CTP Chat For.....StarWars Day, 2021

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Here's the CTP Chat for Tuesday, May the 4th Be With you....

If you are stuck on anything or have any questions, this is the place to ask :)

Also, do you have any news, gossip or scandal you'd like to share...?

Let it out!!!


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Testing a video comment through Dapplr wish me luck!!

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Welp doesn't show embed on CTPTalk but seems working on PeakD!
Dapplr has now a purpose on my phone ahaha

Yeah I tried to upload a quick video via Dapplr....It just kept spinning for 20 minutes. Might have to try something else lol

I figured it out, thanks to yoU!!!!! lol

So did you solve it? I still see it as a link on CTPTalk frontend.

CTPTalk frontend doesn't recognise Dapplr embed code
It shows up on PeakD though!
You can always click the link and opens a new window with the video

Ok. I might have to open up that window next time. Just wondering, how is the progress on the new CTP front-end going? I feel like it has dropped off the map.

it's almost good to go but our developer is still trying to figure it out the comments loading issue like leofinance has. I believe it's better to get it all working properly before putting it out live.

Oh wow....This works on Dapplr!!! So cool!!

This is the next thing I need to start learning about...Dapplr!!!

I have both Dapplr and Ecency and so far I prefer Ecency because it gives notifications of every activity and you get points on any activity you do inside the app and then exchange those points to a nice upvote on a post you create on the app. Dapplr is overall cool too especially for a quick video that you can upload on the go. Something with hints of Appics/Instagram. But it's been a while last time I saw news from them and Ecency is been very active and always improving.

Thank you for this info, Eliana! So, if I understand you correctly, both are mobile apps...?

Oh yes, both mobile! Ecency has the Desktop version which is not bad either. It beeps on notifications so I can quickly know that you gave me a reply ;)

That's awesome! Thanks, Eliana!

I have just downloaded Ecency on my phone now...

Awesome! Have fun ;)

Works perfect

Awesome video, great effect like you were talking directly to me. I could not see anywhere to engage.

Thanks for sharing another great tool we can use in our business and crypto journey.

Hi! You had 58 comments on the #CTPChat thread yesterday? That's incredible! I'd call that a pretty successful first day. Maybe I can kick today off with a question...

How do you feel marketing priorities have changed the most in the last year and a half-- and over the last five or ten years? I'm wondering if you've seen specific important changes since the pandemic started, or if it's just been a steady march to here anyway over the last decade.

That's a really good question....

For me, the same has played true for years and even more so since the pandemic.

People hate to be 'sold' on something, but they love to buy...When they feel like they are a part of something and valued.

So for me, it's all about community. The key to strong market initiatives is help people see how they are a part of a brand, a community, a company.

One of the biggest reasons we work so hard within our community, is to bring that sense and feeling of value to everyone. We genuinely WANT people here and think when companies put people, before profits, great things can happen.

I really don't like to be sold anything, always thinking that there is a catch or they won't be telling me the whole truth. I like to read up on a product or service to see what it is all about. I am really not liking that every time I look at an ad or something on facebook they are also putting that same ad in my face or something similar all the time.

The wonderful world of social media advertisements. lol

I like that answer! It almost seems as if the distance between people has made this community idea more of a priority for both businesses and consumers, ironically.

I think the last year has produced much quicker adoption of new tech and the online ecosystem in general... which also has a net effect of dropping the average capabilities of online consumers, so onboarding could be seen as a more necessary component of marketing plans. Simple is better?

Just thinking out loud though... I love putting noggins together and hearing different perspectives, as these topics will only get more important going forward. Thanks for the quick response! :)

We really did get thrown into the tech...I know a lot of people who never used live video before ever, are now masters of Zoom and Facebook Live.

But you are bang on...The easier you make things, the more people will adopt it.

That should always be the goal of development in this space. Ease of use.

I have an account on leadsleap and sometimes I check some ads there. What I realised today is that most of these ads haven't changed in ages. It's the same pages that are promoted like 3 years ago! My question: is the affiliate marketing industry lacking inovation? There is still a lot to do to bring people from sites like leadsleap to the blockchain...

They are constantly fight new tech...

Story time lol

Over the years, most in affiliate marketing go where 'the gurus go'...So if they say, SEO is what everyone needs. Everyone goes to find out about SEO.

If they hear about funnels, everyone rushes to learn about funnels.

But not of that technology has really changed in years.

Blockchain and crypto are starting to generate attention because we see guys like Gary Vaynerchuk finally dive into the space. So people will come...Sadly it will not be until more of the 'gurus' speak up.

True, but since we are ahead of the curve, and building 'street cred' on the blockchain so to speak, when the swarms arrive we'll be positioned to be the ones people turn to for help. That's where it pays to be the affiliate selling evergreen services that are backed by blockchain tech where applicable. At least that's my take.

And Leadsleap is a great source of people signing up to my rob w mailing list through my lead capture page hosted on ctp.

how much does leadsleap mess with crypto? can you upgrade etc with it?

Unfortunately, no. It looks like paypal, stripe, and leadsleap balance.

Oh boy I ramble too much, but here's my reply 😋


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How nice to get a video answer. Thank you Eliana :-).

I think that you are quite right. People are resistent to change especially when once it worked so well. I saw this happening to the faucet industry. For a long time, it worked well and owning a faucet could make you some money but then things changed and it simply didn't work anymore. I needed to change.

Another problem is that in affiliate marketing, there are actually not that many people who make a good business. Most of them try to copy what others told them to do. So they are struggeling with that already and once they think they know a bit more, they don't want to accept that what they have learned is somewhat obsolete...

That is true...If you want to copy a mentor or so at least choose the best one to be your mentor!

And it is a bit awkward for me who is in this industry pretty much since I came to Steem/Hive and learned so much in less than 2 years and there are so many people with 10,15,20 years of this and still stuck somewhere in the '90s. I don't like to disrespect the seniors but the "back in my day" talk doesn't work most of the time at least here lol

It's Tuesday which means...

Another podcast of ramblings and rants from the CryptoManiacs!

Do you guys watch the live stream? Or download the episodes and listen later?


Would love to get your feedback, questions and participation in the show :)

try to catch it live. Today's is a great show so far.

lol epic...Task was top game tonight!

Quite possibly the most lecherous podcast on the blockchain. :D

It was....An event! lol

I have it in my Calendar and it reminds me every Tuesday morning. It is nice to have the security of the recording, but the live show is just awesome and engaging with the other members and being able to ask questions live real time is unbeatable. :-)

Dude, today's show was....Welp, you had to be there LOL

I was there it was awesome laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes. Plus I learned a lot!! There needs to be a fire, or alien abduction for me to miss an episode :-)

Lol I believe it was my fault! I threw the Woodies reference and my internet went down after for a moment so not sure how things develop in the next minute LOL

Oh it was legendary lol

Thanks for the link I will listen later.

Doing my best to spread the word about this new community!


Need to grab more people from off chain and get them here on chain....It's a glorious place to be LOL

Decided to try dapplr as well. Hey @elianaicgomes guess who upvoted my post as well?

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Nice!! 3Speak loves us! ahaha
Dapplr is a good app but it seems the developers are kind of MIA?
Never heard about them in a while..

Ahh. Yeah I like it better than ecency and when I .only on mobile it will work.

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Brilliant stuff!

Keep showing up and being out there...There are great people on this blockchain looking to support everyone :)

What Goes on A Great Thank You Page?

Was having this discussion in Telegram and decided to bring it here for consideration, since we're all marketers.

The question: What do you think belongs on a perfect thank you page that someone is sent to after entering their email on your lead capture page?

Me personally I think a thank you page should have explicit instructions on what to do next. I even went so far as to write an article on how to whitelist within gmail and had that as part of my main email intro so people know to whitelist my stuff from the get-go.

What's your take?

You are 100% correct on that one. After all the goal is to get are messages opened, that won't happen if they end up in a spam filter.

Since I use the double opt-in, I have two thank you pages.
The first one I use as you say: informing that they will receive a confirmation email and give instructions to whitelist.
The second one I have a brief description of what kind of emails they will get plus sharing my social media so they know they can reach me anytime.

I think it's a good practice like so but I'm open for more opinions :)

That is a great business practice, so ever procrastinate something a lot? All the feedback is extremely helpful, now watch me say thank you by taking action :-)

You definitely hit that on the head. I hate those thank you pages that just say 'Thank You' cause I usually say 'Now What?'

As for whitelisting, I don't .... what I do is make a folder for everything and a filter to skip the inbox--> never spam--> and the folder to send it to. This works and I rarely get spam messages, only if it's from something or someone I didn't request.

The actions of saying it's 'never spam' is whitelisting, essentially. And I do something super similar. I also use gmail and filter messages into folders based on mailers. The cool part is this allows you to see how many messages a mailer sends per day and how active it is. :)

I have a video introducing myself. I offer them a free (surprise) product (a PLR product I got) IF they respond and tell me a little about themselves by replying to the first email. I tell them this in the email and the video.

If they respond, they are automatically whitelisted, plus I am building a relationship from the get-go. I personally respond to all emails.

Oh, that's also a very good way to thank them and start building that relationship right away!
With a goodie on the side? Sign me up! lol

Nice. Videos rule and add such a personal touch to your article or post. Besides it's so much easier to do nowadays with tech advancing at the rate it is.

I would say they need to be kept as concise as possible while helping the person understand what will happen next. Sometimes I get turned off by thank you pages that start with thank you and then have pages of information below that with all sorts of additional links to click. Most to all of this extra stuff should be in the follow up emails.

Facts! Keep it simple!
Build a relationship first and then you can show stuff on the follow up emails!

Agreed. Short and to the point. Sounds like a good place for like a couple bullet points and that's it. :)

I kind of like the idea of a video. I had never thought of that before

Personal touch!

Video video video....Use a tool like Bonjoro and make it personal to each new person when you are getting started up!

It'll generate loyal subscribers from day one!

I had forgotten all about Bonjoro, that is a nice touch :-)


Constant Improvement + Time = Real Results.

This should be a good one.

How about let's each give an example of real results that came from improvement + time. I'll start: I've spent thousands of hours practicing drums, and it works. I became an in-demand percussionist and instructor.



When I started to vlog I would start over about 10 times until I get one right, not to mention being nervous on camera and not looking in the right direction.

Kept doing it anyway and today I don't need to start over. If I make a mistake I improvise and laugh about it and continue, I'm much better at looking in the right direction and I feel much more comfortable!

Now I ramble too much ahaha

It works :)

I used to be terrified to talk on video, now by doing the I Am Alive Challenge I am feeling much more comfortable but still have work to do.

Glad to see you are doing the challenge. Definitely worth doing because it builds great habits. Sent you a follow. :)

Thank you I followed back. :)

Nice! Good deal, and it's wonderful to meet you. Since your account is John and Grace, is this account used by two people?

Haha... No, this is John (Karnish) and I just really love my wife Grace so added her to the account name. It is also my TE username for most Traffic Exchanges. Wanted to be consistent.

Show up. Everyday.

Here's why....

HiveBuzz (1).png

For those who use wax.io, be sure to set up 2FA (two-factor authentication) using your phone. Really helps make your account that much more secure.

I just set it up on my account.

Can you share more about what is wax.io and why a person just starting out would need it? I did not see anything about that one in any of the training on CTP site.

WAX is a different blockchain that is pretty trendy right now in the crypto world because of the NFT's you can create there, that's pretty much what I know. It's still aside from the training because it's also new to us.

For now, I would focus on this one that is already a whole new world itself lol

Thanks. I don't think I could handle learning about a different blockchain. Learning about Hive and discovering everything it has to offer is pretty mind-blowing.

That's important to know. I actually just created the cloud account and that's pretty much it.
Might have to change that and even check on creating a "real" account instead of just the cloud account.
Thanks for the tip :)

No worries. Using 2FA that isn't your email is way more secure than not using it. I have it set up for anything that I come across that has it. Ask anyone in IT security and they'll tell you that 2FA, when done right, is a godsend when used properly.

Oh yeah for sure! I have in pretty much everything as well!
Especially money-wise sites, the more security the better!

Quick question for everyone on the Chat!

(If you cannot see the video play, check it out on @peakd)


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You're welcome!
We can even reply to some questions with videos if needed!

Go Dapplr! On CTPTalk the embed doesn't work too well so you either click on the link that Ctptalk shows or go to PeakD to watch it embed here :)

I think that would work, it's easier for us to help when we know the main struggles that people have and others might have it and never thought of them!
We can help each other and improve ourselves together!

Yeah we could curate the best questions and really help people that are stuck on things...That's the idea at least lol


I think that's a great idea to getting the help to those who really need and want it. It also let's the community know what people are struggling with and where ctp can help the most.

Yeah I think the community will really help people out and they have a place to go if they are stuck on anything!

I something similar at my day job. I poll our engineers, determine areas that they want assistance with, then set up and record "AMA's" with other engineers explaining how stuff works. Your idea is a good one.

For me the questions are organic.so I ask when I am stuck. I like to find answers quickly. I think on some subjects it would work on others it might be too much feedback at a time. plus I like connecting with people on a personal level. so I guess my real answer is maybe sometimes

Hey Everyone! Happy Tuesday! Troubles staying focused today. But I didn't want to forget to stop be here. I used up a bunch of my voting mana upvoting and answering comments on Hive account today. Gotta wait a few hours now so that it replenishes and I can do more later on.

Good to have you here Lisa...

Any pressing questions you'd like us to address? Anything you are stuck on?

Good Morning and Happy Friday, @ctpchat! Thank you so much! I think I need some tokenomics lessons for how to make the best use of my voting mana. Have a great weekend.😀

Made in Canva


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In honor of the cryptomaniacs show that's going on right now:


Listening to it :-).... Starts quite well lol

I understand the concept of the message but what is the definition for "sies"?

Question: Is it considered bad etiquette to link to past similar posts when posting on Hive in order to get them seen?

Yeah like fang says. If there's a post that you think it's interesting to share especially if it's about marketing and business online, those might help to answer questions that some might have.
Or even a post that someone is asking a question that we have missed for example.

We just want to avoid self-promotion which can be considered spam and get a downvote

We just need to be careful this doesn't go from a chat to a link exchange, which would be sad :-)

I'm late to the party, but I've always felt weird about throwing up links in platforms like this, but it is definitely a double-edge sword when you want to provide a link to something that may be of help to those who are looking for answers. At the end of the day, as a community we have to make sure we provide a nudge or two and let folks know - it's not cool...

For the most part the majority of members have enough common sense to divine what is and is not appropriate to share in any given conversation. It is that lowly 10% that rationalizes their way to being inappropriate completely ruining the platform for the rest of us, and that is really sad.

If it matches the subject and related you can link some of your similar posts. In general though, you probably don't want to promote your posts otherwise. I think its fine to go to a chat like here or @leomarkettalk and post a different person's post if you think it was good.

Speaking of Leo Congrats on winning, You are so active all over Hive, great job!!

Thanks. I tend to focus on a few communities since there are just way too much in HIVE right now. I think you can also make the list if you try.

Your support is very much appreciated and challenge accepted 😀 Will push forward by your example 😀

I gotta say I am liking the new ctpchat posts per day. Is definitely going to help me get my commenting up AND the curation on my other account.