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What an awesome day yesterday on the 'Chat!

We've got a question to ask today....

What has been your number one stumbling block when it comes to building a business online?

Leave your answer below, or anything that you have been struggling with on the blockchain :)

We'd love to help!


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Let's Have A Real Chat

How do you feel about showing your face on video?

There are a lot of videos on Youtube & 3Speak where the person does not show their face. I have made and published videos that only show the screen, but have been on a few live broadcasts here in the CTP Community, and the community has boosted my confidence to the point where I am actually working on video where it is a combination of me talking and sharing my screen. :-)


In my opinion showing yourself on camera, weather it be in a screen cast or just talking into the camera, helps you build Know, Like and Trust. But even more important, getting on camera as just a normal person and talking about your experience is much more relatable then having a professional polished video of someone in a suit and tie. Any small mistakes or imperfections shows how anyone can jump on camera and make videos and gets you even more trusted as someone relatable versus someone you need massive training to be.



That is so true & complete it needs to be carved into stone. 👍

For a very long time I was totally scared to show my face on camera. I've mainly made screenshot tutorials but never with my face. About a year ago @ph1102 motivated me to take the step and it was kind of liberating. There are so many things that I couldn't do before that now became possible. I really enjoy doing it. I had to go out of my confort zone and I got a bit better with every video that I was doing.

Thanks for the mention and thanks for stepping out and doing that first video! We wouldn't be here if you didn't :)

!LUV 1

When I see what we are doing now, I believe I've come a very long way lol

I am also along the very same route it is absolutely incredible what one can accomplish with support & encouragement. This community is very powerful.

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@mba2020 it's not my preference, but I definitely do it. I believe it adds to one's credibility and no better way to earn trust. Happy Cinco de Mayo.

That is an excellent point

This is my opinion...People do business with those they know like and trust. So my job as a business person, content creator, etc...Is to get people to know like and trust me. When I'm smiling on camera, that job becomes easier.

BUT....I also see the massive value in training videos, white board videos etc that I may not show my face.

The important thing ....Doing videos!

I see your point just get out there and do it, we can debate the particulars later :-)

I used to hate it! I would do anything not to do it. I started out with recording videos for the Alive Challenge and got used to that. I had gone live before that in another business I was in before CTP relaunched. Now that I know I can just be casual and not have to worry about looking silly I am more relaxed. And doing the 1440 interviews helped too.

It is not what I want to do because I want to Brand my website.
I have a website that I do to review programs that I work with.
I do use my face sometimes.
I have wondered about the most effective way to brand my Website.
I am still learning so I don't know yet.
Great Question. You read my mind.
I am grateful and thankful for this chat

The more you work it the more you will recognize what direction is best for your business 😀

Thanks Chris . I am definitely exploring this

My favourite way to make videos is to screenshare whatever I'm talking about with an embedded webcam of me blathering away. I wonder what people have to hide when they don't show themselves on video. So, I'd encourage you to "go for it" and show yourself on your next video... :)

Thank you I will be going for it like a hungry wolf after a rabbit

I like making videos like this especially when I am reviewing a site

I personally do not like showing my face. I don't know if I would really want to do so and it would probably take me time before I could get use to it if I had to.

I don't like either. I don't have much self-esteem. But I give it a try and still don't like to show my face lolol
But I built confidence for it and now it's easier to express myself in video/voice than in writing
No worries, completely understandable.
You're here everyday that also matters :)

I think that is the key when taking on anything new and uncomfortable, (It will take time) 😀

I thought about this one while I was at work today: When you watch an ad on TV where does your vision go first? to people's faces. Same with your lcp videos. People look for faces. Provide yours looking friendly and helpful and your lcp will do better than the one with the fancy graphics and layout.

That is true the first thing Jon said when he saw my lcp "replace the picture with a video and it will convert better" in this area it all comes down to video. 😀

Yep. I have done well with mine, but I want to do some split testing on 2 different videos.

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One of my biggest stumbling blocks in building an online business is writing posts, content, whatever. I jumped the video hurdle so I guess writing is next.

Writing is very important. It is still one of the main mediums of communication online.

Good Morning, @taskmaster4450le! It is important and I am going to just do it! 😀 Enjoy your weekend!

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Just like Task said...It's so important.

And the best way to get better...Start writing every day!

Good Morning, @ctpchat! That is the next thing on my list to get consistent with. 😀

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Another CTP Chat! Let's kick it with a bunch of questions!
Unfortunately, CTPTalk doesn't embed the video so you may have to click the link that shows up and watch on a new window or watch it on PeakD!

Here are the numbers of yesterday:

105 Comments and 285,5 CTP Tokens distributed

Earning crypto just by asking questions??
Heck yeah!
Lets kick these numbers today 😁

Thank you for being on chain!!

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105 comments...So awesome!

And all those CTP tokens being distributed as well...Win win!

I noticed that, no matter how hard I tired different code combinations, etc.. a video embed in CTPTalk would be unsuccessful, I thought it was my own inexperience and error.

Nah you're good...it's the frontend.
it does the same to 3speak. That's why I normally share my video post links from peakD instead of CTPtalk so y'all can watch the video properly.


I’ve noticed that when I buy tokens that some sit in open orders and most don’t. what determines the length of time for the order to go through completely?

I don't know but it depends on how much I want the tokens. If I don't care because I want the best price I can get, I just put some lower level buy orders. If they don't fill, I just take it as moving it into the next best opportunity.

Thanks @jfang003 - getting the point of view of different investors is always helpful.

It's the market that decides, so I always "give a little back to the market" by buying at a slightly higher price than the lowest offer price that is quoted when you set up your order. That usually oils the wheels of the transaction.

Thanks @hirohurl - hope all is well 🙏🏼

It's really a matter of demand. Some orders never get executed because there is no demand to buy or sell a token. A solution is to accept a certain loss and buy the market, meaning that you buy the lowest sell order or sell the highest buy order.

And if you don't do anything does the swap.hive revert back to one's account or do we have to cancel the order after waiting out a few days? Thank you for answering by the way.

I think that the orders cancel themselves automatically after about 1 month. Otherwise you need to cancel them manually.

Thanks again @achim03

When I wanna buy, I pick the second highest sell order price...This makes sure I can get my orders filled, given there is enough being sold...

Or I just go to the price where I see enough sell orders and use that too.

Hive-Engine-Smart-Contracts-on-the-Hive-blockchain (5).png

Same here. If I want to buy a good amount of a low volume coin, the first couple of sell orders may be for small amounts, and less than what I need. So I go down one and look at the next price point and number sold.

WOW, ok @jongolson thanks for that tip.

Excellent I will try that on my next buy :-)

Great question I also have a few ctp orders just floating around the blockchain

@mba2020 I received some informative responses already 👍🏽

Wow that is awesome!!

One of the questions that I have today is how does one know what is appropriate to post in each blog site on Hive or any social platform for that matter. My question is where would I post the reviews I do for my website?
I Don't want to spam so That is my concern. I have a fair amount of traffic but would like more.
If you have a website how do you deal with this issue?

I think it's the niche of the tribe / front end...

So general content would be peakd / proofofbrain

Entrepreneurship and online business would be ctptalk

Crypto and finance would be leofinance

Sports content would be sportstalksocial

Sex: Dporn and CryptoManiacs.

ha ha ha ha ha the perfect match!

Thanks Jon. I am getting a lot out of this chat today

Why burn the CTP tokens that are paid out from the posts? Use that as a distribution mechanism to help spread the tokens out.

We do this with Leomarkettalk and it might excite some in here.

Simple breakdown for top 3 commenters:

1st 50%
2nd 30%
3rd 20%

Just take the weeks total and distribute it that way. Puts a few more tokens in the hands of smaller, but active account (I am excluded from it).

Seems to be a motivator for people and they like getting in the ranking.

I am sure @amr003 would be willing to run a weekly report for the room that you can turn into a post. He likes doing that kind of shit. 😁

Maybe a way to spread the token distribution out a little more and incentivize smaller accounts to gets more CTP simply through engagement.

Could be an angle, the reason we went with token burn is simply supply and demand.

The demand for Leo is much much higher than CTP, so we feel like we need to increase demand by lowering the supply. Distribution to active accounts could be a win too, but biggest issue for CTP is being a 'cool token' again in the eyes of Hive Engine trading.

Sinks seem to attract investors too. But the new front end will do wonders as well.

To implement a buy and burn mecanisme won't make the price shoot to the stars but it will increase the trust of investors in the token and I believe people will stake the token more gladly if they know that there is some constant buy pressure. This psychological effect is very important in my opinion.

What has been your number one stumbling block when it comes to building a business online?

To have a connection with the people in my online businesses !

This seems strange but I always had great ideas and used the affiliate tools quite well. However there was always a big physical distance between me and the people that I was dealing with. I didn't know any of these people at all. It was very difficult to build some level of trust and knowledge and it was a oneway street. I just sent out things to them and almost never got anything back.

This changed totally here on hive and that's why I love hive so much. I know a lot about the people I deal with here and the relations are on a total different level.

Wouldn't be able to tell, dude you are a natural on the camera and people really take to you.

And you are right, this community is amazing...The support you get is unparalleled!

Wouldn't be able to tell, dude you are a natural on the camera and people really take to you.

Thanks man. Appreciate your words :-)

I agree with you completely the relationships that I have built and continue to build here are invaluable.

Consistency and writing skills.
That is the reason I accepted the 3 Steps no excuses challenge and I have to say it is helping.

Training is the best coach ;-). The more we do something, the better we get !

I need assistance understanding which tags to use when. I re-watched the training video which helped on a high level. Is there a place within Hive where tags are listed?

I made a graphic some months ago and it's already outdated but it can give you an idea of some communities and their tags:


Might need to open the image on a new window to make it full size :)

Thanks this will be very useful. I did not know there were so many communities on the Hive

There are much more than these. These are the few that have their own token and maybe the most popular. If you go to PeakD frontend at the top there's a menu for Communities and you can click on "All Communities". You might get overwhelmed with so many lol

Generally, you want to use tags to categorize your content...

So if you are writing about birds, you would use the tag birds.

But it also has to do with the different tribes and having your content show up on their front end and to earn rewards.

LeoFinance - leo is the tag
ProofOfBrain - proofofbrain is the tag
clicktrackprofit - ctp is the tag
sports talk social - sportstalk is the tag

But it's very important that you respect the tag. So don't talk about 'birds' in Leo for example. Or financial and crypto news in Sports Talk, etc...

thanks this helps.

Why do you #LEO with this chat?

It would be good to get some people from on there in here. Do come cross chatting.

Always wanted to respect the tag. Figured it was a slightly different audience but I'm all for it ;)

What are they going to do, downvote you? LOL

LOL Nah nah, we do need to get the new CTPtalk rocking though, cause right now it's an awful experience. Leo is a much better front end and you dont need to kick it to make it work lol

Leo is a much better front end and you dont need to kick it to make it work lol

After about 500 comments in a post, it needs kicking.

Wen Project Blank????? LOL

I would say when they figure out that problem. My guess is they ran into the same thing but I cant say for sure.

Second tier (comments) slow things down. Blank cant be slowed down. Then it would be DBuzz.

Self-motivation... but you know that already.

You're a rockstar Scotty! I'll motivate you with some kick ;)

Motivation comes from within, inspiration from others....How about reading some books ;)

That'll help ya get tons of content!

Will crypto destroy traditional online businesses and affiliate programs?

What are your thoughts?

I think it's the future and the online businesses that continue to ignore it, will have a really hard time doing business down the road.

Adapt now!

Why doesnt a company just tokenize the product, use that for the affiliate marketing skipping the percentage to the marketer, and then accept the token for that product or others it carries?

Why take money out of the profit margin to start plus there is already a build in sink for the product?

Hell why dont we do that?

This is why you want to comment.

Here is a post that focuses upon LEO but the same can hold true across the entire Hive ecosystem, especially for CTP.

Each comment is worth an average of .053 LEO. Of course, not all comments are upvoted. The average for each commented upvoted is .164 LEO. This means it takes, on average, 3 comments to get an upvote.

Someone make 10 comments will earn, on average, over half a LEO a day. Not bad for just engaging.

We are going to run some stats to see what the comparison looks like in the @leomarkettalk room. I am going to hypothesize it is much higher.

CTP can follow suit and I am willing to bet you will get similar results.


Yeah we're doing about 250 or so CTP a day according to @elianaicgomes just from comments.

It really is the secret sauce to making this thing work!

Engagement is key!

Yes I need to get even more out of my comfort zone and get on camera!

It'll do a world of good for your confidence and building relationships with people in the business!

I agree its feels good

Please put your shorts on first. Just a suggestion.

Probably speaking from experience.

ha ha ha ha Shorts are optional on CTP...Just ask @blainjones

I hope he owns boxers then.

Shorts are absolutely not going to happen. #bottomless

what are you talking about I am wearing shorts?

By the way, not sure how to do it but I would suggest pinning this post to the top of the CTP pages. I dont know if you can do that from the admin or if you need to promote it but it would probably have some better results of it was on the top of the page when people arrive there.

And put the title in capital and bold letters if you can. Really make it stand out.

Screw it, it is your site/tribe. LOL

Yeah it can be a promoted post, we can poke around and see how to get it to show...And burn some tokens in the process lol

I'm never understood how much CTP is for a day or more to use the promote feature but I added 10 CTP and see how long it goes lol

Hey guys! @jongolson @taskmaster4450
Sorry I havnt been around to participate in this new chat, or the Leomarkettalk..
I've missed you guys!! Got a lot of rods in the fire rite now, and constantly shilling hive to these "community tokens" on BSC, and the project leads and devs, and most importantly the investors who identify themselves as "new to crypto"

Building hive, and selling the idea of this blockchain, and growing and enriching its user base is my focus. Not necessarily on building a following for myself or enriching myself by posting content on here. But by bringing awareness to the blockchain and growing its user base.

I think that's the best game plan to see Hive grow across the board.

Daily users.

If we have 5x or 10x the amount of accounts transacting daily, it'll be the push we need for more adoption.

It's coming!!

It all starts with comments.

Well actually maybe it doesnt but that is what I am going to go with.

Yup! I’m pretty excited about everything I am doing rite now! I wish I could produce some content and earn rewards.. but it’s really rewarding educating people about hive and trying to get them to onboard

So ya....

If you don't think it's important to integrate crypto into ALL your online businesses....Welp.

It's funny because banks have finally stopped trying to 'end' crypto, and now we're about to see some massive integration into financial systems.

Buckle up!


If you can't beat them, join them!
Finally, banks are going towards the future!
In a few years maybe you can have the ability to choose which crypto to integrate or either a way to direct connection and exchange crypto for the country coin automagically or a card to pay groceries and besides choosing debit and credit having crypto choices.
We can always dream :)

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