The CTP Update - The ClickTrackProfit Team Is Growing!

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It's been a while since a written update for the ClickTrackProfit community, but note....We meet every Monday and Thursday night, right here on @vimm and go over everything we're working on :)

But today...

We've got a VERY big announcement and something we're very excited about...

The Big Big News - @elianaicgomes Joins The AffiliaTech Team!

We have been seeing some amazing growth in not only the CTP Tribe but also in our businesses under the AffiliaTech umbrella - ClickTrackProfit, ListNerds, Plus1Success and of course the Hive Guide & StartEarning.Today

And with that growth...We needed to bring on a new team member to make sure our members and clients get top level customer service!

And we couldn't think of anyone better than... @elianaicgomes

All kidding aside, Eliana is one of the best people you will ever meet in the CTP community!

Not only did she become the go to authority when it came to ClickTrackProfit - With the launch of her CTP Blueprint training platform...She's very active within the community by supporting people across the platform.

Eliana will be heading our customer service department and will be learning the ropes as of today :)

Please go easy on her in the support tickets LOL

We know she can handle it all but might need a little time getting up to speed on all the intricacies of the support desk....

We're honored and so grateful to have Eliana join us!

Eliana will bring the same passion that we have for superior service, promoting the CTP Tribe to the world and of course...Bringing new people to the Hive blockchain!

And for us, it's a huge sign that we're moving in the right direction :)

Keep building!

Record Breaking Days Of Volume

We had quite a run over the past week plus on the markets!


Yeah we had a nice little pump last weekend, but volume has still maintained over the past week as well.

This shows the strength of the CTP Token and combined with all the exciting news from websites like CryptoTraffic4U integrating their own 'CTP Token Exchange' within their site...The use cases for the CTP Token is sky rocketing!

Remember, CTP Token is accepted on over 50 websites around the affiliate marketing industry for products and services through And we continue to burn ALL tokens that comes into our wallet via purchases as well as over 50% of all reward tokens as well!

Excited yet...?

We know we are.....

Make sure to check out the CTP Token on:




Let's grow together!!!

Come say hi and meet with the most dedicated and fired up entrepreneurs on the blockchain ...

The CTP Swarm

We're big on community!

And we'd love to have you join the CTP Swarm!




That fangirl moment when your mentors ask to join their team!

Thank you so so much for the opportunity!
I will do my best 😁

Please be gentle ahaha

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😋 I'm sure you'll do just great, Eliana! Congrats once more

ha ha ha ha ha

Epic gif!

And so honored to have you onboard. This is gonna be fun

Big congratulations to your new position @elianaicgomes, you will handle it like a rock star, stay awesome.

Thanks man, I know she appreciates it!

Thank you so much Erik! Let's rock together 🎸

Congratulations, @elianaicgomes!

You are a brave girl to jump into the Customer support desk...

God have mercy on your soul... 🤣 🤣 🤣

Ahaha if they are too nasty I will hide behind @jongolson 🤣🤣🤣 thank you Zoltan 😁

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She'll be ok...She's an expert at saving unicorns lol

Awesome sauce, guys! @jongolson @blainjones

Great to have you as our new support guru, @elianaicgomes!

Big congrats to Elaina, Lee 🎉

She's gonna crush it!

We just need to get the support desk updated LOL

For sure!


Lol support guru 🤣
Just trying to help as many people as I can!
Thank you so much for your words :)

You're welcome sweetie!

Go get em! lol

Congrats @elianaicgomes.
You have been a kind of unoffical support person, but now you are official.
It's official Click Track Profit has got a European branch. :P

ahaha european branch 🤣
Thank you Asle! Appreciate your kind words :)

Thanks for the update @clicktrackprofit and congrats @elianaicgomes have a blessed and successful week

Thank you so much! Have an awesome week!

Whoaa Nice one and congratulations on your new position @elianaicgomes ! Fantastic to see the CTP growth happening and a perfect fit for the position :)


And the first of many things about to take place at CTP...Now that Blain's moved...We're about to get super busy lol

Thank you so much for your kind words Daniel! You rock :)

You couldn't have made a better choice indeed!
Congrats, Eliana :) You rock!

100% agreed :)

Thank you so much Chris! Appreciate it :)

Congratulations @elianaicgomes
Nice growth!
Ctp is on fire
to the Moon.

Yup yup....The moon is in our sights :)

Up & shining :)

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Thank you so much!
CTP to Pluto!!!

Oh yeah
You're doing great
Good luck!

Congrats Eliana..

I hope CTP will scale new heights with you in the team.

Guaranteed we will :)

Good people only add to the value.

Thank you so much :)

Great news!
Congratulations @elianaicgomes!
Glad to see the recent CTP price upwards trend.

Yup, things are really lining up now :)

Very excited!

Thank you so much! Hope to bring more value to the team :)

Fantastic. Awesome sauce 👍😁. So happy for you @elianaicgomes.

Thank you so much Bradley! Keep up the good work :)

I could not have picked anyone better.

Yeah man, so awesome to have her onboard!

Congrats @elianaicgomes! Great choice Jon and Blain :)

Aw shucks! Thank you Janelle 💜

Congrats 👏 @elianaicgomes

Thank you, Aymen 😊

That's amazing! Congratulations @elianaicgomes. I believe you are perfect for this job. I think that you were more or less doing it already on telegram but now it's official !

Yeah pretty much keep helping people :)
Thank you so much for your words!
Appreciate it!

congrats eliana.

A new beginning to good support :-)

Yup, dedicated to our customers and clients...Big win for all of us moving forward!

Thank you Farhad! Hope to give the best support I can!

Customer support.. May the patience force be with her. 😅

Congratulations and good luck @elianaicgomes!

Thank you!
I actually have a lot of patience especially in those times I would think I wouldn't have lolol
Good luck to me 🤣

Have a !BEER to aid in that patience. 🍻

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First up A HUGE Congratulations to @elianaicgomes on your promotion with in CTP a more worthy person I could not have thought of. If it had been any other I would have something more to say and I would have been heard.
Well done @jongolson & @blainjones on a very wise decision.
A warning to those that think @elianaicgomes is a pushover you had better have a drastic rethink offend or upset her and you will have me as your new best enemy and no one wants that.


This Post comes with the Rob P. Cruisin Seal of Approval

Thank you so so much for your comment Rob!
It means a lot!
Hope I won't need any of your assistance or I will feel sorry for them ahahaha

Couldn't think of a better representation of what CTP stands for :)

Congratulations Eliana... you'll do great... after all, you have a youngster at home... anything is easier than raising children!!

Now that's a fact ahahah
Thank you so much Renee! Appreciate it :)

Looks like she will be an entertaining addition to your team.

Thank you! Hope to bring even more value to the team :)

Congratulations @elianaicgomes! Well deserved recognition of your hard work and dedication.

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She's been crushing it, we're honored to have her onboard!

An inspiration to all of us.

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Thank you so so much for your kind words! It feels good to be recognized sometimes lol Makes me want to do more! Hope to give more value to the team :)

A BIG Congratulations to @elianaicgomes. This is awesome news.

Thank you, Michael :)

This is great news! I think Eliana is a great choice as a new team member. Congratulations @elianaicgomes

Thank you so much Steven! Appreciate it :)

Congratulations @elianaicgomes

Thank you :)

Congratulations, @elianaicgomes! I believe it is a huge compliment to be invited to join the CTP team. I am sure you are up the customer support task which is not an easy one. Once again @jongolsen and @blainjones back up their words with their actions. You will be a really big asset to CTP.

Thanks man, she's gonna crush it!

It is an honor to be beside my Senseis ;)
Thank you so much, Bob! Appreciate your words very much!

Congratulations, Sis @elianaicgomes!

I know this will be an exciting time for you & wish you all the best in this new adventure! :) 🧡

Sending #pixiedust your way for an extra boost! Love ya! 🧚🏼‍♀️

Thanks Jenn, she's on a mission to save as many unicorns as possible LOL

Thank you so much Sis, oh it will be an adventure for sure!
For the Unicorns!!
Love ya too 💜

Congratulation Eliana.

Great one Eliana and ty for effort you do,special when i need you and you always reply.Very happy for you and great work

for me this is one of the best communities, and i will keep supporting it all that i can :D