Crypto Staking Contest: How much SPORTS are you staking this week (14th to 20th March, 2021)

Being conscious of the future motivates me to keeping pooling my tokens into stake so they can yield curation rewards as interest while awaiting the bull days coming when pizza-buying tokens today would build estates tomorrow.

Yesterday, I powered up 500k SPORTS to begin the new working week. Here is the transaction link. I'll gladly update my stakes at least to 1 million tokens before the week runs out. It is exciting to launch this week';s edition of SPORTS staking contest with merrier rewards.

Thanks to @amr008 for creating a powerful statistics that helps us to track how many users stake what amount of SPORTS each week passing. See the stats for last week. It was interesting to learn that 9700521.935 SPORTS were staked over from Sunday (7th) to Saturday (13th) March, 2021. That's a decent amount and it's encouraging to see how many users are still interested in powering up SPORTS token while the price stays in its low days.

With that stats which shows the top 35 users staking SPORTS each week, I'll have to adjust the rule for this contest as follows:

  • I will upvote the comments below this post indicating the amount of SPORTS staked over this week (with transaction link) with choice percentage.
  • At weekend when the stat for the week is published, I will make a contest result post stating the winners and the percentage of their SPORTS upvote in line with the amount of SPORTS staked.

I am looking forward to the future when some 100 million SPORTS would be powered up each week. I have a goodnews that some more investors are coming to SPORTS and would become whale curators too soon. You'll hear from them soon.


I decided to save myself the trouble and stake it in bulk. The transaction below staked 43083.812 which I gathered in like 8 days.
sports stake 3-20.png
transaction link

Thanks for the contests..
If I am staking multipal times a week is that means I can post all stacking proofs in one comment or I can commend my stacking proof in multiple comments?

Just make a thread under this first comment of yours each time you make a new stake within the week and always remember to add the transaction link.

43,000 plus staked. Thanks for the staking contest

transaction link

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Congratulations on staking 43k tokens. Let's see what ranking you'll be among SPORTS stakers this week.