Amazon, AT&T, IKEA, Clif Bar, DHL, & Others Launch “Corporate Electric Vehicle Alliance”

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Amazon, AT&T, IKEA, Clif Bar, DHL, & Others Launch “Corporate Electric Vehicle Alliance” (CleanTechnica)

  • Non-profit organisation Ceres has announced the formation and launch of the Corporate Electric Vehicle Alliance to help companies accelerate the transition to EVs.
  • Members include DHL, Amazon, AT&T, Clif Bar, Consumers Energy, Direct Energy, Genentech, IKEA North America, LeasePlan, Lime, and Siemens
  • The focus is on commercial vehicles rather than passenger EV’s, a segment that has received less press coverage, but which potentially could have more impact

Analysis and Comments

  • Ceres highlights that more than half the vehicles on the road in the US are commercial – SupplyChainDive estimates that transport in total contributes nearly 30% of US CO2 emmissions
  • For commercial vehicles, especially delivery vans, analysis is that the purchase decision is very cost driven
  • This means that the lower operating costs for EV delivery vans carry greater weight in the buying decision
  • There is a mid term market potential in markets such as Europe, where diesel & petrol fuel costs are higher


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It certainly makes sense to start with corporate vehicles. It's more likely to have EVs filtering down into the second hand car market quicker.

This is not only good news, but smart and logical.

Thanks for keeping us informed.

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