Feathered Friends - Show Me A Photo Contest Round 6 - My Entry

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Hello all Hive friends,
@nelinoeva initiative a contest - Show Me A Photo Contest for Feathered Friend community.
This is my entry for the same and the theme is Bottom

My entry...


Them for this week was not easy. How clicked the picture of birds bottom other then accidentally click. Or someone like me for some contest lol.

Three days backs I was flying to the western part of India. During the back journey I was waiting for the flight and saw the Pigeon inside the airport. The first thing come into my mind was Feathered Friend contest. I try to capture come clicks focusing the bottom. But very soon I realize its not easy task. I placed phone on floor to take some pictures but it was also not a success. Most of the time Pigeon goes out of focus or out of view. I am not sure if above picture is qualified for contest 🤔


I clicked some more pictures also...


Some more pictures...



It was a fun activity. I was clicking picture with my mobile, placing it on floor...lol

Hope you will like the entry.

This account belongs to my kid. She is just 2 year old and as she does not know writing so my wife (@mk992039) and me (@guurry123) are managing the account for now. We will handover the account to her when the time comes.

Thanks for stopping by my post.
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These are lovely pictures. Hope people did not think you are crazy while chasing, placing the mobile on floor and clicking the pics.
Best of luck for the contest.

Hahaha it was a fun activity...

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Haha, glad you have fun with that pigeon. ☺

I was chasing the pigeon... at firstI was only one then other also come and join the fun.

An indoor pigeon! I hope he finds an indoor friend or a way outdoors! 😁 Great shots!