Finally I caught some decent fish!

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Great fishing weather

A sunny Sunday afternoon with nice temperatures for the month of February. A great day to go fishing. So off we were to a small sized canal close to my house. It started out tough, but after a half an hour I got rewarded with an nice sized bream of 55 cm and 2,5 kilograms. My rod wasn’t really fit for such size of fish, so it was quite the struggle to land the fish. But nothing feels better than catching a fish that is out your rod’s league! 😂

Here she is:


Happy to have finally caught something decent after very slow fishing weeks...




A true challenge when your rod and tackle is not built for such fish.

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True, but so rewarding when you land it!

Wow, it is great to know that you were able to catch a fish, it means your fishing adventure wasn't in vain. There is nothing that makes one happy other than achieving something in a slow fishing week. The fish looks big but how do you know the fish is a feminine

The males don't get so big!

Oh, I see, this is my first time knowing this ooo.
Thanks for the information.