You need a bit of luck at times

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In life we always underestimate the power of luck and truth be told, we need a bit of luck to edge others. Although luck doesn't just happen like that because if you are not doing anything, luck won't get To you. To get lucky, you have to have invested a certain level of energy into something and hope for the best.

Every phrase of one life could be impacted with luck also because one can be lucky from any angle be it career-wise, growth-wise etc. So it's okay to hope for the best after giving your best shot towards achieving something.

This reminds me of a scenario which is common in football. The penalty time moment. They are times when after playing a full match and team A played much better than team B, the game still ends up in draw for the 120 minutes duration to get a winner, a penalty shootout will be drawn and the Team B who were not good enough might come out as winners. it just goes a long way to buttress my point on how lucky one could be.

In summary, never underestimate the power of luck but first, you have to put in your best work and hope for the best because even your best effort could fail you and luck could make you prevail


I suppose you could say.... the manner in which you refer to "luck" that it is not luck at all but rather action and reaction. What you put in, you get out. Nice piece of writing! !tip

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