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Community building is paramount to the CTP Swarm!

We are massive believers in the importance of building a strong and passionate community here on the blockchain.

And part of the trouble we've seen over the years of bringing entrepreneurs to Hive is simply....

Being overwhelmed from day one.

And you know what's interesting to note....

Online entrepreneurs face the exact same difficulties when starting their online business.

So for these two reasons....CTP Chat was born!

Following the same passion and potential of @leomarkettalk , we aim to help online entrepreneurs with answering their questions on chain...And encouraging our members at ClickTrackProfit and elsewhere in the online marketing / home based business industries to ask their questions on chain!

CTPchat wants to be a daily hub for Q & A's when it comes to online business building, and it will be placed smack dab at the beginning of a lot of training going forward within our marketing funnels and online training platforms.

And here's where we will be helping out....

All questions will receive healthy upvotes from the @ctpchat account, as well as the official @clicktrackprofit account as well.

That's a nice chunk of CTP Tokens that are powered up, so it will help our members feel comfortable and encouraged to post more.

Each day, we will fire up a post, and look to help you on your online business journey, by answering all yoru questions and concerns, but also allow the community to offer their suggestions as well...

Need help with your email marketing?

How about designing your lead capture pages?

Are you stuck on driving traffic to your websites?

New to the community and just getting your feet wet?

CTP Chat is here to help you on your journey!

And if you are a part of the CTP Swarm and want to help out...We're looking for your support as well.

Not only can you plug in daily and answer questions, but if you are looking to support @ctpchat with delegation, we would appreciate any HiIve and CTP Power you wish to donate to the endeavour.

We will burn all CTP rewards we receive each week and give a detailed summary of what we send to @null

Edit: We will also take all the post rewards from Hive and use them to purchase CTP on the market as well. (Thanks for the suggestions @achim03 lol)

If you cannot delegate, no worries, we would greatly appreciate your support in coming by each day, and taking part in the discussions and helpful feedback for our members!

Another benefit to this project...Less chat on Discord and Telegram, and more discussions on chain :)

Welcome to the Chat!


Our Token:

Our Miner:

Vote for our Witness Node On Hive-Engine:


Woohooo welcome everyone to the first official CTP Chat!

Where the newbies can start here when they are still green for a blog post and even the oldies who are stuck to post regularly and need a push!

Either start your own thread by replying to the main post about some topic or question(s) or reply to posts already added to ask questions and share your opinions!

Remember forums back in the day? It's pretty much the same!

The huge difference get rewarded with a juicy upvote ;)

Now don't be spammy with "one-word" comments and all that jazz or you won't get upvotes or worse you can get downvoted!

Keep it nice and clean!

Let the games begin!

The huge difference get rewarded with an upvote ;)


Yeah, the quality comments will get higher votes and multiple votes from @ctpchat @clicktrackprofit and @jongolson accounts...Lots of CTP to be earned, just by hanging out and talking shop!

It would be nice if there was a way to stick this first comment to the top of the thread, so it's the first thing we read down here. I suppose that's one challenge with having these chats in comment threads... but I still love the initiative and I'll definitely participate. :)

You can try the "Sort" thing at the top right at the end of the post but I just tried myself and my comment only comes up first on the Upvotes sorting..for now lol
I swear I tried to be the first one posting but these beasts start to comment like crazy!
Which is good hehe
Welcome to the fun!

Using to many words has always been a problem until one day I read on a blog somewhere that all good writing is reliant on great editing. My articles are much better than they were as I take out all of the unnecessary words. Tend to use repetitive adjectives in the same sentence or I will cite an idea in sentence then support it with a follow up phrase, and then repeat the original idea, so itr can be tedious to read almost like this simple short comment :-)

Hi Jon
I think this idea is awesome . I like using decentralized platforms.
I would be willing to be involved and support as much as I can.
Would we all migrate from Telegram as soon as it starts or do you have another purpose for it?

That's the goal for sure...Encouraging CTP members to post here regularly, instead of focusing on Telegram...If we could bring them over slowly to the blockchain...And build the habit of engaging here...

That's the goal at least :)

That would be nice so we can reward the action takers!

Thank you for engaging like a champ Tom :)

Thank you Eliana. With the help of you and this community I am learning quickly

This will be great. I have only had a Hive/CTPtalk account for about 5 days now. So here is my question.

When I vote it shows the estimated vote value of 0.000, how/when will it show a value? Also, should we adjust the slider from 100% to something different? At 0.000, I can not see how it would make a difference.

Thanks again for starting this here in CTPTalk

Welcome aboard!
Yeah since you are starting it, it will be on zeros for a bit until you earn Hive and CTP to stake/power up them
The more you stake the more your account will get stronger and the upvote will increase.
Just keep posting, earnings from the post takes 7 days to get into your account but if you keep posting you will never notice the 7 days :)
Eventually, you will need to adjust the slider so you can balance your voting power that decreases with the activity.
For example, I don't give more than 50% to posts so I can give a nice upvote to as many people as I can. For comments, I normally just give 10% to save my voting power for the posts.

Hope this helps :)

Thanks. This process seems logical so I will follow it and see how the value changes over time.

Your voting power or value comes from how many ctp and or hive tokens you have staked, the more tokens you have staked the more your vote will be worth. If you have no tokens staked then your vote will not have a monetary value, but they still count as an upvote and when you upvote you will receive curation rewards, when you comment you will earn author rewards. Hope this helps just hang in there my votes were not of any value for about a month after I started.

Thanks this makes sense. I will keep engaging and learning along the way.

That's awesome we are here for you :-)

Thanks for the question and welcome to the fun :)

Yeah when starting out, unless you have a bunch of Hive Power, it'll show your vote being low. But it grows the more you earn and stake on chain.

For now, I would vote posts, 100%, and then comments a much smaller percentage.

I'll send ya some delegation from the @jongolson account too to help you out and give your account a kick start!

That would really be great. Then once I get big and strong (LOL), I will do the same for others. :-)

Awesome :)

That's the goal for CTP....To help each other grow! If you need anything, please drop us a line!

Awesome sauce 👍😁 !BBH

Thanks for the support man, looking forward to helping as many new CTP members as we can :)

very exciting time

It is. !BBH

Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work

Erik Gustafsson @flaxz has just updated Scotbot This is really cool as our community and the tools that are behind the scenes are constantly being updated and grown as CTPChat demonstrates. I am sure there is all kinds of other things happening as well :-)

Scotbot is what is used to deliver tokens in the tribes, and I updated the settings for the We AreAlive Tribe to not include as beneficiary since they don't pay out the liquid token rewards to the post authors, only the Hive, not sure that makes you any wiser, but that is what happened.

It adds to my knowledge base, and for that I thank you :-)

You're welcome.


Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work

Still no idea how all that stuff works...I'll bug Achim one day LOLOL

Neither do I but the learning is quite the adventure :-)

I first became aware of the CTP community when @globetrottergcc introduced me to using the #ctp tag whenever I post anything about the #RisingStar game! 😅

We've been around the block a few times. Hope this gets people using CTPtalk more too :)

Can you recommend some tips on how we can get more people to use CTPtalk? 🤔😅

It's a nice little place. I might drop by from time to time but don't count on me since I focus more on Leo lol.

No worries at all. Different angles too...We're working more to get people from the CTP membership site into using the blockchain more.

But all the comments help the entire chain grow :)

Lol. It seems like the first chat is mainly about people being interested but I am glad you started listening to taskmaster.

Welcome to our little corner!
Of course, we understand!
Probably will do the same thing and be more here than on Leo now but I'll try lol
Thanks for stopping by :)

I just checked the thread again but I thought I would just mention it so you guys aren't blame to be spam. I think its best not to self-promote posts. I think taskmaster said it around a few weeks afterwards how some people wouldn't take kindly to those types of actions. But who knows, I don't know everything about what is right or wrong.

Oh yeah for sure!
Our mission here is to ask and answer questions. Probably use links to complement the answer or so but nothing more.
I actually tried to be the first to post here to say that to keep nice and clean and having meaningful comments and all that jazz or those comments won't be upvoted or even downvoted if needed.
Let's hope for the best :)
Edit: I checked the thread as well again and now I understand what you mean. I will have a talk with Jon and see how we are going to manage that. Some are still learning so it's a manner of communication and keep the balance as much as possible.
Again, let's hope for the best. But overall for a first chat it wasn't bad :)

This is a really great initiative, let's talk on chain instead of using Telegram snd Discord, keep up the good work.

Yeah that's our thinking and to encourage new members of the blockchain that come from CTP...To engage more on chain.

Getting paid to chat, that is a good way to sell it.


Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work

I love this! I find this much easier than getting on telegram. Keep things simple for the user.

Hope so :)

And hope the questions come flooding in...Wanna reward the people asking the most!

Nice initiative. I like the fact that the posts rewards will be burnt. This will be nice for the ctp token. I would have a suggestion. What about using the post rewards in hive to buy CTP tokens and burn them? This would create a constant demand and would even be better for ctp prices?

Oh great one!

Yeah man...Consider it done...I'll go change the post to add that!

That's perfect! By engaging and interacting we do something for CTP prices in addition... love it!

Yessir, that's the goal for sure!

This is super cool. Just upvoted a bunch of the comments here too.

Ctp just keeps building. That’s why I keep stacking.

Thank you for the upvotes!
Hope you enjoy and come to this little corner more often :)

Appreciate you man, thanks you for your support since day one...

And you guys (The Jazz) got super lucky last night LOLOL

That's really cool and I've been tracking the progress of staking your token on my hive engine account and really excited to continually watch it grow I had no idea about the minor and I'm definitely going to see about getting one at least and seeing what happens.

I didn't see your Discord link posted here so hopefully you guys can shoot it over to me.

And as well I think I have to go get the follow button

Thank you very much from me and puppy dog we really appreciate your community and your work supporting hive


Thanks so much for the support :)

Yeah we've been under the radar for the most part but here every day...Building!

Sorry about that, here's the link doe Discord

Another outstanding move by you guys. This is absolutely EPIC. Can’t wait to see it evolve and also to contribute as it does.

It has hardly ever happened for me but being here at the beginning of something is amazing like the electricity in the air is crackling!!

That is the truth @mba2020 - I’m right there with you 🤘🏽

Thank you sir. Should be a lot of fun!

Hope to bring more people from offchain to the Chat!

I have a small circle of friends building their businesses if they would just follow me to the blockchain, it would be game changing :-)

Wonderful! I will try to come by and contribute how I can. Plus, you know me. I like to ask questions. :)


It is going to be very interesting, for sure. Going forward I will post all of my questions here rather than on telegram, and will check in here first thing in the morning. Let us see how big this project can be :-)

Always encouraged and welcomed sir!!

I do have a question:

"We will burn all CTP rewards we receive each week and give a detailed summary of what we send to @null"

Can you describe the benefit to the community of you doing that a bit more?

For sure....So the idea of burning tokens is a simple supply / demand answer.


These are the current numbers of the supply of CTP Tokens....

As the inflation model continues to 'print' new tokens for everyone that's earning them through upvotes, the tokens that we earn on the CTPchat account will be sent to the @null account...Which essentially means they are burned and cease to exist.

So supply gets lower, demand SHOULD increase.

CTP currently has a very high staked economy, so there will be less and less CTP tokens in total circulation the more we burn them.

Does this include the curation rewards for people posting? If so I can re stake those rewards correct

Yeah so like, all the curation and post rewards this account gets....We'll burn the CTP and then with the Hive rewards, we'll go buy CTP off the market and burn it too.

What a great new project, @jongolson & @blainjones! 👏

Count me in! 😉

I've followed this account too and I'll go delegate some tokens to you now! 😇

Have an awesome week and month, Lee 😃

P.S. I tried to delegate some Hive to you but I kept getting the message 'Something's wrong, please try again later', please let me know if they went through or not. If not I'll try again! 😉

Glad to see you here Lee!
And thank you for the delegation!
So cool to see this little corner gather people together like a big party with lots of food!
Where's the food though 🤣

Glad to be here, Eliana!
You're very welcome, thank YOU too for this project; as I'm sure you had something to do with it! ;)
Yeah the party is here! I'll bring the food, if you bring the booze! 🤣
Stay safe and have an awesome week, Lee :)

Yeah that's weird. Didn't see any delegation come in. A good ol' refresh and kick usually does the trick :)

LOL Yeah I kicked it and this time it seems that it worked! 😀

Sorry For The Weak Vote

With out really understanding fully what delegation is I delegated the majority of my CTP & Hive resources. I am not giving a 5% vote Just need a couple of weeks to build my resources back up

I Will Be UpVoting & Commenting As Usual

Did you know you can use Mark Down and or some HTML when posting, it is how I made this post :-)

Screen Shot 2021-04-27 at 7.56.31 PM.png

It all adds up :)

I'm more intersted in getting you guys upvotes here!

Thank you :-)

+1 for the ctpchat! I will definitely promote this. Great tool.

Appreciated, hope the members use it daily :)

Me too!!

This is a great idea! I admit I've always been bad on Telegram and Discord. I always intended to take part in those channels, but every time I remember, another day has gone by... No excuses, I should have planned!

I'll give it another go...maybe I'll remember by visiting here while being on the blockchain...

You made it! And I'm happy that you like the idea!
If we need to be social at least it has to be profitable lol
And I hear ya. It's difficult to stretch ourselves with many things but someday we will come up with some kind of daily structure

Yes, I'm!

I think structures are already falling into place, but the whole process will obviously take some time...

All in good time!

Thanks for telling me and giving me the link to get here, Eliana!

No worries, hey this is what this is designed to do too...Pull people away from Discord and Telegram LOL

Phew...! That sounds great! I am looking forward to communicating with everybody here.

It is a little cumbersome because I will have to check on the reply's more often after reading the main thread.
But it will good to check them more often anyway.

Yeah, the thread can get long....But I think over time it'll thin out as more people will reply under the sub-topics too.

This is an awesome initiative and more proof that the CTP community is here to serve everyone who is willing to make the effort to participate, engage and add value!

Hope the community really enjoys it.

And bring more people out of the shadows and off the sidelines to participate more.

Good Morning, @ctpchat! I hope so! They need to stop watching this stuff pass them by. Enjoy your day! 😀

Made in Canva


Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Moving in the right direction! Having more engagement and interaction from the website you control instead of some third party app like discord or telegram. It will build a more powerful platform and I bet there are some cool things you could add into the CTPTalk UI to really get quality and engagement out of it.

Here we kind of more closer to each other! lol
welcome to our little corner! Hope to see ya more often :)

Always happy to drop in and see what's going on and help out where I can :) Great community. Getting closer to the 10k CTP powered up!

Yeah man, excited to build this baby up :)

And being on the chain, helps the entire ecosystem too.

Just a big win-win!

Great! Now I can point any friends who ask too many questions to this account. xD

Ha ha ha Yessir, that's the goal for this account...All questions answered!!

Great to see you joining taskmaster's initiative!

Yeah he suggested it and it makes brilliant sense...Hopefully we'll get to add more people from outside the blockchain into the mix here and get them creating and commenting.

Gave some delegation. Don’t know if it was enough, but did 🙏🏼 This is exciting 😎

You rock man!

Thank you so much for the support of the community.

Love the idea! Would you be fielding Hive-related questions too, and how to incorporate the new blockchain elements into our ventures, or is it more mainstream online marketing and web development stuff? I would love to hear about new marketing and finance... and I'd ask a few questions for sure! Thanks for keeping us posted. :)


I think it's perfect for that because we're massive believers in Hive for business!

This is a fantastic initiative. engaging and interacting will bring more value to the community and CTP price altogether.

Thank you sir. And hopefully we can burn a whole lot of CTP in the process too!

I made a horrible video about my misadventure in FaceBook. The lesson is to watch the video all the way through before posting. The first minute & a half sounds just fine the mouse click is a little loud and then the sound starts to distort, and now it is on the block chain forever. I need to slow down and spend the time to editing.

Congratulations on the new ctpchat. This is very exciting.

Happy to see you here Sheila :)
So cool to see many people chatting here!

This is a great way to increase engagement among community members as well as increasing the use of while chit-chatting 😌

You are killing it man! Appreciated ✨