4.3 CTP dividends

Got it thanks for clarification...

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

WOW, awesome sauce 👍 😁 fantastic. This challenge has been a real highlight I have to say. Also proud to be part of this project.

100 percent upvote, reblogged and tweeted.


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Thanks a lot for your amazing support!

My pleasure. You deserve it 😉

Did my duty! Happy to see this place growing!

Thanks a lot for your delegation!

thanks for sharing the fantastic update and CTPSB and CTP stake contest.

You are welcome. Thanks for stopping by!

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I need to delegate some more CTP power to the project. Those are pretty amazing returns. For the timing I think tomorrow is going to be my last CTP stake for the contest.

Hi Lisa, Remeber that the dividends are paid on Hive delegations. It's true that these are quite interesting returns :-).

Hi Achim! Thanks! I still don't completely understand how it works. So we delegate Hive power and get paid dividends in CTP tokens?

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Exactly. You can delegate Hive to @ctpsb and you will recieve CTP tokens as dividends once a week.

Hello Achim! Thanks for clearing that up! Starting to make more sense now. Have an awesome day and stay safe and healthy. 😀

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It's been a blast to watch everyone growing this fast!
And of course, watch our beloved CTPSB grow!
Keep crushing everyone!
Even if this challenge ends, you can always keep on going!
You all are Awesome :)

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Thanks a lot for the curation Eliana. It's really great to see how everybody participates and grows. Let's see where this will lead us;-)

Seeing these results, I did not expect to wait another day to place my tokens to help the community with my votes, at the moment my tokes are few, but in the future I will reach more.

Thank you. We all started with a small amount of tokens but then they started to grow ;-)