Thanks to everyone who helps the Feathered Friends Community grow!

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The Feathered Friends Community has 914 subscribers and I want to thank all of you that have joined and participated in the community and made this a fun and interesting group to be part of.

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Thanks to these members who often set Feathered Friends as beneficiaries on their posts. That is such a thoughtful and extremely helpful way to support the communities that you enjoy being part of. Apologies if I left anyone out, I only looked through posts for the past few days.






If you need help doing beneficiary awards, just ask!


And huge thanks to these members who have delegated Hive Power to Feathered Friends hive-106444. They are the reason why we can give out votes and tips and contest prizes. Be sure to return their support with votes and thanks! All delegations are helpful.









Thanks to ARCHON and @taskmanager for encouraging engagement on Feathered Friends posts by paying out ARCHON for all comments that are made on Posts within the community.


image by @brittandjosie

All comments written on my posts, and any posts in Feathered Friends, Shadow Hunters, and Ladies of Hive Community posts receive staked ARCHON tokens.

Be sure and enter! SHOW ME A PHOTO hosted by @nelinoeva



by @barbara-orenya


Wo0t wo0t thank you! It is definitely an awesome community group and I love contributing to the group.

Sharing information and birds of Australia its been a pleasure. I'll have to delegate a bit more once I get some more hive.

Thank you for welcoming me to the group.

I love seeing your posts and learning more about the birds in your part of the world! Thanks so much for all you do to help the community grow!

Thank you, you're an awesome community leader


Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.


Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

My pleasure to give even if it is a little help; it's more than deserved, I love this community! Can't thank you enough for making it thrive. ;)

I really appreciate the encouragement that you have given me right from the start! Your delegation helps everyone in the community.


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Wow, over 900 subscribers. Soon it will be 1000. ☺
We have to thank you for your guidance and support and creating the community where we can gather and show our love to birds.

The weather turned here and from 20°C the other day, it is minus 3°C and the weekend will be very cold.


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It is brutally cold here and more snow is on the way tonight. The good part is that we are halfway through winter and spring comes next!

Your Show Me A Photo contest is a big help in the growth of Feathered Friends! Thanks for taking that on and doing such a great job with it!

Thank you very much! I love birds and it is here that I see a huge number of different observations and photographs of birds from all over the world!


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I know how you feel! I have learned so much about the birds from all around the world. And you provide such great photos and information here. Thank you!

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 43 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

j have one question. i changed my password as recommended. does that mean i have changed the master key to my account?? thanks

I'm not sure. I have keys, but then the only password I use is for hivesigner and keychain.
It appears that peakd might be calling your master key a password. I can see why you would be confused. I am too.

ok thanks anyway. understanding all this technical stuff is not so easy

If it is the "Master Password" that was changed, PEAKD is using the correct term. There is no "Master Key," as there is no Public/Private Pair for it. It's just a teeny little technical difference between the two (password -vs- key).

Thanks for that clarification. I knew I could count on you to explain it to me. I have always been confused by keys and it was only after we moved to Hive and I changed my keys using Ecency that it became clear to me that owner and master were two different things. But even then I have been thinking of it as my master key! Thanks for this explanation!

A long time ago on Steem, I was also confused by the Master Password and Owner Key! LOL! 😁

I went to the page on ECENCY where he said the password was changed, clicked on their "Learn More..." link, and saw where they said, "Your password is the master key to your account...," so the confusion was justified! LOL! 😂

@good-karma the wording here might be confusing. 😊

Thanks, will improve wording for sure.

Is it in FAQ section? I can change that to master password. Otherwise everywhere we tend to use just password because master password is also confusing for average internet user.

The text I questioned is, indeed, in the FAQ, under the "How to Join Ecency" section. It states:

Your password is your master key to your account.

The way we normally talk about security on Hive is that there is a "Master Password" from which four Key pairs (public and private) are derived: Owner Key, Active Key, Posting Key, and Memo Key. There is no "Master Key," per se. But then, you didn't capitalize it, either, as if it were an official term! 😉

HOWEVER, I understand that "Master Password" would be confusing to most Internet users, very true. So, perhaps it's best to leave it as is, I am not sure. You have to do what you feel is best for your user-base! Thank you for your response! 🙂

@thekittygirl. Can you give us any help here?

@eolianpariah & @melinda010100 ~ On the Hive blockchain (and on Steem, previously) all users are given a MASTER PASSWORD from which the Keys are derived. The MASTER PASSWORD is complex, like a Key, but is different as it has no "Public -vs- Private" pairing as the Keys do. The four keys that are derived from the MASTER PASSWORD are the OWNER KEY, the ACTIVE KEY, the POSTING KEY, and the MEMO KEY.

If you changed your MASTER PASSWORD, then yes, your KEYS changed, too, and you should reveal them and write them in a secure location! Not doing this might cause you to lose access to your account! You should NOT be using your MASTER PASSWORD for everyday logins; use your Posting Key for that! And only enter your Active Key, when prompted, for financial transactions!

Who suggested you change this, and where did you go to make the change? The answer to that last question is important for knowing the current state of your account!

I believe if you receive a new account it comes with keys that have been assigned to the person who gave you the account. I have 80 accounts that I can give to new users, but I would tell them to change their keys, otherwise I would have seen what their keys are. I would think the same would hold true with Ecency or OCD or whoever is gifting you an account?

Yes, very possibly so! Most of the time, I use a service that doesn't allow me to see the keys, but they're given directly to the person I am on-boarding. A couple of times, I was given the keys, as well, though, same as you! 🙂

Changing the keys AND password 😊 is a great security precaution. I am glad that @eolianpariah did that. Especially as I see how quickly his account is growing!

@eolianpariah should double-check that he has all of his keys copied and secured, preferably on a thumb-drive or in a Password Manager app. He can verify his keys on HIVE.BLOG with the following steps shown:


OR, using PEAKD intead:


Again thanks so much! @thekittygirl You have devoted a lot of time explaining various things to me today! 😘 And I successfully got my DOGE transfered, too!

thanks a lot @the kitty girl. i will check that out. i was recommended at the beginning to change my password by the standard info given when i started ecency. i changed the password on my page with blog, communities, and wallet. under settings where i made my profile there is a change password button and on that button is an image of a key. the password was generated automatically, not something i made up.

thanks @melinda010100. sorry to drag you into this. it's a bit mind boggling

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Hey @melinda010100 here's a little something for SH158.


The Shadow Hunters Community thanks you very much!

You're welcome...It makes me feel part of something to help out like this. 🙂

There is certainly room for you to take on as much of a part in Shadow and Reflection Hunters as you want! The promotion you have done has brought in new members!

It's good a little extra action has come through my post...I'll keep throwing some support and posting there myself when I've got a suitable photo. I've been doing a few upvotes in there also. 😊

Your comments and encouragement are great to see too! As the community grows I am struggling to keep up with comments and often end up making comments that are much too brief. Ecency has been spreading some votes around here when they have extra voting power and that helps, but often these posts are under rewarded.

I'll comment when I can and support as I can...Every now and then I'll send some to curangel although they have to have some substance for me to do that, not just a picture.


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Birds are everywhere so everyone should join in sharing a little, always a pleasure supports the bird watching community always something new to see or learn.

It really is a community that everyone can contribute to!
Bird houses, bird art, birds on coins or stamps. Everyone is welcome!

Lovely feather friends & contributors