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RE: Excitement Long Lasts?

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I don't remember where I read a metaphor about the duration of emotions, but I will try to paraphrase it as a summary

Falling in love is like a violent, luminous and brief explosion; Passion is like a forest fire, which lasts as long as it is fed with adequate fuel; Love is like a sun, it will last even longer than your life and even when you can't see it for moments or hours, you know it still exists and will come back.

In that sense, I think it's okay to fall in love with a project, you need to have a passion for a project to work hard on it, but you have to love it to make a long-term commitment.


In my opinion everyone cannot commit for Long Term Commitment because in my opinion now this World became a Distraction and there are so many aspects which distracts one from their path. Thank you so much for your meaningful response and stay blessed.