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RE: Competition is Good

in The CTP Swarm4 months ago

I believe on the internet competition IS a good thing.
It means there is a high demand.

Sadly most people are afraid of competition.
Too many what if questions.

I don't know maybe if the 4 locations you shared about did something jointly maybe prosperity would have lasted longer. Who knows?

Nobody does.

Let the competition sort it, Competition of revenue, customers, viewership, readership...whatever it is. It should drive one to excellence and meet the competition expecting a win.


Competition is great when you want to raise awareness about a certain thing or in our case the whole crypto industry... And at this moment, that is more important than who is the first, second, or whatever...

And I believe it is the same case in other "niches"... You can pick whatever else want and you will see the same picture...

Thanks for the comment! Appreciate your time and opinion!