The CTP Update - We've Got Something Big Coming

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We love surprises...Don't you?

We've been busy working in the background on something that we feel the Hive blockchain has desperately needed since day one....

And it's almost ready.....


But it's

We'll tell you this though....

It's main focus is to help grow the HIVE community.

It's been our goal since day one, to bridge the gap between online business owners and the blockchain...And we think this is a fantastic solution to that goal and so much more.

Stay tuned, we'll be launching this VERY soon!!!

The CTP Swarm Booster Is Rocking!

Did we ever mention that we love this community?

Huge shout out to @achim03.ctp and his successful launch of the Swarm booster!

=> Check it out here @ctpsb

The Swarm Booster continues to grow as it is over 11,000 Hive Power already and nearing it's first goal of 1000 liquid Hive.

A little rumor circulated that @achim03 has something special planned when we hit that first milestone....

Learn more about the Swarm Booster and start getting rewarded for your posts by supporting and getting involved with this community led project!

Note: We will be contributing 5% of all beneficiary rewards to the Swarm Booster from this account as well as the @jongolson account!

Our Members Rock!

If you haven't seen the news lately, @theycallmedan has set up a little contest where he's focusing in on the thriving communtiies of Hive.

And to enter his contest, you had to make a post explaining why your community is truly a remarkable place to be....

And the CTP Community stepped up HUGE:

@PixiePost created an epic video the other day, showing the world why she considers CTP to be her online home!! We're so grateful for her and this awesome video!

@jangle knocked it out of the park with her entry as well! She's been an absolute blessing to the community since she dove into the blockchain :)

@elianaicgomes showcased all the amazing aspects of the CTP Swarm in her entry as well. Just WOW....That's how we describe her video!

Thank you!

To every single entrepreneur, dreamer, business person, visionary, webinar attendee....Thank you all!

Together we are going to build CTP into one of the greatest online communities for entrepreneurship and online business!!

Note: This post's beneficiary will be @jacoalberts One of the better writers on the blockchain and someone who is really embracing this crypto journey :)! Every post we make, 25% of the author rewards will be given to one random member of the CTP Swarm!


Let's grow together!!!

Come say hi and meet with the most dedicated and fired up entrepreneurs on the blockchain ...

The CTP Swarm

We're big on community!

And we'd love to have you join the CTP Swarm!




I think that everyone knows what is it, but they are too polite to say... :)
Definitely the worst kept secret... lol... :)

And girls have done a great job promoting the CTP Swarm! Thanks, @pixiepost, @jangle, and @elianaicgomes!

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Yeah, worst kept secret ever....But I mean, anyone that knows our history, would know what's coming lol

Looking forward to seeing the big surprise that you and Blain have prepared :-).

Thanks a lot to @PixiePost, @jangle and @elianaicgomes for promoting the CTP community!

Thank YOU! You have done plenty to help our community as well! :)

It's going to be fun...And oh yeah, @ctpsb is a big part of it to ;)

Now I'm quite intrigued. Looking forward ;-).

This is awesome! Something the Hive blockchain needed since day one...? It makes me think about a certain video post I watched a couple of weeks ago... but hey, I can't wait to see what it is!

Well done to @PixiePost, @jangle, and @elianaicgomes! I am surely going to read/watch the posts mentioned here.

And I got my first surprise by being made beneficiary for the day! Thank you for the nice words @clicktrackprofit, I appreciate it very much!

That is fantastic! Congratulations on the beneficiary :)

And thank you for the kind words. I hope you enjoy the videos! :)

Thank you!

Appreciate you man, thanks for all you do! Glad we could help out in a small way :)

Could it be?!??! HiveSavvy?!? OMG! 🤯

Worst kept secret ever! lol

can't wait for the mystery to be revealed!!!!

Very soon, very very soon :)

Sounds interesting, looking forward to it!

Thanks, yeah it's been a long time coming...We can't wait to launch it!

Just when you think things can't get any more exciting.... I am on the edge of my seat, waiting for this epic launch...

This will just accelerates things to a whole new level. I got my pixie dust ready!!! :) Thank you for the shout out, too. This community is amazing! :) 💖

Truly is...And this is going to be a lot of fun!

Can't wait to get it rocking!

I have been wondering about the surprise and a little birdie told me that it has something to do with Savvy maybe ?? Those tokens are still sitting there waiting lol

Oh the Savvy tokens are dead LOL

Different blockchain, new focus ;)

I love surprises. Not really. But CTP and Hive ones I do. Lol 😆

LOL It's going to be a lot of fun....And hopefully add a ton of value for people.

Come on @jongolson, you can give us a bigger hint than that. I can't wait.

Oh it'll be 'savvy' I guarantee ;)

Can’t wait for the Suprise

It's the perfect piece to the puzzle :)

Thank you for the mention! My video only gave a glimpse of this awesome community!
Can't wait for the reveal :)
Let's gooooo


Gotta love suprises :) You guys always rocks with new innovations, so I am waiting with anticipation for the next steam roller

I think you are going to really love it man! Right up your alley

Always something new and exciting happening at CTP.

Trying to always keep it fresh :)

I have an idea of what this is but I'm not sure so i am eagerly awaiting the reveal, hopefully it's very soon. lol

Yessir, I'm working my butt off on it right now. And Blain is building building! Very soon!

Great update Jon, and I feel that something Savvy is coming, let's see what the secret project is.

Oh it's SAVVY for sure ;)

Thank you Jon. I was more than honored to make that video and brag about this awesome community.

Appreciate it Jangle, thanks so much!!!

I'm anticipating this "big" thing. Congrats to the CTP community members.

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We hope it adds a ton of value to the entire blockchain!

Ah oh what. yeah ok fantastic

Thanks for the comments!

So excited for this. I just did my first Hive power up today with a little spare crypto and am really excited to see what comes next. Also got a few CTPminers.

I love surprises! Lol
Looking forward to the launch...