CTP Chat For May 10th, 2021

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Hope everyone had a great weekend!

As you can tell, we'll take Saturday and Sunday off from the daily chats and get things fired up again on Monday mornings :)

We love Mondays!!!! And entrepreneurs should to ;)

Today's question...

What techniques or tools do you use, to keep on task each and every day??

Looking forward to seeing your answers as it can help everyone with their time management and productivity!


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This is a great question as I imagine many may have struggled with this as I did. You have a full time job paying your bills (by the skin of your teeth), then there are your daily duties with home, family, friends, & finally your side hustle. Quoting Lisa @lisamgentile1961 "You only have 1440 minutes" .

With all of your duties, obligations, and a time limit that makes you feel like your in a video game, how could you possibly get everything accomplished? For me the solution is a combination of Tick & Bullet Journaling with my calendar.

For the combined journaling I use a physical journal, and Microsoft OneNote. For the Calendar I use iCal it comes with every Macintosh computer plus since my phone, tablet, and watch are also apple I can get calendar alerts on all of my devices using iCloud.

Using MS One Note I plot out my day hour by hour then enter all of the appointments and training into my calendar. The great thing about OneNote is you can design the page anyway you want. I put my hourly commitments to the left and a Tick style task list on the right, then on the bottom is where I have designated for notes.

This is turning into a blog post so in OneNote I am creating an entry for the post and tutorial video to be created. Both tools are free, but I do pay a small fee for iCloud.

Hope this is helpful :-)

Tick & bullet journaling..I like it!

I really need to tick the box lol :-)

I never thought of using OneNote. I do agree it could easily turn into a journal and blog post. I would to see how you set it up for your daily task should you decide to do a video post.

No problem, and thank you :-)

Hello everyone and welcome to another CTPChat!!
I know you missed it during the weekend so let's kickstart this week with a big bang on this one!

The last couple of chats were a bit below comparing with the other days but another week to be better and improve ourselves with good habits of showing up everyday and engage with each other!

Here's the stats of last CTPChat:

** 70 Comments and 158,36 CTP Tokens were distributed!**

Let's rock!!

So are the weekends considered days off? We had less people over at the @leomarkettalk over the weekend.

We also have less people on the other chats during the weekends normally.
I personally want to wait and see if people get in the habit of engaging and if there's growth or not.
So for the time being, they are considered days off.

We'll see what happens this week...Hope people still find this useful!

Question: I need to get more eyes on by site. In addition to email to the leads from your LCP, what other methods does everyone use to get exposure for their business sites?

Thanks in advance for your assistance

Content Marketing is a very good way if not the best!
Providing value through your content like blogging, microblogging, videos, and so on. Using a WordPress blog connected to your business site and you can even add the exxp plugin that can automatically post your WP post here on Hive!
Adding a few "snackable" content, or microblogging, through social media in a consistent way can put yourself/business on someone's radar.
Sharing your journey, your experiences, what went wrong, your victories, how your business was born, there are a lot of things you can talk about so we can get to know you and your business.
The trick is, providing good content consistently, so people can remember you, building your brand and your following!
And eventually adding subscribers to your list :)
That's why we are bullish on Hive because you can be social and create content here! And earn from it!!
If you can, check Content Marketing Module inside CTP!

You really want to brand yourself as the "Insert Here" person. Post everywhere to get your face seen so in FaceBook, and FaceBook Groups, Twitter, YouTube, etc...Don't forget all of the Hive places, 3Speak is a Youtube similar Dapp, unlike YouTube on 3Speak you could start earning with your first video and first few subscribers. Comment as many places as you can. Be sure your avatar is your picture, just like you have here on Hive.

You really want to leave good solid comments. Be sure you comment is relevant and adds to the conversation. Never try to sell anything or drop links in these comments all you are doing is demonstrating your value and consistent & professional commitment to the group. For me this was as natural as breathing water, but since I have been practicing daily it is becoming easier.
Starting next week I will be scheduling more time just to comment on the various social media channels. If I do it properly people will ask me to provide a solution. Not only will this add to my subscriber list, but my subscribers will be more active, and my social media engagement and relevancy scores will go up.

Blog posts and social media for me...The traffic might be slower than other forms, but it's sooooo targeted, you know the people clicking through LOVE your content and are curious about what you are offering.

Wished you gave a little more info about your site. I'm going a process now with my sites oh how to keep people coming back. Currently I use promos, games etc., from other sites and realized after analyzing the data, I've attracted the wrong people. So now I'm looking into the scripts I use to see what it can actually do within the sites themselves. From this so far, I've created 3 new sites that are doing well for me and has not only increased members, but income.

I currently like to block my time on the Google calendar for different activities.

To plan my activities I use a combination of Microsoft To-Do and TRELLO. I capture my projects in Trello and create my daily to-do list in Microsoft To-Do.

I find it tough to just follow allow Google Calendar so I just end up doing things as I can and prioritize what I think is more important by deadlines.

I use Google Calendar just to block my time to enable me to group tasks relevant to one activity/project at a time to prevent me from jumping around.

I found myself using to many different programs to track task etc., It was taking up to much time away from doing what I really need to do to move on. I did find Easy Business Builder that has everything in one place and regardless where I'm at, I can log in and see where I am.

Easy Business Builder...Sounds interesting. I'll have to check that out. Thanks for mentioning it to me!

Loads of software out for this for sure....Trello huh? I'll have to check that out, I've seen it mentioned before.

I like Trello. It has many functions and you can use it for just about anything you want.

You can create different boards for different projects and move your notes around like "sticky notes" wherever you want...

I go by feel. As things come to me then I begin mapping out the next day and at the end of the week I had an above average week then I have something to use as a template until things start drying up a bit then I tweak it and so on. It’s such a hard habit to break as I was a last minute project executioner and last minute study for a test crammer. Got by for each, but working on not living off that approach on this new path.

Hey whatever works for ya man!

Nothing wrong with methods that work for each of us :)

I do a combination at the moment.
Whiteboard next to me is where I write down my long term projects so it's always there next to me if I start getting side tracked. They are long term goals and not the details of what needs to be done each day.

Daily calendar on my desk is my daily to do tasks and a simple excel spreadsheet gets updated on the daily of daily things that need to be done for clients.

All of this only takes me about 10 minutes to put together each day or as I go through the day and has really ramped up productivity.

I've tried all of those other programs like monday.com etc but I spend more time moving things around on those programs that it actually eats up MORE time.

I love the idea of a big white board next to me. I need to get one .
Thanks for the great suggestion..
Writing things down by hand gets it into my brain better.

Nothing better than the whiteboard...I feel such a sense of accomplishment when I write something down and then wipe it off as complete lol

I don't have a whiteboard, I have a corkboard and I stick my post-it notes in there, plus a calendar with my little monkey, my why!
Might get one when I move into my new house and my own office!
I was going for specific apps but most of them ended up on a bookmark folder and never looked into or lost on my phone lol
Thanks for sharing!

Currently I use an excel spreadsheet with columns for task, description, Master/Sub task, target date, due date, goal, etc. The frequency column reflects if the task is daily, weekly, monthly, other. Due date column is for task with a drop dead date for completion. Master/Sub task column is used for a overall task that has several sub task that must be completed prior to the high lever task (Master) able to be completed. If a task is part of a goal, that is noted in the goal column. I have a different excel sheet for goals.

I prepare this on a week basis and print it out each Monday morning. If there are new tasks or items during the week, I write them in. I keep a copy of each weeks list so that I can look back and see all the accomplishments for each week. This list keeps me on track and reflects where I am falling behind and need to provide additional energy to make the deadlines that are set.

I have found this simple list keeps me focused and only takes about 20 minutes a week. I have tried different programs but they have all taken lots of taken compared to the value they provided. I would rather spend most of my time actually accomplishing the items instead of creating a list of them.

No matter what tool you choose, it should always add more value to your process. Prioritizing the highest value items on the list should also be part of your time management and productivity process.

Good suggestion. Spread sheets are something that I need to learn more about.
This sounds like a great time saver.
I use the google sheets to keep track of all the sites I belong to but it is real simple

I do not know much about google sheets but it should work as well. Just remember not to make it too fancy or very time consuming, just enough to add the needed value to achieve your objective. :-)

I prepare this on a week basis and print it out each Monday morning.

This....Is right up my alley!

Love the printing of my lists or even writing them down so I have them in front of me!

I need to try that Thanks for sharing

Anytime. Let us know if it worked or not.

LOL, that's a good one... Well, I try to keep myself organized by using the Reminders app on my phone and calendars... you know basic stuff, but with my severe A.D.D. brain, it doesn't always work out that way, lol.

I try to compartmentalize my time into blocks. I have my food delivery service which takes up 2 blocks of my day which are about 2-2.5 hours each, and happen at lunch and dinner time.

Mornings are spent trying to get caught up on Hive and other crypto stuff, and attempt to make as much content as possible in a couple of hours. Evenings spent the same. If I don't have content to create, I am trying to find work to do on the many websites I am running, or find good trade opportunities and do some degenerate leveraged trading on Bybit... Just whatever state my mind is in at the time.

Basically I wake up working and go to bed working, lol. But when you love what you are doing, is it really work? Well food delivery I guess is work, lol, but still I get to drive around all day and listen to music, so there is that.

Great points, if it's something you enjoy...Is it really work?

Setting up blocks of time is very effective for sure!

I use Simpleology to Start My Day which is also known as the Morning Brainstorm. You can even do it the night before. I am on Day 666 (oh boy) of doing Start My Day! That process gets me to my Daily Targets.
I am also going to do a reboot now of the Goal Setting Guinea Pig Challenge as suggested by @jongolson to figure out what my vital functions are and what I should be focusing on. Which means I will also be writing in a my journal 10 goals each day for the next 14 days. And going to get all the way through it this time.

Have fun with the Guinea Pig challenge...I find that to be such an effective way to find what you want to achieve and crush it!

Thanks, Jon! One of my challenges with brainstorming like that is just writing something down and not judging it. But I am making myself push through that too. Have a great weekend! 😀

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Simpleology sounds interesting. I do brainstorming but it would nice to learn more about that.
Jon sent me the Guinee pig pdf I will be looking at and giving it a try.
I have not had the time yet
Thanks for your suggestions

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Hello, @alente! I like it. I use the free version but it has enough of what I need for right now. I am on Day 4 of the Guinea Pig Challenge. I do it in the morning because that is when I do my best work. Have a great weekend.😀

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For my task that require the internet, I have a folder named "Daily Task" and it includes task that I need to do each day. I found this to be easy for me. @Jongolson created a post last week that was very informative of things to read, connect with, sites to visit that was very helpful to me. For manual task, I use my task list in Easy Business Builder.

Here is what I have leaned. You can't do it all, there is just way to much to learn and do. So I make notes and when I'm completed a task and learned it, I move on to the next one. I read where Jon uses a notebook and writes in it daily. I was thinking maybe do a journal also but do it as a blog post instead. Not sure if this is a good idea or not.

For me, it's just the act of writing or typing it out that helps me...Put it out in the universe.

This makes it real for me, and I hold myself accountable!

I agree with Jon. Writing embeds the ideas in my brain better.
I am also more creative

Here’s my answer. Hope it helps :)

View it in peakd or click the link to open the video response i. a new browser window!


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I need to work on this "3 things per day" idea. I love it and I've managed to do it a couple of times and it felt great every time I was able to stick to it. But I have to admit...I need to get more disciplined with it.

I sometimes just have too much on my mind and I get carried away with it wanting to do everything today. I know it is a weak point of mine and I have to overcome it. I guess it's something I often talk about, yet I'm guilty of battling with it myself...and that is to plan your work and then work your plan. Man, it feels great when you do it, but sometimes it's just easier said than done...

Been trying to have that habit of writing down 3 tasks for the day!
Sometimes I do and it works and sometimes I forget lol
But a notebook is always with me to write everything that I will probably forget and can be useful later!

I use postbox to organize my different email accounts under one roof. Roboform,

Is that an app? Postbox?

you have a mac not sure if its available but i can share a link with you to check it out its awesome

A big calendar is a necessity for me.
I am now doing a journal again. It helps a lot , another habit I need to get better at.
Three steps for success is a great tool to get ideas for sure.

Glad to hear it :)

Journaling can change your life!!

Sometimes use a notebook and sometimes I just remember what I wanted to do. Not always great about writing things down.

Try it out, it'll change how you manage your day online. Pick 3 things you want to work on, write them out and then cross them off when you accomplish them.

My question for the chat.
I added my Website logo to my LCP.
I was debating adding a link to the logo that would take them to my site. I have not added it because I don't know if it is good to take people away from my LCP.
What do you guys do ?
Do you add extra links in your LCP's and if you do , why ? and where would you send them?

I agree with @elianaicgomes to keep it simple and attentive. The goal is to capture the persons information and get added to your list. The thank you page is where I would provide other links like to your blog, site and social media to further your relationship with your leads.

That is a great idea .
I will experiment with my thank you pages.
Thanks for the suggestion

I have one goal for my LCPs....Lead generation.

I won't put any links to click other than the 'subscribe' button.

I'll show off my stuffs once they are in my funnel :)

That is what I wanted to know.
There will be no links in my LCP's

LCP's in my opinion should be as simple and to the point as possible!
And if you can avoid extra links and buttons it's better!
The main goal of the LCP is one thing: get their email so you can get a subscriber!
What you can do is add your logo to your Thank you page(s)!
Besides present yourself to your new subscriber and explaining what they will get from the subscription, share your social media so you can keep the relationship building up and you can always use your logo as some kind of signature.
Oh signature! That might be a good idea to sign your emails :)

Thank you.
Point well taken.
I can introduce them to my site later in the emails

I have a check-list where I write down all the things I need to do. It's paper and pen. Then I tick them if they are done. If I don't find the time to write things down beforehand, my day will be badly organized :-)

Paper and pen is a thing that will never die I guess, or we as old-schoolers need to keep it alive lol
I have a notebook and old agendas that I recycle the pages that I didn't use, especially the 2020 one ahaha
I'll write pretty much everything and it's great to go back and read, sometimes I find old ideas that can turn into a new blog post or something when I'm out of things to write!

Happy Monday everyone! what is everyone working on today?

for some reason Im not seeing the chat at all just how many comments

The comments themselves are the chats. I was confused myself at first until I realized how it worked. Someone post a question and we all provide our thoughts, opinions, answers etc.,

Remember to give good content that is useful and you most likely will get upvoted and earn.

is this message going through?

I see all your comments so I think it might just be you. You can always try another front-end if it isn't working for you.

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