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RE: My Hive Community Leader Application [ENG-ESP]

in #hclapplication5 months ago

You are ALREADY a community leader - very much so. Permission not required from anyone. <3 Why not start your own bilingual community space?

Sorry to have missed the concert last evening but Sunday night solo mama my time is not free to just tune out for my own "thing". I heard it was amazing though!!

Let us know how we can help to support you more.


you're already a support, were on the same page of abundance and collaboration

yeah, I never ask permission, that's why I stated

"my confirmation as...."

I don't need confirmation to keep me being who i am but it's good to make people know about this, a good way to vibrate

in a funny way that bilingual community is already created on the ether, you should check it out @auelitairene post (: