“Happy hubby, happy life”

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今天跟因为封城政策而呆在家的孩子们斗智斗勇了一天,晚上想说来点简单的晚餐。前几天在网上超市购买了意大利面和酱料,因为这是老公心心念很久的。我老公因为从小在澳洲长大,所以不能长时间吃中餐,偶尔需要吃西餐调剂一下。今晚我们来个early dinner,5点不到就开吃了,意面也是收到了孩子们的喜爱,老母亲甚感欣慰!





Hi, my friend. How are you an your family?
Yesterday I had spaghetti like yours.
I haven't seen you anymore on the other platform.
I hardly publish here on hive, I'll try to publish here again.
###happy Day.

Hi sister, great to hear from you. Yes, I’ve been very busy lately and my wife has been doing all my posts. We haven’t had the time to post on Blurt. You’re very welcome to post on Hive again. I’ve still got you on autovote. :) Hope you and your family are well. Blessings.

Oh yeah, thank you so much for you having me on autovote. Blessings. Kisses for your children. :)

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