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RE: Show me a butt?

in Feathered Friends3 months ago

I was initially thinking the last one is a Robin :) I love that shot, it tells some story :D


I looked to see if I had a rear end view of a Robin, but no luck. Our American Robins wouldn't look like that. 😂

Oh :) I wouldn't know :)
Our European Robins :P look a bit like this :)))
Are they so "sociable" there too? Here I went to a mountain camp some time ago and in few days they knew exactly who to come to for food (me, hehehe). Surprisingly curious and friendly, I have to say :)

Our Robins are not as cute as yours! They are not timid, abut are not very friendly either.

Hehehe, I see what you mean. This fella even looks a bit angry? Angry birds? :D