My Crypto Journey – April | 加密币世界之旅 – 四月

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Time flies in April, it feels that it went a lot faster than March considering it has only 1 day difference. Many events happened during the fourth month of the year: TLM from Alien Worlds really went outer space after Binance Launchpad; Coinbase’s IPO; Binance tokenized stocks; the airdrop from $FORTH that made a lot of people richer than just $AMPL; Price fall lead by Bitcoin, then went back up on the last day of the month. It is definitely a roll coaster ride for crypto believers.

Since the beginning of this year, I promised myself to write blogs about my crypto earning monthly. Today is the day for another chapter.

四月份一下子救过去了,好像过的比三月份快了很多。这个月里虚拟货币世界发生了不少的事情。Alien Worlds的TLM进入Binance Launchpad之后暴涨;Coinbase上市;Binance开始买股票;$FORTH的空投让很多人大赚了一笔;比特币带动着其他的Altcoin大幅走低,然后后陆陆续续的回升。绝对是一个让人喝彩,让人心跳的30天。


Passive Income 被动收入


I had read about storing stablecoin $USDC to get a 8.6% APY for Bitcoin on BlockFi. $USDC has the interest rate of 8% APY, and $BTC has only 6%. However, deposit the stablecoin with payout of Bitcoin is the equivalent of making 8% APY on $BTC. That being said, I deposited my $USDC late, therefore, there was not much significant differences. However. I can still tell some changes by eyeballing the daily interests gain.

BlockFi changed its interest rate again. The lowest tier of $BTC has dropped to 5% and the amount has reduced to 0-0.5. Yeah, definitely move to depositing stable coins instead of $BTC.




PancakeSwap migrated to v2 at the end of the month. I could not find my old LP pool when I finally saw the tweet about it. I wrote an article, Steps to go through PancakeSwap Migration V2, about the step I took to recover my old fund; and this is my first time providing some guide in hoping to help my follow crypto believers. Pretty proud of myself.

Since both $CAKE and $BNB have marched their ways to the moon, it was a nice surprise how much I got back from the old pool in term of the US dollars. Yes, there are more people, who join in CAKE-BNB LP pool; yes, the APR has dropped below 100%. But I will believe CAKE-BNB and put my fund back in it.

PancakeSwap在月底的时候升级v2,一下子找不到自己过去的LP池。慢慢摸索出如何寻找自己投下的资金的方法。我写了一篇《如何找回Pancake升级版V2后原有的LP》 详细介绍了方法。



The combination of Nutbox and TRON has been easiest earner for me in all of my passive incomes. I harvest $PNUT once a while and swap them to $TRX. I have earned 2337 $TRX in the past month just by delegating some of my SP to Nutbox. As a person, who did not have a single $TRX three months ago, this is a quite achievement.

I heard from other Nutbox Ambassadors a couple days ago. A retail company in Indonesia had offered customers to purchase their merchandise with $PNUT and offered 20% discount. Didn’t think this would happen before many hot altcoins. I really hope many shop owners in the US would have some forward-thinking minds, start offers more alternated method for exchange goods. But again, we are talking about a country that does not allow the use of Binance. Who knows what would happen?



Crypto Social Media Platform 区块链社交媒体

I actually had written less in April in comparing any other months of this year. Got to work for the day job to feed the family. However, Matters, HIVE/STEEM are still my main platform for posting blogs.

Speaking of I have to talk about a Taiwanese exchange, called BitAsset. This is the only exchange I can trade $LIKE, the official crypto in My IP address restricts me from any other exchanges that have this specific coin.

Suddenly, out of no warnings, the entire exchange suspended all trading and transfers. Every user had their fund stuck there. Luckily, I had moved everything except of $1.20 worth of $USDT earlier this month.

This is a perfect example of not your private key, not your coin. Don’t leave your crypto in the exchange, transfer them to your wallet.




Others 其它

I have to thank Publish0x for choosing $AMPL as one of the tipping currencies. I grabbed some and put into my Atomic Wallet before the cooperation between Publish0x and KuCoin; and man, 1000%+ of returns. It was awesome.

其实我应该感谢Publish0x。他们给作者和读者的小费正好的$AMPL,这让我得到了一点点$AMPL币。本来总数很少,再加上Atomic Wallet转移ETH链上的各种币的手续费有很高。我就把$AMPL丢在钱包里,没打所用来做什么。就这价值不到1块5的加密币,让我获得了成百上千倍的回报。太值了。


Since my background with programming, I find really enjoyable to learn with Figment. They frequently host classes to teach crypto and blockchains. Polkadot was offered this month. I thoroughly enjoy every basic concepts of building dApps with Polkadot and the $30 worth of $DOT after the completion. Hope they will offer more lessons.


Summary 总结

DeFi, and leading sites have become my main source of income passing blogging on blockchains. With the price of all cryptos bouncing back at the end of the month. I have made almost $7k in April. The biggest jump in my entire crypto life. Wish I will have the same luck in May.


Month of May 五月份

This is the snapshot of all my Cryptos. I feel my investment is everywhere. I want to consolidate a little bit in May. This way, I can have a better investment strategy in term of safety and better ROI.