All in one post for today August 11th

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Sorry for the video being short just trying it out. Better to come.

Found Luke again this morning Started at Cruisin, then you2surf, next a coffee break at Cup of traffic, then off to the gauntlet @ CTP, finish off a Millionaire surf for some bling.

Now going ons for the day. For the I am alive challange.

Had to do yard work today before it rains.

But the rest of the day is going to be spent learning video maker software call Wondershare Filmora. My daughter bought it some time ago for music videos and she said I could use it.

If anyone out there use Wondershare I could use a learning curve.

I want to start using videos in my post so yeah that is my focus for the next few days.

Still walking the dogs everyday and trying to get actifit going on my phone.

So a lot going on. Hopefully soon I will be getting a new phone and not have an issue with all my hive apps.

Good luck and god bless everyone.

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Great job finding Luke 5 times and completing the Scavanger Hunt @bonnie30, and nice sharing it in a video, it's awesome.

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Thanks for the upvote @thisisawesome

Well done completing the Scavanger Hunt Bonnie, and great that you do videos on 3speak.

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thanks @lukeiaalive


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