Market Friday Goes to the Airport

Inspired by #MarketFriday by @dswigle

All photos featured are from my collection. Souvenir shop at the airport.

I missed out on #marketFriday last week, as we were traveling. I was also adjusting to posting via my mobile. I intended to use only the photo dApp APPICS, but good thing I was somehow able to publish some posts using mobile dApp.

These are some of the shops at our international airport, mostly food establishments. Perhaps I could say local folks love to eat. That's simply part of our culture. LOL! ^_^


Look, there's a Starbucks. It's a fave hangout place for local folks here.


A-ha! More eating places to see, some familiar; others not. At this rate, we were actually looking for a place to dine. Our flight was scheduled for the wee hours of the morning, and we didn't want to be hungry then.


Hmmm, perhaps some sandwiches at Subway? But we were undecided yet.


We were on level 3 of the airport. There are actually more dining places on level 4, so we decided to take the elevator to go up one more level. We still had our luggage that time, as it was too early to check in.


There were too many places to choose from. Fast food, noodle shops, fine dining, cafes. Where, oh where?


Too bad McDonald's was closed that time. We were getting hungrier by the minute.


There's the food court and Tim Horton's, but we were not in the mood for that.


There are noodle shops, but my daughter didn't want them that time.


Finally, we found a familiar and favorite place to dine in. So, Cafe Mary Grace is it! Bon Appetit! ^_^ We decided to check in our luggage after dinner. By then, the counter was open for our flight.

Well, that's it for another week's edition of #marketFriday. More stories to come next week.

Enjoy your weekend!


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Wow, so many choices! It seems your walking and deciding, and then finally having dinner at Mary Grace, took up just about the right amount of time before you checked in. Nice shots of all the venues!

True. The deciding took some time 😁😁 oh boy can't believe it has been two weeks... What? 😂😂 happy weekend!

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"KISS & FLY" sounds like a fun place 😁

Sounded fun 😁😁😁

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I'm not a fan of airports! Airtravel seems to be such a horrible way to travel, these days!

Have a great weekend! 💕

I have a friend who travels often but is currently staying away from airports due to the coronavirus scare. Sad. Well, we hardly travel by air. We reserve it for special occasions. 😊😊 happy weekend!

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I like walking in this Market !shop !BEER

Thank you 😊😊

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Oh!! You have everything there! Subway, McDonalds and even Tim Hortons! I hope you had a most wonderful time away!

Airports can be such lonely places at night, right??

This was such a cool post and I have been so wound up in the events of steemit this week, I never got to finish the comments! I hope that you are not offended and while I did read all of them, I always like to comment fully on them, which didn't happen to about 1/3 of them.

#MarketFriday is so appreciative of all the people that support it and know that we wouldn't be having one without people like yourself. Steemit means a lot to me and I just want to see it get back to where it once was, or at least someplace that feels better than this.

I hope that we all can just continue with our life here and throw some fairy dust on this place. I know we can make magic again!! Thank you again! xoxo

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Thank you. I'm not at all offended. I'm aware of the issue and have taken part in voting for the original witnesses here. I may be new to the Steem blockchain but I am one in spirit with those who have loved it and appreciated it in all these years. This is my second home, albeit it's online and apart from my 3D life 😂😂 I would love to see Steem continue to grow and benefit the communities that truly matter. Happy weekend! 😉👍

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Thank you so much 😍😍

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Thank you 😊😊

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