I Had an Idea About Q-Anon — But WIND Stopped Play!

As often is the case, I spend a large part of today down one of the Internet's strange rabbit holes, in this case the "movement" known as "Q-Anon."

After reading dozens of opinions by people across a wide belief spectrum, I felt inclined to try to put it all into perspective — MY perspective — in writing, because writing something out often helps me gain a little clarity.


Did come across a word/concept I have not seen since college psychology: Apophenia, which seemed not only relevant in the whole Q-Anon discussion but in conspiracy theory, in general.

Not related at all, we have had a balmy and clammy gray day around here. Meaning, it was an unseasonably warm 59 degrees (15 C) and very still. We always consider that bad news, because it means all hell will break loose at some close future point.

As I was well into writing my post, "all hell" did break loose... temperature dropped 14 degrees in 5 minutes and the wind went from a mild breeze to about 50mph (80km/h).


Since I just paid for newly upgraded electronics, I'm just not going to chance it, since the lights have been flickering on and off for 10 minutes now... gonna shut everything down and start back up tomorrow. Yes, I do have surge protectors and UPS blocks on everything... but I'm just not gonna sit here and be suddenly plunged into darkness.

"Why bother with this stupid post?" you might ask. Well, it's that "magical" incentive of formally stating you're going to do something that often makes the difference between letting it rot for a few months and actually getting down to business.

So, hope everyone has a more peaceful night than we will evidently have here!

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Created at 20210113 01:24 PST


I looked into Q-Anon when I first heard about it, and it struck me as the vague ramblings of a false prophet almost immediately.

Thank goodness Q-Anon doesn't come with many imagery. Otherwise many would be suffering from Pareidolia instead of Apophenia. Hahahaha