Football Is A Business Nothing More Nothing Less


yesterday the "fans" prevented the Manchester United vs Liverpool game from going ahead. I just don't get it as surely the club knows the sentiment and how the fans feel about the proposed Super League.

The owners come out and say the fans are the heartbeat of the clubs yet we all know this move could hurt the other 14 clubs from the Premiership not involved. This was purely a business decision and nothing else and today the football clubs are businesses.

When the Glaziers bought the club one could have guessed the reasons why as it was purely a business decision. The same with The Fenway Group buying Liverpool Football Club as they openly admitted the club was a cash cow to be milked supporting the Red Sox Baseball team. Having Solskjaer as manager meets their needs as they are making profits having qualified for Champions League football next year. Winning it is another totally different story but just being involved pays the bills.

When the Glaziers "bought" the club they never actually put their hands in their pockets as they took a loan against the club putting Manchester United into debt. Those loans are being covered by the club and not the Glaziers. If you can get away with buying something for nothing it is a great deal for yourselves and not necessarily the club. As long as the club makes money without them physically paying they will keep it and that is the reality.

Remember how everyone jumped all over Arsene Wenger calling him a failure yet he kept the owners happy. His managerial style was based around the club business not spending fortunes and looking for player deals on the transfer market. Fans saw the lack of silverware as a lack of ambition which it was as that costs money. Wenger was a shareholders dream and Arsenal made money having achieved a run of 17 years under Wenger in the UEFA Champions League.

Understandably fans want trophies and silverware but owners want a decent sustainable business that doesn't cost them money. Not surprising Manchester United haven't won anything as that is not the Glaziers business model as making profit without the crazy buying of players is the only way. The same goes for Liverpool and why Jurgen Klopp pulled off a miracle and the chances of it happening again are very slim unless he is backed financially.


Mmm, yes, and the Glazers are why there was finally a breakaway, owned by the supporters, club: FC United of Manchester. FCUM has had varying fortunes but it keeps on going and now has its own ground in Moston. It's a little while since I have followed them, but I'm still a member and have shares in the club.

I have heard about the supporters and the other club. You would have thought that if the supporters all got together they could have bought the club as the fan club is huge. Maybe not so easy now with the valuation being in the Billions. Glaziers are running the club using club money and I don't think that is right as it cost them nothing.

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You would have thought that if the supporters all got together they could have bought the club as the fan club is huge.

That would have been a massive undertaking and many fans just want to come and watch football, not become owner-managers.

My friend grew up in Manchester and talks about Matt Busby coming round to his aunt's house to apologise for the behaviour of some of the players. These businesses are a world away from a club embedded in its community.

This is crazy stuff, I had no idea that Man U was linked to the Red Sox. Really crazy the amount of money that goes around the sports industry

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They're not @rob23..

It's Liverpool who are co owned by the same group as the Red Sox - I think you just misread it..

You are right, still didn't know that either though; point holds as true LOL

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Ha ha, indeed! Money is slowly ruining the game... and as for diving... don't get me started 😋

Much agreed

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Man Utd are owned by the Glaziers who own Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Liverpool are owned by Fenway Sports Group who own the Red Sox.

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Oh ok, thank you for clarifying I probably just read too quickly

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I completely agree, business through and through for many of the biggest clubs now. Winning trophies is like an aside now. I can see some fans smelling the coffee and moving towards other sports like rugby going forward.

It just feels terrible to see how football has gone in this direction. Of course, just like with anything else, people want to make money. The players want high wages, and the owners want profit... but, the sad thing is that the supporters and the fans are losing in the end! I really hope that they have managed to get rid of the Super League once and for all, but I do understand the anger amongst the Manchester United fans and fans of other clubs who feel like the owners are just in it for the profit and not for the love of the sport!

Love of money over sport is what we are seeing and why ex players need to come back into the board room. Sad it has gone this way but the amount of money involved is totally crazy and always attracts the wrong people.

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That's with any professional sport. All players are are assets for the business, when those assets are no longer working for the business, ie, they start to suck, or get injured, they get replaced with new, better assets, lol. One of the reasons I don't pay attention to sports outside of college and amateur leagues. When you get paid you lack the passion, at least in most cases. Just in my opinion really, lol