20 Comments Daily on SportsTalkSocial Frontend, Who's in?


By now everyone should understand the growth of any socialmedia platform as well as crypto currency and is dependent on numbers. You grow the numbers, you grow the value of your digital product. We can learn from the Leofinance community to make the SportsTalkSocial (STS) Tribe great again.

Healthy engagement has always been the way to grow. STS has over 1k subscribers but how many of them are active? I would always say that even if a user cannot create a particular niche of content, the same user can make a great deal of engagement with others creating the content and can as well learn in the process and also earn so decent rewards.

I'm carefully following up with the SEO rating of STS website on Alexa and there has been a reasonable improvement in the ranking in the last few days. The STS tribe has the advantage of staying above every other tribe in terms of Alexa ranking due to its age. A little improvement in our engagement can surge a great deal of growth.

The 20 Comments Daily Game

We could just start a game that calls for all users of the STS tribe to make at least 20 Comments impressions daily using the SportsTalkSocial.com interface. It's a simple deal but it has a great effect when comounded by numbers.

Micro logging is the new way to grow in socialmedia and Leofinance has long noticed that which inspires th #ProjectBlank which is on build. Th good thing is that the project would cut across all content types and genres and that could be an inspiration for some innovation in STS too.

There is no sector with passionate users like sports yet. Assuming we had 1k active football fans here talking about their favorite teams in 20 comments daily, then we'll be making 20k daily impressions.

We need an appraisal tool

Now that SPORTS proposals are running, can we have a simple tool to track number of posts and comments put up by a particular user from the STS UI on a particular interval? It must not be as sophisticated as hivestats.

Let's brainstorm on this and up the engagement in STS tribe. The more we engage, the more SPORTS grows and we're approaching. 0.002 HIVE per SPORTS sooner. Who won't love that?


We could just start a game that calls for all users of the STS tribe to make at least 20 Comments impressions daily using the SportsTalkSocial.com interface. It's a simple deal but it has a great effect when comounded by numbers.

Am 100% in on this. It's something I love doing. It spikes up interaction between users and you even make friends through that process.

Would really be a great boost for the STS community.

Also, would it be a bad idea if we start a sports interaction trend on here just like it is with the Leomarkettalk. We don't know what we might achieve in the process of that. just an additional opinion to the 20+comments daily

Thanks for accepting the challenge. Let's do this for SPORTS and STS community. What about the simple stat tracker for the community, do you know anyone who can handle it?

I don't think I know anyone in that category

Im positive we'll find soon
Let's just try and do the best we can for now

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Love this comitment! I will try to follow this and lead by example. We need people to lead this community forward and you are a great inspiration!

Thanks @anderssinho. We can surely make it happen.

Something everyone should be doing daily.

Thanks sir for always supporting users who are in the engagement game. When are we expecting the tax proposal again?

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Check out the last post from @hivebuzz:

Feedback from the February 1st Hive Power Up Day

Thanks for the information. I wish Hivebuzz can start building stats for Hive-tribes.

I'll try to engage here a bit everyday. Probably won't be much but I'll find sometime to comment a bit in Sportstalk Social now that my RC recovery rate is higher than my consuming rate. I was using most of my comments in Leofinance as LEO is the 2nd layer token I am most bullish on. SPORTS token is also another token that I have faith in as well.

Will be glad to have you engage the STS community better. Thanks

20 comments per user a day really going to be huge when compounded. Its A great initiative. Am definitely going to try this.

Indeed, if multiplied by 1k subscribers to the community, that's quite huge.

20,000 impression daily ? are you kidding me! If we can get this done not only will we have synergy also trust will be built in the system and networking of people of like minds sharing and interaction amongst users of same language will be encouraged .

I see some post use other languages different from english in this Community but that's okay.

Let the commenting begin alongside upvotes too

Yeah, it's all possible if all of us here can do just 20 comments on daily basis.

i am absolutely in. though its something I don't always do but i think this will make me get use to commenting more on others post

We need tools, motivation, incentives and growth measurement to keep moving forward and tracking ourselves.
Let find intuitive ways to move forward after proposal failure.

The tools are on the way. While we await that, let's keep the engagement momentum.