T.G. I. F. For August 28th

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Working on more content with my videos, and it seems the best time for writing for me is when I watch the evening news. So here is my post I did last evening for today.

thought for today:

Courage is taking a step forward into an area of difficulty without a solution in mind, trusting that whatever help you need will become available.

To adapt this to what we all do with business.

Courage is doing that 1 extra thing each day or week. Not knowing or thinking what the outcome of that one thing will be. And trusting that if the 1 thing flops we will have our community to help us through it, to help us make the one thing better so we get results.

i am sure at one time every marketer needed a community or mentors like CTP has. I know faithfully my community (family) will have my back if I have a question or concern. I also know that I will have bad times and good times within #HIVE.

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Awesome post @bonnie30... definitely love the motivation to detach from the outcome for whatever we do... takes the pressure off. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. You'll go far with that attitude.

I like your adaptation of the definition of courage. We are always taking leaps of faith not knowing how things will turn out.

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