50% ROI, is this possible ?

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Today I want to share something with you that quite shocked me but in a very positive way. I realized that one of my assets made me a return on investment of something close to 50%!

Thanks to the amazing stats provided by Hivestats.io, I've been able to play around with numbers and check out what I was earning with my different accounts. I have a specialized account that almost only contains CTP tokens. This is a Hive-engine token that can be earned using the condenser Ctptalk which works on the hive blockchain. You can get CTP tokens by writing affiliate marketing related content or by upvoting other people's posts.

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Watch the video on Lbry
Watch the video on Youtube

On this specialized account, I have around 7000 staked CTP tokens that are worth about 71$. According to Hivestats I made last week 0.65$ curation rewards with this account. This made me thinking and I wanted to calculate the return of this account in a year. I was really shocked to realize that this represented around 50% ROI per year.

What is even more amazing is that I use this account mainly to upvote comments of other people on my posts. As a sign of appreciation I upovte them with this CTP account because I realized that I can transfer them value by doing so. If I gave them an upvote with my main Hive account, they wouldn't get anything because my upvote wouldn't be worth more than 0.02 $.

With absolutely no strategy I manage to get a 50% ROI on curation rewards! How great is that. Maybe it would be worth to check out the return on other tribe tokens as well.

Let's conect on Hive, Lbry or on Publish0x

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50% per year means an ROI of two years. You should check out SOL by @solairitas.

With a combined upvote value of approximately 0.174 HTU (Solairitas and Solairibot), the purchase of 1 SOL at 1 HIVE represents an unprecedented ROI of only 23 days (assuming posting once per day, post value at threshold, and 25% upvote)!

While this value fluctuates slightly, it’s not more than 30 days.


Thanks a lot for the suggestion. I will check it out. Thanks for the comment and the beer!

For some reason, I can't open the video... How did you calculate earnings for specific token on Hivestats?

I can't see the video either. I'm trying to upload it again...

I've put in on youtube:

I have my achim03.ctp account and on this account I only have Ctp staked tokens.


On Hivestats I checked the curation rewards of this account for the last 7 days and the last 30 days. I then extrapoled the income to 1 year and got something like 50% ROI.

I have found it on my side... it's around 47%... But I do powering up almost all my CTP tokens every day, so I suppose that it is a bit less...
But regardless, everything over 20% is nice, and over 45% is amazing... Thanks for this finding!

And don't forget that you use your account to upvote comments of users. This is probably not the best for ROI... I'm going to stake more CTP ;-)

hahaha... Indeed...

More tokens, moreeeee! :D


So much this!

Awesome to see these numbers man, it made my day!!

It's quite amazing to see such a return. It's the first time I really tried to calculate it and I believe we were on something withour realizing it's full potential!

100% agree!

Loved this example and I plan on raving about it a lot lol

This is a fantastic way of looking at the numbers.
I had not thought about it in terms of ROI.

Thanks for the explanation & walkthrough

I was quite surprised myself while playing around with the numbers, but in a very positive way ;-). Thanks a lot for stopping by.

50% is amazing, I have been looking at Hive states more lately I had forgotten about it. It does help to track how your are doing. Thanks for this informative post.

It definitely is. I had never really tried to calculate the ROI of tribes. Considering that the ROI of curation rewards is around 12 % on Hive, the CTP tokens has quite a different potential!

Then I beat you buddy in ROI of CTP token.

I have less than 3000 CTP token staked, and I make average 10 CTP by curation daily.

So in a year it will be 3650 token creation by having 3000 token. A ROI of 121%.

What you make 121% ROI! That's amazing. You beat me because I upvote all the comments on my posts with this account 😉

But it makes my hive curation value 0. And think if CTP double in value.
Once I reach 10K CTP I will switch to manual curation fully.

If you continue like that you will reach 10k in no time :-)

Your post got me to look at my stats and they are not very good. So now is to figure out what I'm doing wrong so I can increase my ROI. I do create post and reply to them. I always upvote if the post is meaningful and gives me value. Here is what my status look like - very sad.


Hi, I took the liberty to look at your stats. The numbers that you show here are for Hive. I saw that you powered up 15 hours ago and now have around 240 HP. This is great because you need at least 100 HP to be able to generate curation rewards at all. So you need to wait 7 days until these curation rewards will come trickling in. The ROI will look much better from then on.

In terms of CTP tokens, you have a ROI of around 3% at the moment. I believe the reason for that is the fact that you get only curation rewards in CTP tokens if you vote on posts that have the CTP tag or are written on ctptalk.com. If you vote on other posts that don't have this tag, it won't be possible to generate curation rewards. I can tell you how I solved this problem:

  • I've created a second account where I stake only ctp tokens. I put enough Hive Power so that the account is functional. With this account I upvote exclusively content on ctptalk. That's how I managed to get a ROI of about 50%.

Hope this helps ;-)

This was most helpful and didn't realize that I have to make sure they have the CTP tag. I certainly will be looking for it now. Thank you.

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Thanks a lot for your comment and the reblog!

Great ,, you are making 50% ROI from CTP tokens,,, I love to earn by this method☺️☺️☺️☺️..

It's quite amazing I believe ;-). Thanks a lot for your comment!

It's the same with LEO, around 50%, I think it's going under a lot of people's radars!

Although the more people who get attracted to buy in and the more widely spread the curation, I guess the lower the return gets!

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Thanks a lot for your comment.
So far it was really difficult to calculate the curation rewards for hive engine tokens. Thanks to Hivestats it's now possible. If people are getting aware of that, it might make the returns lower but it could also have a good effect on the prices of these tokens and the general upvoting activity of the posts of these communities.

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