H-E Staking Contest: How much SPORTS did you stake this week (8th to 14th March, 2021)?

I am so excited to have distributed over $5 worth of SPORTS in the coments section of this post which is the maiden edition of my SPORTS staking challenge. As we progress, much more incentives will be coming and I hope that @amr008 could even deign a tool to track all users that stake SPORTS over the week so I can reward them accordingly even without their commenting on this post.

It's a new week and it's time we pushed the SPORTS Power-up challenge again. Soon, there'll be yummier rewards and it's a win-win for everyone.

  • You Power up your SPORTS to increase your curation reward,
  • We reward you for doing that.

I'll be doing this every Monday to ensure we all walk through the week conscious of the fact that we got to power up our tokens to help keep the price healthier. It's a week long contest, but I'll reward the posts and comments at 6 days.


I am feeling bullish about the tokens I powered up 120k SPORTS today. I'll be doing that daily over the next 7 days but for you to qualify, all you do is once throughout this week. 120k SPORTS is about $10 and I'm looking forward to $70 worth of SPORTS powered-up over the week.


Transaction ID

The Rule

I want to reward users that staked SPORTS today with my SPORTS power and it'll be huge on the comments section of this post. What is expected of you is to drop a screenshot of the hiveblocks transaction ID of your SPORTS power up like I have above as well as the transaction ID of the staking so I can confirm.

Please remember to add your transaction ID. I want to confirm the time and date of the power-up. Reward split to SPORTS Power are not included. Only intentional powerups.

I will give upvotes ranging from 50% to 100% depending on the amount of SPORTS powered up. 500k Stake would attract 100% upvote.

Tell a friend to tell a friend to tell another friend. Reblog this post to help expose to other users and also upvote too to help me reach my staking goal faster. Moreover, healthy engagement (two to three tier of replies) in the comments section would be rewarded too.

Let the game begin.


If you want the staking details for the week ( for SPORTS ) I can get that for you :)

Let me know.

Adding it to the tool might be a bit difficult because it takes lot of time to scan everyone's data and publish it so .

I can code it and run it and give it to you though or post a comment here .

How many members do you need ? Top 10 , top 25 ? Let me know

A top 25 should be ok.
I will really love to see those who are making every stride to come up.

I see. Okay let me run the script tonight and post the details tomorrow.

Thanks for letting me know :)


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Congratulations, @amr008 You Successfully Shared 0.100 WINE With @grandiosae.
You Earned 0.100 WINE As Curation Reward.
You Utilized 1/2 Successful Calls.

Total Purchase : 23932.000 WINE & Last Price : 0.290 HIVE

WINE Current Market Price : 0.271 HIVE

I think top 25 would be cool. Thanks for obliging for this. It would make the rewarding way easier.

Sure no worries but I can only get that next week..right now my laptop is running some other scripts lol .

So please this time you do it manually and next Sunday I will gather the details of staking and post about it on sportstalk and tag you.

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That'll be so awesome. I'll so much appreciate that gesture.

Sure :)

I will make sure I have the script / code ready by then . Which account should I tag? @uyobong or @uyobong.sports ?

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That could be a good activity to identify the investors and ranking them every week.

By investors you mean who staked SPORTS or who bought SPORTS on Hive-Engine?

I can put up a post and rank them from next week if it really helps people get an insight.

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I think so, yes!

Indeed, and we might have some more incentives for such people.

I am glad to be a part of this contest and i finally purchased and staked my sports immediately so as not to miss out lol.
Here is my proof of power up

And as for the transaction ID, what do i do? I didn't purchase all 600,000 at once, i picked different orders one after the other until i got the 600,000 in the market.

Should i show the transaction ID for the highest order i picked? If yes then here it is.

Transaction ID

Congratulations on that feat. Keep pushing, the 1 million stake mark isn't far.

I guess it isn't. Thank you Sir

Sports stake contest? Hmm, i guess i can do this.
Though I have been hoping to purchase some sports token and stake but i guess i will start by powering up my liquid sports and join this contest.
Great initiative!

Yeah, SPORTS is cheap enough to pick a million tokens for just 300 HIVE or so. On the long run, everyone staking SPORTS would be glad they did.

If you stake Sports and if you make a post about staking activities, do not forget to include #sportspower tag. I am going to support the post :)

Thanks for the support bro. I'll also be curating that tag too.

Oh wow, i will keep that in mind. Thanks for the support.

I must say that I'm more than impressed about this staking thing, this will go along way in creating more interest in people to stake more of their Sportstalk

And indeed, it's good for the health of SPORTS and for proposal voting.

I will update this comment in the coming days when I stake what I get. Or do you want me to make a new comment every time? I will assume the same comment if no response.

march 8th sports.png
March 8th Transaction ID 6396.166 SPORTS staked

I didn't stake for a few days but here is the new staked amount. 22,635.07 SPORTS staked on March 12th.
sports stake 3-12.png
March 12th Transaction ID

maybe you have to add a reply to your comment here.

61k sports staked. Thanks for the initiative


trx id

This is lovely. I never knew about the staking contest but now that I am aware of it, I will do my best to join.
I am already addicted to staking and lately, my major second layer token is sports, doing everything I can to increase my sports stake. I am sure I will be able to stake some sports for this contest

Now, you know and I'll be excited to have your entry.

Yeah, sure!

Haha so sad to see this when I'm actually not that active xP Anyhow, like all initiative to make people wanna stake more!

It's gonna cover a whole week. You have till Saturday to participate.

Hello friend
Love to participate and here is my entry..


trx id

Hope I am.not late and follow all the steps.. (last time forget to provide the trx id link)

oh yeah! here is my own prof of sports staked. below is the TRANSACTION ID

transaction id.png