SportsTalkSocial Community: Update on 20 Comments Daily Challange


It's exciting to receive some positive responses from Sports Talk Social (STS) community users on the 20 Comments Daily game. @Crypoandcoffee mentioned it in the last OCD curation assessment. It's impressive too to see that active users in the STS community is on the increase and I've added some new users whop are creating quality sports content from the STS interface to my voting priority.

Besides, I'll be giving some more attention to rewarrding engagements on my post and the posts of other users. I can give as much as 5k on comments depending on the quality. With this, some users can earn much more SPORTS by commenting than they would have with posts.

It's just the beginning of things. I mused in my yesterday's post on how to have a creation of a stats digging tool that can track number of comments and posts made by each user from the STS front-end.

It's simply an engagement game and soon, I'll consider adding a prize to all who will participate once a tracking mechanism has been built to gather users' engagement stats on daily basis. Sincerely, it's possible to make an impression of 50 comments per day in few hours if one decides. It's full of learning and fun and I think I do that on daily basis on the Hive blockchain more consistently in the past week.

It's exciting that in the course of my discussions in leomarkettalk, @amr008 obliged to create a tool in the near future that could serve that purpose. That's a huge start. I had advised that he could raise a proposal to be able to raise SPORTS as funds for the project and I'll gladly support as with other top stakeholders of the SPORTS tribe.

While we wait for @amr008, I've discovred that I can personally track my daily 20 comments via my @hivebuzz dashboard. The dashbaord as shown in the screenshot shows the number of posts and comments made by a particular account amid other stats. I will be taking a screenshot of that dashboard each morning to help me know by how many counts did my comments on STS frontend increases.

This option would only work for users who use a dedicated account to interact with the STS tribe. @uyobong.sports is only logged in from STS frontend and that would make a seamless count. At present, the account stands at 629 comments. I'll check that by morrow before making my first comment to track how well I'll be dedicating to the 20 comments daily. Yesterday, I was able to make as much as 30 comments impression from this end and it can only get better.

I'll name an encouragement prize for this challenge beginning from next week pending when we'll have our native engagement tracking tool.


It is nice to know that @amr008 is creating a new tool for this. His most recent tool on earnings from LEO, BRO and DHedge is really nice. Too bad I don't have any earnings so it doesn't show anything for me.

His most recent tool on earnings from LEO, BRO and DHedge is really nice.

That's how I got to know and they are wonderful creations.

Too bad I don't have any earnings so it doesn't show anything for me.

keep the engagement, your earnings are coming.

This is a very good initiative which I will like to a part of me.

My @botefarm.sports account is logged in from Sportstalk interface too.

I thi k I can give this challenge a try

Good, let's get again trending in the search engine for sports blogging site by improving it's SEO.

The tracking tool will be awesome, the impression we need for Sports will be achieved if all hands are on deck. Coach this is a welcome development.
The task price loading........

Looking forward to more of your engagement in the STS community.

Such a good idea! Will try to increase my engagement on STS and hopefully this will help spread the motivation around :)

It'll be great to have you join us in this challenge.