10 reasons why you need to have Hive in your Portfolio

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Today I went to the lake and had a swim with my kids. We spent a nice afternoon and then I came back home and looked at my hive feed. There I saw the video of Jenn Nieto (@pixiepost) and she asked to write a comment or a post about why we find Hive so great or why it changed our life. Well I couldn't help myself and started to make a video about it.

Here is my video why I find Hive so great and why everybody should have some Hive in his porfolio:


Watch this video on Lbry

What do you think did I miss some points?

A little note why I posted this video in Lbry: The idea is to promote Hive outside of Hive. That is why I posted the video on lbry :-)

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Awesome video and a great "first-look" to the Hive blockchain and the possibilities that it offers!

Thanks for creating it and it's also great for the people that are new on the platform and don't know about these great opportunities...

Made in Canva

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Thanks a lot for your feed-back! When you look at everything that is possible on this blockchain, I believe that erybody who is dealing with Crypto should be on Hive... There is absolutely everything that is imaginable at the moment and everything works and there are real people using it.

I believe it's just a matter of time before people realize the amazing potential (at least I hope so :-) ).

Actually, I think that we are lucky that Hive (and the old chain) didn't have a good marketing team... We had time to accumulate some significant numbers of coins in the meantime...

Now, it's just the matter of time when will Hive land on the Mars :)

You are totally right about that. It's great to have a headstart here :-)

Everythin in Hive seems undervalued. Hope we will find our right (top) spot soon.

At 22 cts Hive is almost a steal. The more the coin will be adopted, the better it will be for it's price.

Thanks for the comment!

great post, thanks.
re-blogged it.

Thanks a lot for the reblog and the comment!

Wow what an awesome surprise to see this today! I am so glad you posted this. It was a fantastic video & really broke down a lot of different components of Hive. It truly is a place for everyone in one form or another.

Thank you so much for this! I think it will help a lot of people as well as maybe get some other ppl on LBRY curious, too! :) 💜

Hi Jenn,

Thank you very much for your kind comment. You got me inspired there with your video :-).

Have a nice week-end!

That's a really good break down of Hive with so many great reasons why it is the best and why people should be using and growing on Hive.

It's a gut feeling that tells me that it's just a matter of time before people start to come to hive in masses.

Thanks a lot for your comment!


Yeah man, not sure what number you go to either LOL

But so true, just wait until the rest of the world figures out what we have here....It's going to explode!

I kind of lost the count... lol

I have the feeling that we are still at the very beginning of this journey. We have actually an amazing product to sell - It's Hive :-).

Thanks a lot for the reblog!

All the valid reasons you shared to be on Hive, a platform meant to be.

Thanks a lot for your comment!

Great video! You explained it very well why someone should have HIVE in your portfolio. HIVE has a lot of potentials. And what's happening on Hive blockchain, that's amazing! Thank you @achim03 for sharing this.

Thanks a lot for your kind words my friend!

It would be good to have a bullet point list of the reasons here. Volume was too low for.me to hear without extrenal speaker.btw

Sorry for the low sound quality. I don't know which setting I set wrong. You are right about the bullet points as well :-). I'll do better the next time.

Thanks a lot for stopping by!