Northern Cardinal family

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I recently read that birdseed sales have exploded during the pandemic as people look for interests close to home.

Northern Cardinal-male

Northern Cardinals are commonly called Redbirds, for obvious reasons. They do not migrate, so they provide a bright spot of color in my yard all year 'round.

Northern Cardinal-female

This pair of Cardinals were keeping a watchful eye on their youngsters as they all stopped by for a snack. The sunflower seeds in my feeder are a family favorite.


There seems to be one juvenile male and one young female that stay pretty close to their parents. Adult Cardinals have bright orange beaks, the young birds have tan/brown beaks.

Northern Cardinal-juvenile male

Northern Cardinal-juvenile female

Northern Cardinal- juvenile male




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They are beautiful birds, you'r lucky to have such a wonderful view.

I do have a wonderful selection of bird visitors!

I am feeling a tad jealous of your colourful feathered friends, I would love cardinals to visit my garden to brighten it up with the lorikeets. The birds around my area are basically black, white and, grey and brown. Lovely as all all feathered friends are but a bit more colour would not go astray!

I really do get a lot of colorful birds and I do enjoy and appreciate them! I would love to have lorikeets, though! I guess we will just have to share pictures with each other!

That is the fun of it @melinda 010100, why we do what we do.💜

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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Thanks Pix ❤️

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Always nice to have these feathered friends dropping by isn't it? 🙂

They certainly add to my view! 🪶

I think all the pet food went up during the pandemic, the dogs also suffered by adapting to other foods. What nice cardinals, in these parts they are not frequent. The male is very beautiful. Hugs! 🤗

All food prices have gone up and I worry that it will only get worse.

Very beautiful birds! Judging by their beak, they are granivorous. Are they completely granivorous, or do they eat insects?

They eat insects and feed insects to their nestlings. It's fun to watch them teaching the fledglings how to eat sunflower seeds.

A very interesting post, thanks for sharing with us :)

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

Thanks @bhattg18 ❤️

Great shots and such beautiful birds.

Thanks! As the leaves are beginning to fall from the trees it is becoming a bit easier to take bird photos again!

Being so close to nature and able to appreciate it is truly a blessing. You are blessed!

Have been quite busy with work skeds lately and couldn't Hive as much as I would like to. Reading this post makes me realize how much I'm missing. Hopefully, things may settle down and I can find more time but not in the near future, though.

Stay safe and may you have a wonderful weekend ahead.

I love my Cardinals, they are at my feeders through out the day, as the weather gets cooler I see them more often. You have some good photos of them, I think they like to pose for the camera.

Many have turned to the garden to see what happens around them, actually one positive out of the pandemic is people have stopped to assess life once again.

The Cardinal family is a very pretty bird, most definitely cannot hide with colouring @melinda010100