The Satisfaction Trap

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Luck and success. Two things that cannot be separated. Some people think there are people who deserve to be successful, and there are people who get a moment of luck and don't deserve to be successful.

Well, it's not about worth it or not. We cannot judge someone worthy or not, because we never really know one hundred percent what someone is fighting for.

What we are talking about this time is about how we appreciate the good things that come to us. The things we consider to be luck in success.

Getting Satisfied Too Fast Causes Failure to Grow Better

There are a lot of people who think they are quite lucky in their careers. Instead of continuing to be consistent and making good improvements in their lives, they are quick to settle for and think they are in a safe position.

Such people feel that they are already in their comfort and safety zone. Luck has been with them. But then they forget that it will be very difficult to maintain success.

That is why we are actually forbidden to be quick to be satisfied with what we do. We have to re-evaluate whether our work is really worthy of this luck.

Remember, the gratification trap is terrible. And the safe zone is carried away.

Keep Learning to Improve

Gratitude is sure, but we also don't forget to keep improving things that need to be fixed. We have to learn many new things because life goes on. New things come every day that require us to adapt to them.

We will fall behind and fail to grow into a better person than yesterday if we become complacent too quickly and feel that we are in a safe position.

Because learning knows nothing and no one. Only those people who are not tired of learning will attain true eligibility for success.

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Good points. We really shouldn’t judge others. What one might consider as another’s luck could actually be someone’s answered prayer or actual success from hard work. Often what we see is just a part of the story. There are many things untold. I think it’s great when the need to strive or to be successful comes from one’s passion. Truth is, whether you’re “lucky” or “successful”, however they may be defined, there will be ups and downs. It’s that passion and the drive to be consistent and persistent that will keep us focused through the down times. We may fall but can learn, get up and keep striving.