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RE: My Hive Community Leader Application [ENG-ESP]

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Yes, I highly recommend Jose's confirmation as a Hive community leader. In the few months since I've known him, he has inspired me, informed me, and encouraged me on my journey as a Hive contributor—a creator, curator, and communicator. He actively participates in the Hive Open Mic community that I host, sharing his words and songs that bring beauty and brilliance into the world. In fact, just this morning, Jose shined in his leadership ability during a global live music concert event that he initiated, presented on the Discord channel: Peace, Abundance, and Liberty (PALnet). This event was resoundingly positive, bringing people together from many tribes and nations for one common purpose: Harmony. To me, this is what Hive is all about.


so glad of this energy putted here, your constancy and vibration sustains my work, being part of hive have a better horizon since I connected with your hive openmic vision mission and goals, unifying of the eagle and the condor