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RE: 3speak Series #3 - #ILoveSteem - Why I Love Steem And CTPtalk

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Great story Erik, you are right, it's all about the people. More than that though, it's about thepeople who want to engage with you and work together with you to grow their online businesses. That's the real benefit of ClickTrackProfit.

Too many people keen on signing up, then drifting away after just a few weeks. Then, there are the ones like yourself that stick around and make a go of it, and they're the ones that get noticed by fellow professional internet marketers, so have access to all the fun stuff!


Thank you very much Ian, yes it would not be worth anything without the people and especially the ones that stick around, stay awesome.

Hi Erik, I had a run-in with Blain Jones then Jon Olson. I am leaving ClickTrackProfit because of their manipulation of CTP referral links, and other serious issues. Owing to their presence here on the Steem platform, they'll continue to cause trouble for me so I'll be leaving Steem as well. Already Jon Olson has stated in a commentary I was having with Zoltan that he's mailed me something. I can't wait to see what that is! The local police station is just 300 yards down the road, and they're a real friendly bunch. Anyway, I'm hoping to catch up with you again sometime, Erik, just not on this platform nor on the main CTP site. Please remove your 50SP delegation now and give to someone you feel will benefit the most from your kind actions. You have been a great help to me Erik, and I will miss our conversations.

Thanks Ian, I do not know what was said in private, but what I do know is that you are not building YOUR business unless you build your list, and I know you got my ebook with the free listbuilding toolbox, and as to the 50 SP it's a lease, it's already paid for and can't be taken back by me, I wish you all the best going forward.

I mailed you a thank you note Ian. With some CTP stickers for the purchase you made.

But ya, be sure to send it to the police station

Oh Jon, thanks for the downvote. Is that your first? At 100% too! Bully you.