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So we did a thing yesterday...

Quick backstory, I (@jongolson) wrote a post a few days ago about an idea...It was designed to help Hive as a whole, support and encourage long time creators here on the blockchain. The idea was simple enough, fund a curation / engagement team with the DHF and target creators and contributors that fall under the radar.

Long story short, I got inspired by a @theycallmedan post where he highlighted the importance of layer 2 solutions when it came to rewards. Which we completely agree with...The draw to this blockchain for us so many years ago, was the 'SMT' promise.

And it never materialized until Hive-Engine developed tribes!

As you know, we were the first token to make the move to Hive-Engine after the split from Steem. We believe in Hive and think this is THE place to bring our customers and help onboard people to the exciting opportunities of the blockchain.

So after discussing the options, instead of trying to get funding from the DHF we decided to focus on home base first....

Here's what we did:

Yesterday we enabled delegation on the CTP Token!


So now...CTP Swarm members can delegate to their favorite projects inside of the tribe and help it grow and become the powerhouse we all believe it can be.

But that was just the tip of the ice berg....

We immediately touched base with @achim03.ctp to let him know about the changes. Let's just say, he was pretty excited as you can see from his latest post here @ctpsb

This opens up the Swarm Booster to SO much! and we're so excited to see the support already as the project has of this writing, 54,000 CTP Power delegated to it!

Amazing :)

But wait....

There's more ;)

Remember the idea that I wrote about this week had to do with building a team of curators and supporters of the overall community...We didn't have to look far to find CTP members ready to help out...



The Swarm Squad is consisted of (with more members to be added soon) @ph1102.ctptrail @pixiepost @elianaicgomes @russellstockley @jangle and of course the @ctpsb project

We sent them CTP Power through delegation to support, curate and engage with YOU, the amazing member of the CTP Swarm!

Here's the simple fact...This blockchain needs to do a better job at making sure everyone knows how valued they are. Your contributions, your growth, your passion...Help build this platform up!

So the Swarm Squad is there, to make sure you KNOW how valuable you are to this community!

Excited yet?

We know we are....

And here's a few more things we'll be working on going forward:

  • The condenser needs WORK. We are still hunting for a developer to work with us to help become a go to front end application for the blockchain. This is our Achilles Heel and we are working hard to find a solution. Development is our priority, because we have all the ideas in the world...It's time to get things moving!

  • Part of the development we want to get done is the ability to insert ads into the application. This will allow us to generate income from the traffic on CTPtalk, we would then purchase CTP Tokens with the revenue and burn the tokens! Thus decreasing supply of the CTP Token!

  • The @clicktrackprofit account continues to burn 60-70% of all rewards we receive. As well, all purchases we make via CTP Tokens / Fire-Pay are burned as well. Increasing the value of your token :)

So much to do, such little time!

Hope you guys let us know how we can better serve you....We're so pumped for the next few months here on CTP!


Let's grow together!!!

Come say hi and meet with the most dedicated and fired up entrepreneurs on the blockchain ...

The CTP Swarm

We're big on community!

And we'd love to have you join the CTP Swarm!




Woohooo!! Such great news!
And honored to be part of the CTP Swarm Squad!
Will do my very best to reward our CTPeeps!
Let's get moving people and share with us awesome content so we can give you money!!

This deserves the Sticker of Approval!

I'll work on a little image for you guys to toss out there if you wish. Could be fun....Stickers needed maybe? LOL

I would never say no to stickers ahaha
Canvanize me!

You look so cute Eliana!

Thank you 😊😂

Great and big news for every active member of the CTP Swarm!

Thanks for the confidence and delegation... Appreciate it!

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It will therefore get a manual 100% upvote from @thisisawesome (will be done today), for the Awesome Daily Highlights in category CTPtalk, we give out 1 such vote in that category per day, plus 4 more in other categories, and your post will also be featured in today's Awesome Daily Curation report for more visibility.

The goal of this project is to "highlight Awesome Content, and growing the Hive ecosystem and the CTPtalk tribe by rewarding it".


Yessir, thank you for being a day one champion of this tribe man. Can't thank you enough!

Awesome sauce @ctp, going to delegate @ctpsb CTP NOW!!! YAY! :)

Thank you so much Lee!!

My pleasure, 500 CTP delegated to @ctpsb, hope it helps us all! ;)

As well, all purchases we make via CTP Tokens / Fire-Pay are burned as well. Increasing the value of your token :)

Just wondering if we keep them in bounty fund instead of burning it. If required we can burn it any day.

That's interesting...I mean, I guess it's up to the community...You guys are the stake holders in this token...Whatever you all think is the best, we'll follow :)

Congratulations The Swarm Squad
Good to go
Yeah adz would be cool to increase the value of CTP

For sure, that's on our plans for development ASAP :)

Great project again...will try do best on contribution

You are doing awesome, thanks for everything! We appreciate it!

My pleasure

The fact that we can now delegate CTP is really a huge improvement to the CTP token. It opens a world of possibilities...

I really appreciate all what you are doing for the community and the ctpsb project!

I knew you would get a kick out of it...So looking forward to what you can do with this now at @ctpsb !

This is really an awesome news about the CTP community. I was much discouraged when I discovered that there was no delegation option for CTP. This is great now. I can now track my CTP curation earnings and with this, I'll begin to grow my stake. I'll be making my first statement on this and will join other dedicated members to market the community as well as the token.

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This whole project sounds amazing with a great community that is caring.

Thanks Barb! Yeah, it's coming together nicely...Slow and steady :)

So cool to hear man, and thanks for all your support of this tribe and project!

Appreciate everything you are doing for CTP!

Thanks for all the latest information from CTPTalk and Congratulations to the Swarm Squad, I see many names with whom I have already interacted and I have been participating in @russellstokley's contests and I think it's time I start more involving in CTPTalk Community activities.

Good day to all :)

He's a legend for sure!

Appreciate that and look forward to seeing you hanging out more!

This is such a great development within our community as well as the HIVE blockchain itself. It is empowering when our content, engagement & upvotes can help to empower others so they see their own potential & worth.

Everyone is welcome here and I know, for a fact, when we see quality content made by active members, they will be rewarded. We see YOU! :)

Thank you for allowing us to embrace others into the fold & show what our community is all about! :) Now, I am ready to spread the Pixie Dust far & wide ;)🧚🏼‍♀️💖

We got another goodie to announce as well....CTP is attracting a lot of attention!!

Incredibly happy to be part of this fantastic movement! Go team!

Awesome to have you part of it! Thanks for helping us build this up!

Really great job Jon, delegations and the Swarm Sqaud will for sure help a lot to grow the CTP Swarm, and I assume that Blain is learning ReactJS as fast as he can, keep up your great work.

hi Jon, its exciting news.
Just one question, does the delegation work the same as hive.
what i mean is that when you delegate, your voting power reduces to the amount delegated. example - total CTP power 10000, delegated 3000, my voting power is 7000.
Also, delegated hive power increases over the period of time, does that concept apply on the CTP tokens.

also, I am very curious on CTP squad voting rules? Any specific requirements, apart from a good post :-)
Will it be manual or using curation trail?

Thanks Jon, for all the improvements.

The Soaring Eagle Team in CTP

I know this has not been easy. Appreciate your keeping on and making it happen
Jon @clicktrackprofit ... One of our leading team members Cheryl Fitzjohn @adysscheryl
has been spreading the word and calling attention to these great improvements.
We will be encouraging other team members to get engaged here.

Right on. Thank you ☺️ appreciate that you guys got us. I. In here

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