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Focus On Listbuilding

To begin with I want to expand a bit on my thoughts for how to improve the #LukeIsAlive contest, and the posts that takes part in it.

In my post for this contest yesterday I wrote a bit about the history of the contest and also about my vision for it as something to build your list first and use the Scavenger Hunt in ClickTrackProfit to get traffic and subscribers for it.

Now me just leading by examle and using these posts to build my own list might not be enough to actually get a real change here, and at the same time there is also the fact that I don't want to discourage anyone from surfing for Luke.

My thoughts here is therefore, and please do add your feedback about this, to add additional tickets for sharing tracking and the work that you do to build your list, like stats for conversions, creating a new LCP for it, or working on your email follow up series.

What I suggest here is that you can get up to double the number of tickets for sharing this in your daily post for the contest.

I am not yet exactly sure about the details here, and also how to determine at what level that you need to share to get max additional tickets, or any of that, but I am asking for feedabck on this, and it will take about a week I think to start implementing this.

What do you think?

Why Listbuilding?

The reason to focus on listbuilding is very simple, if you do not promote your list you are not promoting your business, your list is your business, and Luke's full name is also Luke The Listbuilder.

Building your email list is the core of what this is all about, otherwise you just surf to waste time, and to build somene else's business not your own.

I Don't Have A List!?

Well if you don't have a list to promote, just start sharing how you are creating your list, and if you don't have the funds to buy an autoresponder right now, TrafficWave has this thing called the Matrix Buster, if you sign up under me and join the Matrix Buster you can get up to 60 days for free, 30 days for the free trial, and the next 30 days paid by me.

Even free members in ClickTrackProfit gets 1 free LCP, and upgrades that you can pay to get more is also available, and you can pay for that with CTP tokens, which you get by posting about Luke, and additional prizes that you get from the contest.

As to tracking HitsConnect does not offer conversion tracking for free, but LeadsLeap does, and they have many more features in their tracker.

So there is no excuses left for not building your list.

My Listbuilding Today

Now onto my own listbuilding today, so I have found that my tracking was a bit of a mess, and worked to clean it up, adding the split testing rotator for my 2 LCP's for Mobile Cash Formula that I focus on promoting right now.

And also to remove other ads from the main places where I promote it, and adding it to where I am currently surfing for Luke.

For my Mobile Cash Formula list I now have 26 subscribers, but very few of those registered in my tracking, mainly because in some places I did not even use the tracking, and that also holds true for The Gauntlet, and since I have already got the feedback I need there I took that down.

As to the feedback from The Gauntlet it's a tie basically, the exact same rate of stars 4.5, and similar positive comments, now I need to get feedback from the field, actual traffic to them and comparable so I know which is the better.

Anyways here is the stats that I actually do have right now, and as I said I do have 26 subscribers, so very few of those is showing here now, but hopefully this gets better with my cleanup.


Screenshot from LeadsLeap


Screenshot from LeadsLeap

Yes I am tracking both Thank You Pages, so Convert B is fully subscribed here.

Well that is where I am right now, and now it's just to start working and get all these numbers up, and optimize my traffic and LCP's for maximum conversions.

Luke Hunting Day 2 - At CupOfTraffic

Today I found Luke 1 time at CupOfTraffic, this is a traffic exchange that is owned and run by Russell Stockley, @russellstockley, and I really enjoy the design of it.

That being said when surfing here I only saw 1 LCP which also included the picture of the person promoting it, otherwise there was some more LCP's, but only standard affiliate program ones with no branding on them.

What I did like though is that there is a chat so I can talk to people when I surf, this is a very powerful tool to build your brand even more, and I have previously had good results talking to people that have later signed up to my list just because of that.

Let's see if the lack of good LCP's means I get seen here, though surfing just over 50 pages will not be enough to determine that, so it's just start to collect data for now.

Here is a gif with some screenshots from my surfing here.


That was my hunting for Luke for today.

Thank You!

Thank you very much for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed it, leave your thoughts in the comments below, and ...

Stay Awesome!

Erik Gustafsson

This is my own personal opinion, do your own research before investing, and seek legal counsel if uncertain.

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Hi @flaxz My view/feedback is that I can see the potential on finding Luke but I think the game itself could be worked on instead of a standard map of Listopia with the same 6-10 traffic exchanges participating all the time looking for the same thing, surfing the same pages etc, etc.

How about expanding the user experience as a whole, maybe CTP portal could make up a card with things to find and complete for a collection of badges or something... thats just a suggestion from me as I feel it gets slightly repetitive doing the same thing each day for a "standard" post ctp blog post. here is only so much different ways members can tell the same story every day if you know what i mean

I get and understand your current idea with the tasks but if the base line was enhanced it would probably make things more interesting along the way but i guess that would or could be costly or time consuming to create in the first place.

Other ideas from other CTP members would be fantastic to hear there feedback too.

Also I think CTP could lower the prices to participate with there TE's or even offer free entries for being active in the game itself etc as currently I feel it is a bit too expensive to have a site included. Traffic Exchanges profits are very marginal and you have to be a very good and contestant admin for the site to be worthwhile.

It would be amazing if the idea could be changed and made more appealing to other Admins. After all the more new traffic exchanges that would begin to participate that would bring a whole new membership base to the game if you know what i mean. I feel Its just too expensive. :)

Wow thanks a lot for your great feedback there Daniel, let's pass most of that on to @jongolson and @blainjones, you do know that I only do the contest itself without any formalized connection to ClickTrackProfit right?

And also that a very large part of the CTP token funding comes from me personally too, even though others are contributing and Jon contributes 1000 CTP per week.

As to making it more fun to surf in TE's I think a lot can be learned from both LeadsLeap and TrafficAdBar, with them you as the surfer decides what page you want to see next, and LeadsLeap even has a rating system where higher rating gets you seen more, given that you have credits for it or is upgraded, both of them also run ad neworks in Adsense style in addition to surfing, and for the same ads you see as a surfer.

As to listbuilding, that is why you surf, to get traffic to your LCP, if you don't apart from if it's your own affiliate program you should never promote anything besides your LCP's, always build your list first, that's the whole point of the traffic you get.

Once you have subscribers to your list you can promote anything you want to them, including tools and services like TE's for example, anything else is just a waste of time in my opinion.

And to be honest here, that way of doing it makes it way more fun to surf, more LCP's with branding in the TE's benefits owners by the traffic being more valuable, and also from more recommendations from peoples lists.

All this is my opinion though, I wish you an awesome weekend.


Yea that would be a great idea too with TAB and LL, I like the concept and what the scavenger hunt brings but it could be improved a little for sure. I understand that it would probably take up a lot of time and work for changes. Was just my thinking. Thank you for the hard wok you put into it too :)

Yeah they have custom scripts that they have developed themselves, and both of them are coders a la Blain, using LFMTE might be inhibiting quite a bit, but maybe someone with coding skills could make a plugin for that with the right functionality.


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The old version of CTP had surfing cards, I don't remember all the details of them but you had to collect things to complete them. This is a possible good idea to help it out also but not sure Blain will want to hear that right now. lol

Yea I can remember that too, and I know it does take a lot of work, time and cost to create. :)

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Well done finding Luke 1 time Erik, you have earned 1 ticket for the drawings.

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Thank you.


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#LukeIsAlive Contest - Daily and Weekly Prizes

my list is tiny . 1 or 2 or 0 . have few of them out there. I think.

Well then it's time to start building it, never too late.


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I think adding the tracking is a great idea and soon I will be doing this also. I have been thinking about this throughout the day and so far have not come up with anything else to help out with the Luke challenge but I will keep thinking about it.

Thanks Mike, yeah listbuilding and tracking is the basis otherwise you are just wasting time surfing for traffic.


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This is Awesome info, I have been Building my list and working on Tracking now for some time. it's good to know what works and what doesn't. This way you can Modtifiy things to make them better and get you better results.

Thanks Aaron, that is great, and if we incentivize it more people will do the same.


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@flaxz wrote lately about: My Hive Goals - Week #14 - Some Changes - Iaac #157 Feel free to follow @flaxz if you like it :)

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