How to support the CTP Swarm Booster with delegations

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After the first post yesterday, a returning question was if it was possible to support the project with delegations. For many of us, there is not much liquid Hive around because we tend to power up everything in this tribe, which is great by the way :-)

Tonight while not being able to sleep, I tried to come up with a solution how people could support the project with delegations. I came up with a solution and I wanted to share this with you immediately:

Support the CTP Swarm Booster with delegations

You can delegate as much Hive Power to the account @ctpsb as you want. I will estimate the effective curation reward that this delegation generates until the end of the month of september. These estimated curation rewards will be added to your tab. When the token is distributed, you will get the same number of tokens that you have Hive on your tab by 30.9.2020.

Read this only if you want to know how I will calculate it

(Caution: may contain nerd language)

I expect that in the beginnings the account will make about 10% curation rewards calculated on a yearly basis. I divide this by 365 to define the return per day. I will call this the daily return.

Daily return = Delegated Hive * 0.1 / 365

Within a day it's difficult to evaluate when a delegation will effectively start to impact the upvotes of the account. Therefore I need to exclude the day from the calculation when the delegation is made. We can assume that starting from the next day, the delegation will start to influence the upvotes of the account. However these upvotes will generate curation rewards only after 7 days. So when a delegation is made, the first 8 days it won't generate any effective curation rewards. It is only starting from the 9th day that this delegation will actively generate curation rewards. After that and as long as the delegation is active, the delegater will be credited a daily return. These daily returns will be credited to his tab and at the end of september, he will get tokens according to the final amount on his tab.

Let's make an example:

Hive Owner A delegates 100 Hive on 27.8.2020.

  • From the 27.8.2020 until the 4.9.2020, this delegation will not be able to generate curation rewards.
  • From the 5.9.2020, there are curation rewards generated by this delegation. From this date on and for every day that the delegation is actif, a daily return will be credited to the tab of the delegator.

This would be in this case:

100 * 0.1 / 365 = 0.0274 Hive

  • So every day Hive Owner A will get credited this amount until the 30.9.2020.
  • From 5.9 to 30.9 this corresponds to 26 days.
  • In total he will get 26 times 0.0274 Hive which is a total of 0.712 Hive.

When the token is distributed, Hive Owner A will recieve 0.712 Tokens thanks to his delegation

Conclusion – Read only this if you don't want to read all the technical gibberish

If you want to delegate HP to the account @ctpsb you can do that starting from today. The earlier you start and the more Hive you delegate, the more tokens you will get when it is distributed.

What happens with the delegations after the 30.9.2020?

If you have delegated Hive to the account @ctpsb, you can either cancel the delegation by the end of the month or you can let it run. If you let it run, you won't have a direct advantage but an indirect one. The account will be more powerful thanks to it and give bigger upvotes. Thanks to your delegation, the account will generate higher curation rewards and you will contribute to increase the value of the token.

P.S: 100% of the Author rewards of this post will go to the @ctpsb account.


Delegation is good options but will work for the bigger delegators....
Thanks for sharing....

That's quite true. Delegations are great but it may be easier to set the account as beneficiary or to send some hive directly.

Thanks a lot for your comment!

This is a nice update and some HP support from my side.

Thanks a lot for your contribution! That's amazing!

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You are a nerd indeed... lol...
I will have to look at all this another 5 times... lol... and find the best way how can I contribute...
Thanks for creating this thing... Maybe I don't understand it completely, but I know that it will be great! :)

Hahaha... Sorry about that ;-). Don't hesitate to ask if you don't understand things. I will try to explain it in non nerd vocabulary ... lol

Yay! A solution for me lol!
Since I make mostly videos for now and 3speak doesn't have the beneficiary feature, this will be the best for me to help more!
Though I don't have much to spare but I'll manage ahaha
Thank you!

Hey I just saw your delegation. That's just amazing. Thank you so much! The account is getting bigger and bigger :-)

Good luck on that one

Thank you!

Awesome project! I really like the whole concept behind this & the way you set it up. I am slowly starting to wrap my head around it lol.

Since I am still half awake, I did skip the "geek" part lmao BUT am super glad to see delegation can be used now to support the project. I sent you some to help out. I might add to it later on but wanted to at least start it off.

Thanks for all the work you're putting into this to help uplift our CTP Swarm even more! :)

Thanks a lot for your support and the delegation Jenn. It's amazing how everybody is participating. Thanks to all the delegations, the account upvotes now with 10'000 Hive Power... Which is quite amazing I believe.

You're so welcome & wow, that is amazing!!! The Swarm is showing the power ;) 🐝

I guess for the next month I need to convert all of my CTP (and other tokens I earn) to HIVE so I can send it to @ctpsb.

Please don't send everything to this account :-). Though it would be great if you could spare some Hive for this project.

Thanks a lot for your comment!

Great update and explanation of your solution Achim, and yeah we are all nerds here lol, or most of us, keep up your great work.


Thanks man!


This is just amazing and I just have delegated 100HP to @ctpsb, thank you so much for this information, this family is totally awesome and I feel really glad to be here!

Greetings and blessings from Venezuela!

Thanks a lot for your delegation! The curation rewards that this delegation will generate will be added to your tab and you will get some tokens by the end of september:-).

The best reward for me is to see this family grow up! Thank you for everything!

That's great to hear man. Let's this family and all its member grow! Greetings to Caracas!

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Delegate 200 hp.

Thanks a lot for the delegation. I just want to inform you that the delegation is great to help the project grow. However, since the first phase of the project ends at the end of september, your delegation won't be able to generate curation rewards and it won't earn you tokens for that reason. If you want to profit in the best way possible, it would be great if you could send some liquid hive to @ctpsb. For each hive that you contribute, you would get CTPSB tokens at the end of september. Like that you could profit from your own and all the other delegations to the project because these delegations will increase the value of the token.

In my wallet only 30 liquid hive?

if 30 hive ok, how to send?

You can also send less hive. You can use keychain or peakd in wallet and send to @cptsb.

Sent 30 Hive to @ctpsb

Thanks a lot for your contribution!!!