I Am Alive | Day 18 Time For Rebirth

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This is Day 18 for a challenge powered by Erik Gustafsson @flaxz, which asks us to embrace gratitude for the things in our daily life that keeps us going in today's world. It also brings more awareness to our growing #HIVE blockchain community.

The sun is out & it's a start to another new week! My soul is feeling good as I am looking for more things to make me feel even more alive as I address a few different topics....it is time for rebirth & a new normal.... :)

Remember, we are all in this together. 💜

This #IAmAliveChallenge was created by Eric Gustafsson @flaxz. For further details: https://peakd.com/hive-100421/@flaxz/glmrrjya

To claim your own REBRANDABLE free I Am Alive e-book, click here: http://paidactionprofits.com/rebrand/pdf/IAmAlive_jtnolgrvxd.pdf

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I like the "Pixie garden" stuff... maybe you should create your own... but in a larger scale... (you have space where Timmy is laying in the dirt) :)

Ha ha don't remind me! I swear he's like a little kid, always running back in the house with dirt and leaves all over him 🤣🤣🐱

A pixie garden of my own may be an idea that will come to fruition...I have some spices that need to be grown as well. In the meantime, I am still checking back to see when those will be back in stock. 🌷

Thanks for watching, my friend 💗💗🧚

Well done Pixie, it is important that we remember ourselves and go in a direction that is right for us, just keep Timmy out of the Pixie Garden, he's already claimed the other one thouroghly lol, stay safe, awesome and alive.

#IAmAliveChallenge join us on Discord, and check out our Hive Community.

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Lolol. Keeping Timmy out of the garden will be a challenge but he's has left the plants and flowers in the house alone. So there's hope!

Yes, only each of us know our truth & self growth is vital, especially now, to achieve our fullest potential in life. 💗🧚🙏🏻💯


Amazing idea of the posting

Thank you for watching! I appreciate you 😊

Another fantastic day to be Alive. You are Alive. I am Alive. Keep up the fantastic work.

Thank you! You're right. Being alive each day is truly a blessing. Be well. I appreciate you. 😊💗🧚🙏🏻

You totally made my day with this video!

Say... what's 3D stability?



Thank you so much & in turn, your comment made my night 😊. I actually elaborate briefly on 3D in my video I posted tonight (Day 19) but basically it means our human life/existence. We live in this dense reality, unlike our inner selves which is our spiritual side. I hope that makes senese. I would be happy to elaborate more if you want.

Have a blessed day & thanks again for watching! Stay safe & happy. ♥️🧚🙏🏻🐝

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Thanks Russ! Have an awesome day! 😊💗