The big push towards my Hive goals

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About 3 weeks ago, I've started my first post in the context of the #myhivegoals challenge initiated by @robwillmann.

Today I'm very happy to report on these goals because I've made a huge jump towards reaching them. I've to admit that I could do this mainly because of luck...

My lucky card

While playing splinterlands, in one of my season rewards, I've got an orb. This is a pack of 5 cards that you can open. While I opened this pack I got probably the best possible cards available as reward. It's a legendary promo gold card which is worth 150'000 DEC. I burned this card and exchanged the DEC into Hive step by step. I've been able to invest about 70 USD worth of Hive like that.


The Splinterlands Card I recieved as a reward

Using the Hive price Pike at the end of April

When the prices of Hive were spiking at the beginning of May, I couldn't resist and I sold all my liquid Hive tokens at a price of around 7000 satoshis per Hive. Now, with the same money I bought back Hive at the price of 2600 satoshis. I managed to transform 200 Hive into 400 and I used it to power up my account.


Source: Coingecko - First red ligne, when I sold Hive. Second red lign, when I bought it back.

Thanks to these two lucky strikes, I managed to push my Hive power to 4'200 which brings me very close to my goals.

My CTP goals

One of my goals is also to reach 10'000 CTP tokens. I managed to increase the number of Tokens quite consistently and reached 7295 Tokens. Which brings me quite close to my goal.

Don't put yourself under pressure to reach your goals!

When you are on Hive, there are some things that you can influence and other that you can influence less. For example, you have little influence on the value that your posts will generate. It's great to set goals that can be measured in monetary terms but they shouldn't be your sole motivation.

You are not only building your account here, you are also creating relationships, you build your brand, your level of influence within the community and also with every post you improve your skills.

My goals:

TokenSituation 4.6.2020Situation 25.6.2020TargetPercentage till Target
Hive Power31354215500084%

Let's connect on Hive, Lbry or on Publish0x

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Nice catch on that Golden Legendary, those are really rare.

You might want to have a look at the @upvoteshares curation project I've been running for the last 2 years. It can help quality accounts like yours get some consistent upvotes with actually really good returns.

Thanks a lot for your comment. I will gladly have a look at your project.

You are one of the amazing player of splinterlands 😊😊😊😊 Keep your performance high as much as height of sky😊😊😊😊

Thanks a lot for your nice words! Splinterlands rocks ;-)

Awesome! You're doing great and moving forward. Glad to see your progress!

Thanks a lot for your encouraging comment. You are doing quite well too ;-)

hahaha... I bet you rubbed that gold-foiled card in the face of your wife a couple of times... :)

"See! It pays off playing games!"

Nice bump and you are coming to the Dolphin area very fast!

Even my wife was impressed that I could make 100 USD with one single card;-).

Dolphinland I'm coming!!!

Nice. I am still in search of my first GFL.

I'm playing with 4 decks at diamond or champions league level and so far I managed to get 3 GFL already. This one was the first promo card.

wooooo @achim03, just incredible, hehehe, good luck, congratulations, I also want to place in stak trom, I hope this weekend I can do it.


Thanks a lot for stopping by my friend. I was indeed lucky ;-)