Feathered Friends - Show Me A Photo Contest Round 5 - My Entry

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Hello all Hive friends,
@nelinoeva initiative a contest - Show Me A Photo Contest for Feathered Friend community.
This is my entry for the same and the theme is Little Birds.

My entry...


The picture was clicked two weeks back during a visit to garden. I saw the House Sparrow and clicked the picture. By change I was carrying my Nikon camera with zoom lens whichbmake it easy to clcik the picture from distance.

It was not easy to click the picture as the Sparrow was jumping from one place to another place and it was going out of focus.

I clicked some more pictures also...


Some more pictures...



House Sparrow

House Sparrow is Indian resident bird. It can live in both rural as well as urban. It like to eat grain and incects etc. A typical size of Sparrow is 14 cm but ut can be ranged from 12 to 16cm.
Younger birds are smaller, males are larger during the winter, and females are larger during the breeding season.

Hope you will like the entry.

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Lovely to see your photos of the sparrow.
Thanks for the entry.

Thanks for the contest... hope I am not late for contest...

Not at all. Just in time.

Very pics


Sparrows are every where, aren't they? Nice photos!

Yes they are everyware...
In india you can find then in residential area aslo....
When I was kid we always try to catch them but never succeed..lol..

Haha! I think we quickly learned that they were faster than we were!