CTP Chat For Monday May 3rd, 2021

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Wow, what an awesome reception yesterday :)

You guys crushed it and we hope CTP Chat proves to be a valuable tool for the community going forward.

A few things to note;

  • All post rewards from Hive will no be used to purchase CTP Tokens on the market, and then burned! Great suggestion from @achim03

  • We do not want CTP Chat to become a 'self promotion' tool. But we do encourage you to share other posts from members of the community. But we're asking that self promoted posts don't show up.

And of course...If you guys have any feedback on how to improve the experience, please let us know....

Here's today's post!!


Our Token:



Our Miner:



Vote for our Witness Node On Hive-Engine:



Just shared this on Twitter...But I thought it was a slick new achievement for the little tribe that could on Hive ;)


The @clicktrackprofit account just got the Epic Referrer badge from @peakd

Only 7 accounts on Hive have this badge! Not bad for a bunch of 'online marketers' lol

More reasons that the CTP Swarm is awesome! And Epic ;)
And one day Hive will come to ask us for advice for how to promote Hive to the masses lol
Until then, we grow and support each other!

LOL We're in our own little bubble LOL

That's awesome buddy, before long they will start calling you Mr. BlockChain :-)

That's a pretty amazing achievement! 😃

What is your blogging process? Me? Thanks for asking :-) I start with a notebook and pen, then I type it into a word processor called Pages, finally type it into PeakD. Tomorrow I will start using the CTPTalk front end for all of my CTP related articles. Share with us your blogging process :-)

I normally use PeakD for every post! The drafts are saved there so they are like my templates. You can save templates as well too!

I already have some drafts that I can re-use for some of my weekly posts like Actifit and the CTP BP Updates. Just need to upload a new header, write a few things and the preview side-by-side is what keeps me using it still. Once I edit the draft the way I want I select everything and copy/paste where in any platform I wanna post it, like 3Speak for vlogs or Ecency, the mobile App that has also a desktop app so I can earn points and boost my posts using those points.

I could also paste on CTPTalk some of the posts during the week just to use it...have to think about it.
But what I do more on the CTPtalk frontend is commenting :)

After my snafu yesterday I will use Peakd from now on for posting

Nothing worse than a well placed Snafu to really ruin a great day 😀

Templates are great my format is very simple "header" "Paragraph" "Image" lol 😃

I use a text editor called Sublime Text 3. I love it.

I write a rough outline of my post, then I fill it top down with content with no real formatting.

Then I go back, add formatting and images, after I make the top image in either canva or imgflip.

That's it.

A great text editor makes all the difference in the world 😀

Agreed. I have used many (notepad++, sublime, etc.) but I use Sublime 3 because of the syntax hilighting when I am looking at json or yaml files, the wonderful color schemes, and the preview of what the 'shape' of the file looks like on the right hand side.

Since Java errors are typically expressed in a specific way in generic standard logging, it becomes easy to find Java exception errors by just looking at the shape of an app's log. Sublime is a godsend because of that.

I switched from Microsoft Visual Studio Code to Apple's CotEditor (like Notepad++) it uses colors to highlight the different areas of code, it also supports MarkDown that is a huge plus for me on Hive and @CTPTalk lol

I type straight into the front end (usually CTPTalk, or Hive.blog for non-business posts). Yesterday my browsers crashed but when I opened CTPTalk again my unpublished post was still there. However, if my post gets long I copy and paste it into my gmail account and email it to myself, just in case!

That is a good option. I have lost blocks of text before and always felt that I have never fully recovered them 😀

I have already learned my lesson, once today and a few times before .
I use Libre office or note pad when I am not being Lazy. Sometimes I am in rush to get it done so I will use the front end
I have lost many posts though.

I think that is the reason why so many use PeakD as it autosaves like MS Word 😀

Whichever front end I use...And press publish LOL

That is a confidant answer 😀

Question: Trying to improve my understanding of CTP vs CTPM. First what does "Power Up" actually do? Is there a reason why I would not want to "power up" or move every single CTP that I receive to CTPM?

I had the same idea when I first started but here is why you do not want to convert all of your ctp into ctpm. It is true ctpm earns some ctp tokens, but your ctp tokens that are staked gives your votes more power, and allows you to earn more on your engagement. The ctpm tokens do not give you any voting power. That is why we say Power up your ctp, because it gives you more power in the community, in fact this is correct for most community tokens the more you staked or powered up the more power you have in those communities. :-)

Thanks. I will keep all in CTP and power them up until some time down the road.

Thank you this was a very helpful post

Yes very informative information Thank you

Glad to see you made it

Great question!

So CTP is the native token for the CTP tribe. It's what you earn while using the CTP tag or by creating directly on CTPtalk.com

CTPM is the 'mining' token. So you stake CTPM and it earns you CTP tokens passively.

Now 'powering up' is staking.

So to earn from curation on CTP, you would stake or power up your CTP.

And to earn CTP from the mining tokens (ctpm) you would power them up or stake them as well.

We're fans of staking a lot ;)

so since I am just starting out is it best to have most of the tokens in the CTP so I can earn from curation/posting instead of CTPM since they are just passively earning CTP tokens or vis-a-versa or just a flat balance between the two?

Yeah I mean, I would start out and try to accumulate CTP and then stake it to start. That'll help you earn more from curation.

Once you get a handle of it all, you can take a look at CTPM. That's a great option to add on, but I would recommend getting a feel for CTP first.

Sounds like a plan.

Hello everyone and welcome to the CTPChat of the day!!

Yesterday's first chat was a blast and I want to personally thank you to everyone who participated!

Adding some little stats from yesterday that I enjoyed gathering:

We had a total of 109 comments and about 284 CTP were distributed around them!

That's so cool to see!

Let's keep it up and growing and I'll do my best to add this piece of information on the next Chats :)


Great community, have been enjoying reading the posts and learning more about what everyone is doing :-)

Not bad at all :)

I'll make sure to keep those votes coming for the people engaging and asking questions...Hope to see more online business Q&A too, I think that'll really cater to the audience.

Awesome stats

That's a very nice start into it. I now have a use case for my ctp account ;-). Let's chaaat !

The gif doesn't load btw. It does look like things are going quite well in the chat.

Thank you!
Here is loading ok either CTPTalk or PeakD.
If you are on CTPTalk might need a ninja kick or two. I mean refresh lol

Yea a fresh did the trick. I don't know why it didn't load the first time on the CTP front-end.

I have a question about the LCP Builder. At the bottom of each page that I have created there is a "Team Rotator" button. What is this for and what does it do?

Inside CTP you can gather up with other members and form a CTP Team and inside the Team's dashboard, there is a rotator link for everyone to use and share on their traffic generation platforms so everyone has views to their pages as a supportive team effort! Through that button on the LCP Builder, you can add your LCP to the team rotator link. Oh, it also gives points to the team so it's also a win on the Team charts :)

The LCP you use in your Team Rotator also counts the hits it receives to Daily Tasks under Recurring Tasks in CTP.

Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 10.42.24 AM.png

Interesting article, yes we can read the entire article. The premise of paying employees crypto, wow with the spikes and dips that would be a ride lol

Good Morning, Chris! I ran across it in my Google feed on my phone and it caught my eye immediately. He sounds like a jerk boss to work for in general. No way should an employee have to give that back. I wouldn't! 😀

Made in Canva


Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

I went to a few in the crypto space over the past few years and suggested they pay their employees in crypto.

I know I would love to work for a company that focused on paying their salaries in crypto.

Good Morning, @ctpchat! That would be kind of awesome but they don't get to demand it back when it increases in value. They have to assume that risk. Then the employee can take out what they need to live on and hodl the rest.
Have a great day! 😀

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Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

I think it is interesting but I the employer is the person who is wrong. The employee paid a certain fiat value for those tokens so it doesn't makes sense for the employee to return it. Unless there is a contract agreement like buying Tesla cars with BTC, where they state that they can return either crypto or fiat depending on which one is lower.

Good Morning, @jfang003! I absolutely agree that the employer is wrong. The employer had to understand that the crypto may increase in value and assume that risk. The employee did the job and got the payment as agreed upon and the employer needs to abide by the agreement. I just hope the employee has it in writing. Have a great day! 😀

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Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Man I had one helluva monday. Missed the live webinar but glad I had a chance to come by and hang out on my new chat location. Whatup peeps!

Always hanging out now on the 'Chat!

Good show tonight, I was fired up!

Thank Hiveness for the replays and Jon posting them on the Hivesphere ;)

All post rewards from Hive will no be used to purchase CTP Tokens on the market, and then burned!

This is actually quite great. The liquidity on the ctp market is quite low. If we create such a post almost everyday even if the post is only a couple of Hive, this will buy and burn tokens on a regular basis.

What would you think if we took this account into the ctpsb curation? Like that we would get more value and more money to burn ctp tokens? This would profit all CTP token holders and also CTPSB because with higher CTP prices, we can pay higher return on delegations.

You mean make the beneficiary ctpsb and then that buys all the tokens and burns?

No, rather the ctpsb account would upvote these chat posts and like that give more hive value to them. That would bring in more money to burn tokens.

Oh man, that would be brilliant.

Good Morning and Happy Monday! I was having a hard time getting to this on my phone yesterday. Of course I should just have used my old phone. It is still logged into PeakD and CTPtalk. 😃 Have a great and productive start to your week.

You using any of the apps? Or just the web version of it?

I was just using the web versions of PeakD and CTPtalk

On your phone too huh....How do they look on mobile?

They look alright! I prefer my computer though.

on web is much easier for me to see

Good Morning, Anthony! You mean viewing it on the web on your desktop vs. on the phone, right? Just want to make sure I understand you correctly.
Enjoy your day!😀

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Yes for me its easier on desktop then my phone. Enjoy your day too

Thanks for the clarification, @anthonypslate! I figured that is what you meant. 😀

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No Problem hope you are well

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Good morning everyone. Off to the races again!

Morning sir!

Hope you have a great day!

Morning I like this chat feature

Yes it is cool

Always Be Prepared

No I am not pitching for the Boy Scouts lol just kicking myself, today Jon gave a great crypto training session then when he finished a link gets thrown up, and Jon invites people to join the broadcast. This I was not ready for, literally looking like I clawed my way out of a grave. The worst part of it is that it felt like I was being a coward and running from the camera.

I will do better in the future, By Being Prepared For Opportunities

hehe that's ok Chris! You've been doing great so far!
And I hear ya, I sometimes want to join but then I step back, might be silly but it is what it is!
We'll be better at this soon :)

You're an awesome coach!!

that is great news