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RE: Adding Value to Hive .:. My Hive Engine Witness Node

in Palnet3 months ago

Congratulations on setting up your own node, my friend! It's an exciting time for you & the #HIVE community right now....

Things are getting better on the blockchain & it is great to see ALL communities grow & thrive. As you said, there's enough room for everyone. I hope people will start seeing that more & more as we go...

I am happy for you Zoltan! It has been awesome being by your side in our journeys & watching you grow on HIVE.... I hope you climb the charts with this one! 😀💚



Thanks, Jenn... I'm always talking about the importance of decentralization in my posts and it was time to take action in that direction... So, this is my first (or the second... lol...) step for doing that... :)


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