SportsTalkSocial Is Going To Adopt Rewards Change for SPORTS

When you see any update and development, it changes the overall situation. In order to move forward and do better, there is no alternative to development and updates. Glad to see SportsTalkSocial founder @patrickulrich made a proposal to adopt new changes in SPORTS rewards.

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Till now, no matter which interface you use to post, your post will appear on SportsTalkSocial and you will get total SPORTS author rewards as long as #sportstalk tag is used. If this proposal is approved, 50% of author rewards will be burnt automatically when the post does not originate from the sports native interface

Here the curation rewards will remain the same. Only 50% of author rewards will be burnt. The good thing is, it will automatically reduce SPORTS tokens by burning. Hope it will positively impact SPORTS tokens price.

People will use the native interface more and that will benefit the tribe in different ways. When people search on Google, there will be a high chance to show up posts from SportsTalkSocial. It will generate more traffic and new users get to know about this platform. From the SEO point of view, it will rank the site higher in search engines.

When new advertising will be introduced, earnings from the ads will increase. As a result, more SPORTS tokens will be burnt and that will decrease SPORTS tokens supply. People are excited and happy to see what's going on in this tribe. We will more people making content about sports. And this will grab more attention.

So what do you think about that? Please feel free to leave your comments below and share your thoughts. Thank you so much for reading this post.

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Isn't the curation rewards based on the author rewards ? So if the Author rewards are reduced by 50%, doesn't this means the curation rewards are reduced by 50% as well ?

This I cannot vividly tell if the curator rewards would be slashed too.

As far as I know, curation rewards depend on your SPORTS stake and its vote value. You will get 50% of your vote value. It is mentioned in the proposal that,

Curation rewards are unaffected by this change and still earn the same amount.

Thank you, this is something I will be looking at once the change goes through :-)

Me too :)
You're welcome!

I am very happy to see these moves happening, I have always believe Sportstalksocial has a lot of potential.

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Things are getting exciting. It will reduce the SPORTS token supply and that's a good thing.

It'll be a great development in STS. This is the beginning of the revolution here. I've supported the proposal.

I agree with you. It is just a beginning. Excited to see what happens next!

I am all in for the proposal. Already voted and will be super happy if it gets passed.

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Let's see what happens next and how it impacts the whole SportsTalkSocial ecosystem.

I read your post. Thank you @cryptosimplify for expressing your thoughts about this.